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  • Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships are the most coveted and prestigious honour and recognition program of the fellows.
    The Fellowship are empowered by the prestigious Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO and the UN
    This is the first and only fellowship managed and promoted by the fellows, for the fellows.

  • REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship

    1st Cadre 2012-13

    REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship

  • REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship

    2nd Cadre 2013-14

    REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship

  • REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship

    3rd Cadre 2014-15

    REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship


Salutation Letter to all Fellows from Col (Retd). Sanjeev Dutta, Akriti Anshu and Jeroninio Almeida

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Important: The thoughts we write here have come from our discussions with several fellows and our fellowship conveners. The Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships program is absolutely driven by former fellows. The ethos and code of the Fellowship has been written by them and this booklet was also created by the fellows. Please do download and read this inspirational piece of work by our honourable fellows. It has created delightful reading and insights for hundreds of thousand people.

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I cannot teach anyone anything; I can only make you think ~ Socrates

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Namaste !! In Eastern wisdom, Namaste simply means ‘the God in me salutes the God in you; the divinity in you respects the divinity in me’. Namaste teaches us humanity, mutual respect, integrity and fairness. A very warm Namaste to all our REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS from all of us at iCONGO, Karmaveer, REX and all our partners.

For the past few years since the time we had the 2nd Karmaveer Puraskaar (global awards for social justice and citizen action) ceremony and RIGHT every WRONG Conclave in 2007, we have been thinking about creating an inclusive fellowship program where we bring together people between the age groups of 7 to 70+ years from around the world and from all walks of life and society. Our Fellows are people like you who have the integrity, sincerity of intent, capability, passion, honesty of purpose, courage of conviction and compassion to embark on the path of making a difference in our world and our fellows are people who have the passion, attitude and commitment to pursue their dream, fulfil their passion in their vocations and thus create a mindset change in society.

“Sometimes a small thing that you do can mean everything in another person’s life. Please do not just give money as it does not make any change; but get involved. Give your time and effort. Check the impact your ‘GIVING’ is making and ask for accountability as that would ensure more impact than just giving a little money, which is squandered mindlessly by aid agencies. Remember it is not mindless, arrogant charity but humble, involved social justice that is wanting in our world.” – Jeroninio Almeida

The idea of the fellowship became crystal clear action in 2012, when we nominated Kaizaad Kotwal, the Emmy Award winning actor, playwright and philanthropist for the Karmaveer Puraskaar. Kaizaad has done remarkable work to make a difference in our society and world. Kaizaad sparked the idea for the inclusive REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIPS (RKGF) with his humility when he said, “Jerry, I have done some work, but need to do much more to deserve the Karmaveer Puraskaar. So let me do something more path breaking and then accept the award next year.” Like Kaizaad there are several others too who felt they needed to do much more to deserve the coveted and most credible Karmaveer Puraskaar awards. Thus we created the Rex Karmaveer Global fellowship where we could nominate several noble laureates and also potential champions of change from all sectors and make them an integral part of the Karmaveer community.

Let us become and lead the change

“Be the change you want to see in our world” ~ Gandhi

We the people, at the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships, inherently believe that everyone has the greatness within themselves to be a hero, a leader, a teacher and a champion for change. Creating a better, egalitarian, responsible and humane society is an achievable vision through collective energy and simple ideas for action when we can all come together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG and experience the joy of giving. Through the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships we celebrate the power of ONE and believe that each ONE of you has the power to make a big difference with your simple ideas for action.

So if you have been nominated and chosen, it means that our fellows and council of fellows have seen SOLID POTENTIAL in you as our CHAMPION OF CHANGE and to be a part of our fellowship. CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME to RKGF.

A constant effort being made from our side is to keep the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards and Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships very inclusive and credible. Hence unlike other awards and fellowships where nepotism or lobbying may play a big role, we at REX and Karmaveer do NOT entertain such unethical behaviour or favouritism.Our fellowships and awards can only be earned by everyone and anyone who has decided to follow their heart and make a difference in their own small and simple way. So anyone from any sector or strata of society can be nominated by our former fellows or council of fellows and one may also apply (yes we do consider some self applications also). Who knows you may be the next chosen one and a world of opportunities for personal and professional advantage, networking and learning shall open up for you, after you are chosen as our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow.

Apply REX Fellows Form

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing”
~ Edmund Burke

Sources of funding

We at REX and Karmaveer are very proud that over the years, we have resisted and overcome all temptations and offers of funding, from sources that we do not wish to align with. We have refused and will always continuously refuse any and all kinds of blood money or unethical funds from corporate or any other foundations that indulge in corrupt practices, have marginalised communities, harmed environment and /or violated basic ethics, human values and guiding principles of humanity. And that is what makes us stand apart from several other forums and awards, promoted by media houses or brands which have emulated our REX CONCLiVE and Karmaveer award. While they can plagiarise our models and ideas, they do not have the courage to emulate our culture of being and doing RIGHT.

Collective Good for Common Cause and RIGHTING of WRONGs

Over the past 10+ years, several Karmaveer award recipients, after we first chose them and brought them together, have collaborated and worked together for the greater common good. For their noble work and continuous efforts, our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows have also got chosen for other coveted international awards/ fellowships and became ambassadors/board members/advisors of the Planning Commission, National Advisory Committee, UN, WHO, WEF and various government initiatives across the globe promoted by international NGOs. We sincerely hope that like our chosen Karmaveer award recipients, all our future Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows also gain several other recognitions and awards not only within the REX and Karmaveer ecosystem, but also in other forums so that they can spread their movements and make their mark and influence felt across the world.

Thus it is time for each of us to exercise our POWER OF ONE by righting wrongs, in our own space and time, so that “Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG.”

Warm regards, love, peace and Jai Hind from

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REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP (RKGF) created in partnership with CtrlS, iCONGO, VSO, REX and Karmaveer Chakra award instituted by iCONGO and the UN

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REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP (RKGF) created in partnership with CtrlS, iCONGO, VSO, REX and Karmaveer Chakra award ( Awards Instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations (UN) to encourage proactive citizenship and voluntary action ) is the only FELLOWSHIP in the world that is led by the fellows themselves. RKGF helps life-changing innovators, champions of change and people striving to fulfill their passions and dreams, to network and collaborate with like- minded, ethical and socially conscious global citizens from around the world. These chosen few citizens are diligently nominated and chosen by erstwhile fellows, as future fellows in action through the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIPS.

RKGF helps chosen fellows to share their impactful ideas for action with a million audiences and transform lives through projects and ideas of hope. The fellowship is strictly by invitation only, but to keep it inclusive we also keep it open for a few people to write to the curators online. However people who apply are only invited if the COUNCIL OF FELLOWS who curate the fellowships nominations find them worthy and deserving of the fellowship.

Today, the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP brings together several people from all walks of life, across age groups who are following their passion and striving to achieve their dreams by walking the path less trodden and inspiring a mindset change in society. The fellowship is not just for people who are doing social work, but also for people who are making a difference in society by showcasing a mindset, as voices of conscience and voices of dissent, to address age old negative dogma that prevail in society. The fellowship also recognises people who have uncompromising commitment and relentless passion to follow their dreams and do something alternative, transform their passion into professions, instead of opting for the safe route of taking up a regular job or getting caught in the web of a mundane life.

Top FAQ’s

Who are the people RKGF chooses and curates for fellowships nominations?
What is the basic idea and intent of the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP?
What’s in it for the chosen Fellows?
Is there a fee for the fellows for attending the event?
Can Fellows bring in a friend or companion?
Is it mandatory or compulsory to contribute to the REX KARMAVEER GIFFFT Endowment Program?
What is your commitment and binding as a REX FELLOW to REX Fellowships?
How long is the association?
What are we supposed to do?
Can you be on a full time job and be a fellow too?
Will you arrange for the transportation and lodging?
What if one is not able to attend the REX EVENT on all three days?
Is it a campaign connected to any political movement?
What is the aim of the Fellowships?
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1) An exclusive opportunity to be an integral member of the REX and Karmaveer family. This is a coveted fellowship and award and very few deserving people make the cut and are chosen as our fellows and award recipients. You shall receive the highly coveted REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships citation and Karmaveer Chakra award.

The coveted Karmaveer Chakra citation and medal, an award instituted by iCONGO with the UN shall be given to the chosen few fellows recommended by our former fellows and chosen by our Council of Fellows.

You can also share details of your REX KARMAVEER FELLOWSHIP CITATION with friends, employers and others through an easy-to-share link we provide.

2) Two fellows (male and female category) who have proactively actioned their ideas will be chosen each year for the coveted “Dr. Verghese Kurien – One vision and action to make a difference in our world Karmaveer Puraskaar award”. This award shall be given to the current fellows, in the year immediately after the year when they were chosen as fellows. This award is dedicated to Dr. Verghese Kurien – the father of the white revolution, founder of Amul and our first Karmaveer Puraskaar lifetime achievement award recipient. The award is designed to leverage the REX community’s exceptional array of talent and resources. It is awarded annually to 2 of our fellows for being outstanding human beings who have made a difference. The chosen 2 receive the trophy, citation and more importantly, the recognition for their One Vision and Action to make a difference in our world.

After several months of preparation and monitoring, the vision is unveiled at the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards ceremonyheld on the opening or second evening of theREX CONCLiVE. Over the life of the Karmaveer awards, various dreams have led to collaborative initiatives with other Karmaveer awardees for far-reaching & long term impact. We work closely with the REX community, offline and online, to obtain pledges of support for the REX Karmaveer winners. These pledges can take the form of business services, hardware and software, publicity, infrastructure, advice, collaboration and media profiling opportunities, connections, feet on the ground and more in addition to the access for funding & support from the iCONGO & REX Karmaveer volunteer team and network.

3) Exclusive opportunity to list your project for crowd funding on the www.iseethechange.com crowd funding portal to raise funds for your program, campaign, movement, projects, creative ideas, books, movies, documentaries and any other ideas for action.

4) An opportunity to attend the prestigious REX CONCLiVE where you can network with high-profile speakers, attendees and otherREX Karmaveer Global Fellows who come from all walks of life. At the REX CONCLiVE many of pour fellows have found opportunities for funding and potential partnerships to support and mentor their cause, project or mission.

5) An exclusive Invitation to attend all REX CONCLiVES, conferences and awards, sans any cost in the fellowship year (Includes all conference & award registration fees for REX CONCLiVE, valued at Rs. 2, 75,000+).

6) 1 day leadership & entrepreneurship coaching and mentoring program worth Rs. 75,000/- by internationally certified leadership coach, inspirational orator and iCONGO/ REX founder, Jeroninio Almeida. Jerry trains & consults with leadership teams at Fortune 500 MNCs like IBM, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Vodafone, Merck, Target, etc. He also consults with the UN, International NGOs, Media Houses and Swadesi Navratna companies like ONGC, GAIL, SAIL, SBI, Powergrid etc.

With REX, Jerry has developed a special exclusive day long leadership training program in partnership with other eminent Leadership Coaches (using traditional and modern leadership mind-sets, skill-sets and tool-sets) that shall empower all REX Karmaveer Global Fellows with leadership ideas to build winning ventures, projects and teams. More details about Jerry are on www.jerrylearns2learn.com.

7) The opportunity to be mentored and supported by all our Karmaveer Puraskaar Noble Laureates and REX Karmaveer Global Fellows, who have been awarded over the past few years.

8) An opportunity to be selected for a speaking slot in the current or subsequent REX CONCLiVE based purely on merit, speech idea and oratory skills.

9) Coaching on how to be a REX Rock-star speaker or performer for the future REX events or other speaking events.

10) REX Karmaveer Global Fellows will be profiled on the REX website. The ‘REX Karmaveer Global Fellows’ who are our champions of change shall also be promoted by REX founder Jeroninio Almeida in all his leadership training programs where he engages with top management, CEOs and CXOs of Fortune 500 companies, international NGOs and UN organisations. Jerry shall also promote the collective REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships mission at the several public forums he speaks in across the globe.

11) All REX Karmaveer Global Fellows may also receive invitations to speak in public forums through our REX Karmaveer Speaker Bureau.

12) REX Karmaveer Global Fellows located in India may have an opportunity for local speaking engagement at one iREX (Indie REX) event during the fellowship year or an exclusive license and consent from REX to organize an  iREX event under a special arrangement sans any license fees.

13) The opportunity to have your speech included or selected as a REX video, to be posted online at www.REXideas.com which shall reach out to over 15 million subscribers and supporters.

14) REX social media exposure throughout the fellowship year and maybe even later. We may also support you with a mailer to our 15 million plus subscriber base for promoting your project/ campaign/ book/ movement/ mission.

15) Complimentary invitations for all REX, iCONGO and our partner’s events throughout the fellowship year.

16) Customized assistance for fundraising, communications, project proposal writing, etc. dependent upon the needs of your project or mission. We may also support by connecting you to potential sponsors, funders, donors & investors.

17) An opportunity to be chosen for the REX Karmaveer Chakra’ (Silver & Gold category) instituted by iCONGO in association with the UN.

18) Once chosen you may also have the opportunity to be chosen for the coveted REX Karmaveer Puraskaar.

19) All fellows shall be profiled through links to the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows microsite, on our websites like www.karmaveer.com, www.righteverywrong.com and www.rexideas.com, which have now become repositories for conscientious journalists across the globe to find & report stories about our champions of change. Several past awardees and grassroots champions of change have been profiled in top magazines, newspapers, TV shows (like Oprah and Young Turks) and online media.

20) Your story may be chosen for the bestselling Karma Kurry – for the mind, body, heart and soul book series, published by JAICO, a renowned publishing house.

21) All fellows shall also receive a special edition collector’s item hardcover copy of the Karma Kurry book specially autographed by the authors and priceless. (These special books are not sold at bookstores and the authors only give these books in to people who gift a minimum pledge of Rs. 7,500 towards Karmayuga, the mission for creating real heroes by inspiring solid character). These books are valuable in the world of bibliophiles and would appreciate over a period of time.

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REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP (RKGF) created in partnership with CtrlS, iCONGO, VSO, REX and Karmaveer Chakra award (Award Instituted in partnership with the United Nations (UN) to encourage proactive citizenship and voluntary spirit) , helps life-changing innovators from around the globe to integrate within the REX and Karmaveer community. It helps them share their impactful ideas for action with a million audiences and transform lives through projects and ideas of hope.

Today, the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships brings together several people from all walks of life, across age groups who are following their passion by walking the path less trodden and inspiring a mindset change in society. The fellowship is not just for people who are doing social work , but also for people who are making a difference in society by showcasing alternative mindsets as voices of conscience and voices of dissent, to address age old negative dogma that prevail in society. The fellowship also recognises people who have uncompromising commitment and relentless passion to follow their dreams and do something alternative, transform their passion into professions, instead of opting for the safe route of taking up a regular job or getting caught in the web of a mundane life.

Our fellows are ordinary people who have shown extraordinary mindset to take a different path, be it as a sportsman, an entertainer, an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, a film-maker , a social worker or even as an event manager, salesperson, a sex worker, a HIV positive person, a hotelier, a waiter, a janitor , a police constable, an IAS/ IPS officer, a movie director, a photographer, animal activist, an adventurer, a slum dweller, a farmer, a laborer, a school/ college student, a homemaker, a mother, a choreographer, a stand-up comic or a fire eating bartender. You may be a rape survivor, an acid attack victim, a disabled person or a member of the gay/ transgender community, who has decide to do something positive with your life, rather than just brood about the negative happenings of your past. (Yes we are the first to create a TRULY egalitarian and equal opportunity platform for bringing together people from all walks of life). Basically anyone and everyone, who has shown an extraordinary mindset to “THINK DIFFERENTLY and ALTERNATIVE”, may be chosen as our fellow. You may be left brain or a right brain people or a person who has the right balance and utilization of both brains.

The idea is to bring different energies from all around, together to create SYNERGY for the greater good of society. Once you are chosen for the fellowship, we assure you that you shall discover extraordinary potential to be more, learn more, lead more and do more through collaborations and shared learning with the very exceptional, Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships and Karmaveer alumni and mentors from over the past few years. It takes a very special kind to make the cut and be chosen as a Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow. For the 1st THREE cadres of the RKGF, we chose an eclectic combine of people from all over the world, which includes everyone from life-changing innovators, brave crusaders and soldiers of peace and justice to integrate within the REX and Karmaveer community for sharing their thought provoking ideas for action, with millions of people across the globe for transforming lives through social impact projects and ideas of hope.

An indicative list of the several groups , from amongst whom we attract, research and choose our fellows is given below purely to create clarity that anyone and everyone can get nominated. Once you are selected for nomination, all our erstwhile fellows may then accept you into the fellowships and recommend/choose you based on their research and due diligence. 

RKGF shall be inclusive of people who are making a difference in Technology, Innovation, Entertainment, Media, Design, Performing Arts, Architecture, Engineering, Aviation, Creative Arts, Fine Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Environment, Healthcare, Finance, Organizational Development, HR, CSR, Learning & Human Potential Development and Humanities. RKGF shall also comprises of Writers and Authors, Journalists, Activists, Farmers, Children, Whistle- Blowers, Students, NGO Leaders, Grassroots workers, Entertainers, CSR Professionals, Investment Bankers, Finance Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Fundraisers, Humane Business Strategists, Leadership Coaches, Educationists, Citizens from the Armed and Police Forces, Government Leaders and Bureaucrats, Diplomats, Engineers, Consultants and people from several other disciplines and sectors. No matter who you are and what your stature in society may be , The Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships shall include you as long as we see the human potential to be more and do more in you. Like one of our veteran fellow, Mr. Ravi Chaudhry (former chairman and CEO of several Tata Group companies) rightly said at the REX CONCLiVE that “REX Karmaveer Fellows are simply voices of conscience, who shall voice their dissent against any and all wrongs and social evils plaguing our society, nation and world.”

RKGF comprises of people who believe that real wisdom, knowledge and continuous learning is power and power must be shared to create a balance of power in the today’s knowledge age for moving towards a WISDOM AGE. All fellows must give value to learning, traditional wisdom and knowledge sharing for continuous improvement. RKGF is an ecosystem where we learn and mentor each other by keeping an open mind for learning and sharing wisdom and progressive knowledge for mutual advantage and the common cause of creating a better, just, humane, egalitarian world. Here, at RKGF the one need we look for in all our fellows is that they value learning, knowledge& traditional Eastern Wisdom and best practices from western philosophy as our real wealth and award. 

If chosen, you shall not only be bestowed with the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships Citation and Karmaveer Chakra award & citation at the REX CONCLiVE that is held in Delhi every year, but also have an opportunity to participate and even speak in the REX CONCLiVE (earlier called the RIGHT every WRONG conclave). REX CONCLiVE is the first and foremost wisdom forums in the world that focuses on social good and impact for the betterment of society with simple ideas for Action. Facilitated and Moderated by inspirational author, storyteller, orator and REX Founder and Curator, Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida, REX has now inspired several other similar forums for social good across the world. Every year the REX CONCLiVE attracts the best of Rock-star speakers and Alternative Performers who then get promoted extensively through social media and our website which has an outreach to over 15 million people and subscribers globally. Several of our speakers and performers have then got invited to other prestigious forums around the world.

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Over the years the CONCLiVE has generated huge interest and through our ticketing partners Kyazoonga, several people sign up as delegates after paying us the delegation fees. The attendance fees decided by our auditors last year for a delegate to attend the forum are Rs. 1,50,000 for the entire 3 day KNOWLEDGE SHARING, WISDOM TRANSFER & CULTURETAINMENT FORUM, an additional delegate fee of Rs. 50,000 for the Karmaveer Puraskaar Awards ceremony and Rs. 75,000 for the Exclusive Leadership Workshop to be held on 24th March, 2015. That is Rs. 2,75,000/- for the entire forum.

You as our esteemed fellow shall get to attend the REXperience  (Read some Feedback in Fellows Speak) ABSOLUTELY FREE with the compliments of the REX FELLOWSHPS conveners. Once chosen you shall have the opportunity to network for long lasting partnerships and share wisdom and learning with like-minded champions of change from across the globe. Here is some history about the REX CONCLiVE and given below is what some eminent people had to say about the wisdom they acquired at the Rex CONCLiVE. 

The most simple, dignified and austere learning forum and awards program I ever attended. The wisdom from all the people who are doing great work at the grassroots was very humbling.  ~  Ms. Anu Aga (Captain of Industry and now a Rajya Sabha member) 

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Serving as the Indian Ambassador to several countries, Kavita and I have attended several learning forums at Harvard in the US, British Columbia in Canada and University of Peace in Costa Rica. However we are both simply enlightened with the learning we have acquired in the past 2 Right every Wrong Conclaves. This is the real wisdom and learning which the topmost Universities do not offer. To paraphrase Socrates “The Right every Wrong conclave brings truths out of others for the betterment of self & society.”~ Ambassador Mr. J. C Sharma (Ministry of External Affairs) said this after he attended the first 2 Conclaves of 2006 and 2007 with his wife Ms. Kavita Sharma who was the Principal of Hindu College at that time. 

When Jerry presents his stories and thoughts, one gets insights from thousands of books, places, people and villages ~ Dr. Amartya Sen – Nobel Laureate, Economist and Author.

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Visioning a new era of REX Karmaveer Global Fellows who will be a generation of paradigm shifters, left and right brain innovators, thought leaders a, bravehearts, voices of dissent, voices of  conscience and  champions of change, coming together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG. 

Humility, Integrity, Commitment, Courage of Conviction, Intent & Impact at its best! 

The REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships program (powered by the foremost wisdom forum Rex CONCLiVE and the most coveted Karmaveer global awards as stated by Dr. Verghese Kurien scroll below for more details) mobilizes young innovators and champions of change from all knowledge disciplines across the globe to bring their ideas and passion to the REX fellowship for shared learning. REX Karmaveer Global Fellows are established for recognizing budding champions of change in their respective fields, inspirational role models and the architects of simple ideas for action. REX Karmaveer Global fellows are selected because they are impassioned people who have already proven their thought leadership and realized their potential to be the game changers to make a difference in our world with their simple but powerful ideas. REX seeks out these revolutionary alternative students, citizens, thinkers, doers and innovators to bring them together in a supportive, likeminded, ethical & socially responsible fellowship. REX provides all fellows with huge exposure and bonding to several eminent and grassroots social workers, mentors, investors and innovators, to accentuate the ability of our fellows to create long lasting positive impact in our society, nation and the world.

REX KARMAVEER Global Fellowships, our fellows program will bring together experienced and influential people from all age groups and all walks of life from across economies, especially emerging economies, whose innovative ideas, projects and actions have created a strong impact. These would include Global Citizens who have implemented their incredible ideas to action for bringing about change and impact. RKGF will also include people who are creative knowledge thinkers and doers, with an insight and vision to demonstrate innovative ideas that have the potential to create a mindset change in our world and also people who are grassroots innovators or people who are following their heart and passion and not just getting caught in the rigmarole of a day job and this making a difference with their simple thoughtful actions. All of the missions and projects of the above REX Karmaveer Global Fellow categories will be incubated, mentored and coached by the REX and Karmaveer community, for spreading their ideas far and wide. Read more in Genesis ntroduction to Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships. 

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” Of all the awards I have been honoured with, Karmaveer Puraskaar holds a special place in my heart, since unlike most other awards, one does not need to indulge in any nepotism or lobby with any political or social faction for the Karmaveer award. One can simply earn this honour and recognition by doing something noble to make a difference in our world”~ Dr. Verghese Kurien

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Dr. Kurien, our first Karmaveer Puraskaar Lifetime Achievement Award recipient said this to our founders during the ceremony and he expressed the same to his life partner, Mrs. Molly Kurien (who had also accompanied him for the award ceremony because Dr. Kurien insisted on being present at awards despite his failing health) and whose wish was that the Karmaveer Puraskaar – Global awards for Social Justice and Citizen Action should be mentioned topmost in the press release, issued after his death. This was seen in this Times of India article that first appeared after his death on 9th September 2012. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ranchi/Steel-City-pays-tribute-to-Verghese-Kurien/articleshow/16329332.cms . Mrs. Molly Kurien told us about this when we called her to express our condolences after Dr. Kurien passed away in 2012.

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Dr. Verghese Kurien, undoubtedly the greatest Indian after a lot of our courageous freedom fighters of yesteryears, was also India’s and the world’s most leading, fearless, honest and committed social entrepreneur, who has left behind a lasting legacy, with his huge contribution for communities and environment. As a mark of our respect and a tribute for this legendary hero, whose idea for action has made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of million people and children across the globe, we shall be dedicating an annual award to his memory, titled Dr. Verghese Kurien REX One Vision and Action to make a difference in our world Karmaveer Puraskaar which is given annually only to Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows from the previous year. (Please check Philosophy and Conceptualization)

We shall also continue to campaign for the Bharat Ratna for Dr. Verghese Kurien, a recognition that has been denied to him because he was a voice of conscience and a voice of dissent who took fearless stands against “The emergency” and several other wrong doings by several governments over the years.

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In a nutshell RKGF the whole idea of the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP (RKGF) is to recognise people who have the courage of conviction to think differently and walk the path less trodden and to act on alternative/ innovative ideas which may make a difference in our world. We also believe that every human being has a hero, a leader, a volunteer, a champion of change and a teacher within her or him and only a few people acknowledge and awaken this power within, to help inspire the change.

RKGF shall be inclusive of people who are making a difference in Technology, Innovation, Entertainment, Media, Design, Performing Arts, Architecture, Engineering, Aviation, Creative Arts, Fine Arts, Sciences, and Humanities. RKGF also comprises of Writers and Authors, Journalists, Activists, Whistle- Blowers, Students, NGO Leaders, CSR Professionals, Investment Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Fundraisers, Humane Business Strategists, Leadership Coaches, Educationists, Citizens from the Armed and Police Forces, Government Leaders and Bureaucrats, Diplomats, Engineers, Consultants and people from several other disciplines and sectors. Like one of our veteran fellows, Mr. Ravi Chaudhry (former chairman and CEO of several Tata Group companies) rightly said at the REX CONCLiVE that REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS are voices of conscience who shall voice their dissent against any and all wrongs and social evils plaguing our society, nation and world.” 

REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS are people who have the intent to make a difference and/ or are already making a difference by being voices of conscience and trying to make a difference in our world with their significant actions to be the change. We firmly believe at that to change the world we must first change ourselves and then help inspire the change with everyone we meet, know, work and live with. This is the bedrock of the fellowships and is based on this thought by REX founder Jeroninio Almeida “I believe that everyone is a hero, a leader, a volunteer, a teacher and a champion of change. All we need to do is acknowledge and understand this and then help others to also understand the same. That’s all it takes to be a hero, a leader, a volunteer, a teacher and a champion of change.”

RKGF helps life-changing innovators from around the globe to integrate within the REX and Karmaveer community. It helps them share their impactful ideas for action with a million audiences and transform lives through projects and ideas of hope. The idea is to bring together like minded, socially responsible individuals who have a desire to learn more, be more and do more to make a difference.

REX CONCLiVE is the first Ideas for Action platform in India and has over the past few years created huge impact through the ideas churned at the forums. This impact has lead change to address several issues plaguing our world like climate change, corruption, lack of good governance, regressive electoral processes and crimes against women. In 2012 the ONE BILLION RISING campaign was first launched the REX CONCLiVE by renowned actor, activist, Emmy Award winner and REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOW Mr. Kaizad Kotwal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYuGc8Izlk8.

REX KARAMVEER GLOBAL FELLOWS shall be chosen from all disciplines and sectors if they believe in all or any of the 3 ideas for action pillars given below.

  • Right every Wrong actions
  • Empowering & Entertaining Ideas
  • Xocial Innovation & Entrepreneurs

The “KARMAVEER  PURASKAAR” awards ceremony has over the years become an egalitarian “MELTING POT” where People from India & Global Citizens that comprise individuals ranging from princes and princesses to global bestselling authors, young politicians, statesmen, bureaucrats, ambassadors, actors, singers, entertainers, captains of industry, media professionals, development workers, young adults, students, school children, homemakers, academicians, slum workers and several others who come “TOGETHER as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG”. 

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”RKGF Values Written By Fellows” tab_id=”1444048147190-5-5″][vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Please read the Values & Code booklet a labour of love and philosophy created by tour fellows themselves.

Download (PDF, 2.61MB)

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At the outset, we would like to thank all our supporters, awardees and fellows who have helped us come so far on the journey we embarked upon ten years back. We started the Right every Wrong movement with a vision to create an egalitarian platform, where people from all segments of the society converge to make a positive impact on the world. We envisioned a platform where people would come together to learn from each other’s experiences and work towards a common goal. It is said: ‘A vision becomes a reality only when like-minded people share the same vision.’ Today, we are proud to say that all our partners and fellows have shared that vision and have turned it into reality.

Karmaveer and REX have become egalitarian platforms with all fellows and awardees becoming both mentors and mentees, readily complementing each other’s efforts to bring about a huge change. They work together with compassion towards a common goal, growing and learning every second and inspiring a lot of people to join our journey to Right every Wrong.

REX and Karmaveer community always work towards a destination where each citizen realises his/her individual responsibility while simultaneously working together with a humane and compassionate spirit to make the world a better place for everyone. Karmaveers constantly endeavour to inspire themselves and others to lead and be the change. They work to change the perspective from ‘I, me and myself to ‘we, us and ourselves’. It is their inherent belief that once we start perceiving things from this new perspective and shed our egos to embrace all fellow human beings, the society will automatically transform.

Every year, the Karmaveer community is growing and many new people and emerging potential fellows are welcomed with open arms. Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows have joined the community and have added a new dimension to the movement while exploring and exhibiting their energy, enthusiasm, selfless attitude and determination to catalyse change in society. Fellows have already started complementing each other’s efforts and are working together to unleash their full potential.

We would like to thank each of them, and the entire REX and Karmaveer community as we are really encouraged to keep treading on the path that we chose despite all the challenges. It is their enthusiasm and efforts that keep the fire burning.

Thanks everyone for keeping the Karmaveer spirit alive and helping us stay right on track.

Stay Blessed


  • Bosco Fernandes

    Bosco Fernandes

    Co-founder and Jt. Convener of REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships

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Download (PDF, 266KB)

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Download (PDF, 248KB)

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In the picture above, is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam with Baby Benzy and Smt. Kavita Kumar, our Karmaveer recipients, at a REX & CtrlS partnered event, to launch Benzy’s Music CD.

From: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam [mailto: apj@abdulkalam.com] Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 10:32 AM
To: ‘Jeroninio Almeida’
Subject: Thank you for the Karmaveer Honour!

Dear Jeroninio,

Namaste. At the outset, let me thank you for making the time for meeting with me and spending a day with me to discuss your various initiatives. I was energized and enthused by all your noble, humanitarian work and patriotic energy. If possible we must meet once every month and exchange ideas and views to work towards championing change together.  I had heard about your work earlier from my friends Smt. Kavita Kumar, Shri.  James Michael Lyngdoh, Shri. Shashi Tharoor,  Shri. Arun Shourie and Shri Vasant Sathe. However after listening to you speak, I have a better perspective now. Your passion to make a difference and be the change is truly contagious and inspiring.  I am pleased to partner with you, to promote what I call, “devotion to the nation”.

I  wish to thank you and your advisory board for accepting my Karmaveer Puraskaar, Lifetime achievement award nomination. I am highly obliged to you for walking me through the history and process of the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards program. I must congratulate you and your team for working hard, over many years, towards creating and sustaining a highly valued, coveted and credible awards program. I am also very grateful to Baby Benzy and Smt. Kavita Kumar for their kind gesture of recommending my nomination for the Karmaveer Puraskaar. I am humbled with all your trust in me and my work . I thank each and all of you for considering me worthy and deserving to be chosen as your Karmaveer Puraskaar Noble Laureate.

It was a enriching experience, meeting with you and discussing so many of your compelling ideas for action. I respect your enthusiasm and nationalistic commitment to influence change. All movements like Joy of Giving, Right every Wrong, Karmaveer Awards, REX, which you all have created and promoted over the years are highly commendable and inspiring. I appreciate your idea to begin the International Volunteering Olympiad. The idea to inspire solid character in young students, through partnerships with schools and colleges, has great potential to marshal change in our country. I feel it is a timely step in the right direction.

I am happy to address our young student leaders in schools and colleges to join the movement and become champions of change. I have a book titled, “Children ask Kalam”. We can also create a book series titled “Children and Students ask Kalam”, based on my interactions with the students, about our responsibilities, duties and ideas to be the change. I also echo your sentiments about the need to practice human values and fulfill our fundamental duties as citizens of this great nation. I have also shared thoughts similar to yours, in my books like Envisioning an Empowered Nation, Inspiring Thoughts and Ignited Minds. I  absolutely agree with you, that India will have a better future and become a truly great nation, when we change the mindset and attitudes of our people, children and youth.

This has inspired me over the years to engage with youth and children to inspire them to serve the nation. I respect your slogan – “I change to change India”. I also share your belief that India will change only when each of us changes. Together we are a force and can inspire the world. This is possible when each of our 1 billion people become champions of change. Thus I  am honoured and privileged to be chosen as your Ambassador for the International Volunteering Olympiad.  I humbly accept your invitation to be your Ambassador for the International Volunteering Olympiad mission.

I also read your book Karma Kurry. Thank you so much for gifting me a special copy. I was very touched by your personalised message. Over the past few days I have read the stories of Smt. Anu Aga, Smt. Anita Pratap, Smt. Rohini Nilekani, Shri. Sailesh Mishra, Shri. Lakshman Singh, Shri. Subhasini Mistry, Shri. Geeta Chandran, Shri. Kumi Naidoo  and Dr. Chinkolal Thangsing. The stories are highly motivating and awe inspiring.  I intend to complete the whole book next week. I found your human interest, real hero stories, more powerful than the features in the Chicken Soup series, which are also my favourite books. Jerry, you are India’s answer to Jack Canfield and a Rockstar Storyteller.

I had also requested my secretary Shri. Sheridan to download a few Rex videos from the internet. I am highly energised with all the amazing talks that you promote at the Rex forum. I am now moved to do more for the nation and world after hearing the speeches by you, Shri.  Kaizaad Kotwal, Shri. Mark Parkinson, Smt. Swaroop Sampat Rawal, Smt. Amala Akkineni, Smt. Rashmi Anand, Smt. Preeti Monga and several others. You all are doing amazing work and all your speeches are compellingly powerful and inspiring.

Jerry, I have a humble request regarding my nomination. I read through the website and trivia booklet to learn more about the criteria for the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards. I agree with Dr. Verghese Kurien that the Karmaveer award is the most credible honour, because of your guiding principles of egalitarianism, simplicity, austerity, fairness and integrity. I have huge respect for Dr. Verghese Kurien, who was a dear friend and your first lifetime achievement award recipient. Therefore, I feel, that I need to do more in my personal capacity, to deserve the lifetime achievement award which all of you have nominated me for.

I would therefore request you to kindly accept my regrets, since I would not like to accept the lifetime achievement award at this time. Let me do more to serve the nation and society. Let me begin add value as your chief believer and ambassador to promote the International Volunteering Olympiad. Once I have done that, I shall consider myself to be more worthy and deserving for the lifetime achievement award. Till then you may nominate me for the forthcoming year as your Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow. I would love to be a part of the fellowship and attend the Rex Forum as your chosen fellow. I assure you, that I shall adhere to the No VIP culture and shall blend in as one of your many fellows. I shall participate as a silent spectator, to learn and collaborate with all other like-minded fellows in the gathering. I also agree to attend the Rex Forum, without any security entourage.

Thank you once again for all your kind courtesies and the great honour bestowed upon me. I am optimistic about our International Volunteering Olympiad mission for promoting a volunteering culture in India. I look forward to making a valuable contribution as an integral member of the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship.

Yours sincerely

APJ Abdul Kalam



Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

10, Rajaji Marg

New Delhi – 110011


Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowships Guiding Principles and Values

Leadership Coaches and Experts like Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida(the founder of REX)
[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_tabs interval=”0″][vc_tab title=”Fellowship Principles” tab_id=”7f6b31ae-0fd2-3″][vc_row_inner el_class=”bottomnone” el_id=””][vc_column_inner el_class=”” width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

Leadership Coaches and Experts like Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida(the founder of REX) who make a living from studying what makes organizations and individuals excellent usually boil the consistent progress of people down, to living a powerful set of core guiding principles and values.  So if you were to read some of the brilliant books by the brightest minds like Dr. Stephen Covey or “Man’s search for Meaning” by the great Dr. Viktor Frankl and also read books like Karma Kurry, Once there was me, Karishma- The Miracle and The 9th Habit thesis by Jerry… what these humble teachers are trying to teach us is this: there are certain principles of behavior that produce extraordinary results.

Every year when we meet at the REX CONCLiVE our discussions with our Rex Karmaveer Global fellows,center around INSPIRING SOLID CHARACTER by adopting and living guiding principles of humanity and what amazing potential we can unleash if we  live them and how we can inspire everyone in society to live them as well.  Human nature being what it is, some leaders embrace the personal and public challenge of our discussions and some don’t; just like some people within the culture live the core guiding principles and values and some just don’t have the character.

We need our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows to embrace and live what we have collected below because our culture and core values are only as strong as our leaders and what they endorse and drive as acceptable behavior.

So over the past 10 years, since our program began in 2006, here are the best elements of the REX and Karmaveer tradition? What are our core guiding principles and values?

12 Core Guiding Principles and Values

I.   We don’t whimper or complain, we ACT on ideas and do right.
Rex Karmaveer Global fellows are driven by purpose, can handle any situation and do something to be the change and make a difference rather than complain about any issues.

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness ~ Eastern Proverb


STRONG INSIDE -OUT – from Nordic wheel cross signifying thunder, power, and energy

II.   We do something new to unleash their potential every day.

Our Rex Karmaveer Global fellows have remarkable self-discipline, and seek continuous improvement to get better every day.

I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy. ~ Og Mandino


DISCIPLINED – to unleash our infinite potential and change for good. I change to change the world.

III.   We choose to live our purpose of life for making a positive contribution to humanity.

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows are focused individuals who are here for the “right reason” and work towards making a contribution towards creating a legacy of better world for future generations. Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows lead a life of purpose to get the proper life balance of mental, emotional and spiritual growth and an orientation towards achieving their most important goals with the highest ethical standards and most noble universal ideals, Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success. ~ Swami Vivekananda


FOCUSED  –  on what I can do to address concerns from my circle of influence

IV.   We work hard to find solutions.

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows embody the “unrelenting human spirit” and never stop pushing themselves. We are absolutely relentless and work hard to achieve all our meaningful pursuits of life and make a difference for the cause dear to our hearts.

I learned the value of hard work by working hard.  ~ Margaret Mead


RELENTLESS – to make a significant difference with our simple ideas for actions

V.   Our Commitment, Resilience and Perseverance to purpose is our foundation for Success:

Our commitment, resilience and perseverance to each other’s success and the success of our ideas for action to serve society will help us overcome any adversity and all obstacles.

Each Peaceful Warrior wants to leave the mark of her/his will, her/his signature, on important acts s/he touches. This is not the voice of ego but of the human spirit, rising up and declaring that it has something to contribute to the solution of the hardest problems, no matter how vexing! ~ Pat Riley


RESILIENT – nautical buoy symbol which rises and falls with the water, always staying upright.

VI.   We choose to be positive.

Nothing can depress or upset the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow, who are powerful and positive life forces – no mood swings, not even negative circumstances can affect this “rock”.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing:  the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.  And therefore, any man can decide and choose this last inner freedom which cannot be lost ~ Dr.Viktor E. Frankl


POSITIVE- We learn to stay positive from pain, suffering, adversity and negativity.

VII.   We treat everyone with fairness and equal respect.

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows go out of their way to treat everyone with equal respect and never separate the self from anyone or make anyone feel beneath us. We treat everyone well  and with equal respect even when they can do nothing for us.

Humility is treating a minister, a prince, a teacher, a priest, a waiter, a sex worker, a slum dweller, a beggar and a janitor with the same and equal respect. ~ Jeroninio Almeida


CLASSY – British hobo symbol for here live generous people who treat all equally. That’s Class!

VIII.   We care about each other as teammates, family members and as human beings.

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows are non-judgmental, caring and inclusive friends who believe in the old Easter wisdom “Vasudaiva Kutumbakkam” – the universe is our family. We never wish negative things for anyone and embrace everyone because of their humanity, with no elitist separation by academic class, social class, race, caste, gender, religious preference or sexual orientation.

No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main . . .  any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”  ~ John Donne


CARINGWe care for planet, people, animals and environment.

IX.   We do something everyday not just to improve self but to inspire improvement all around. \

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows are noble, self sacrificing, generous human beings always places humanity and society before self and constantly striving to leave everyone whose lives they touch better than what they are when we meet the,

In everyone’s life at some time our inner fire goes out, it is then burst into a flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle our inner fire ~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer


NOBLE – Hittite sign for king… a real king and hero cares for the wellbeing of all around them.

X.  We play for each other and unconditionally support each other:

Our actions show that, first and foremost, we as Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows care for each other as human beings and unconditionally support each other and all people in our world. Our efforts and care (our verbal encouragement) make us a pleasure to work together with and with our selflessness we can help everyone around us.

Leadership is affirming to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves ~ Dr. Stephen Covey


SELFLESS – from combination of ancient symbols for “not” and “relating to self”

XI   We Display Individual Leadership and are accountable For Our Actions.

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows accept responsibility for our actions and we hold each other accountable for our choices. We are not afraid to express our thoughts and beliefs, to share and chase our dreams, and to take risks in doing so. We are the voices of conscience and voices of dissent, who are not concerned about our popularity and more concerned about holding everyone to their highest ethical standards for driving each human being to their whole unlimited potential. Our galvanizing fellows push her / his potential all the time and demands that everyone else do as well!

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ~ Lao Tzu


GALVANIZING – international symbol for pushbutton or switch

XII.  We are grateful.

Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows are humble, gracious high-achievers who are grateful for everything that we have and are given in our life. We have a contagious generosity and optimism that light up a room, just by walking into it.

When you know who you are, when your mission is clear and you burn with the fire of unbreakable will, no cold can touch your heart, no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know and are grateful that you are alive ~ Chief Seattle, Duwamish


GRATEFUL – Gordian knot indicating person is “bound” by debt of thanks

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Fellows Code” tab_id=”1442214132784-2-2″][vc_row_inner el_class=”bottomnone”][vc_column_inner el_class=”” width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]

“The wrong deed that makes you sad and repentant is more liked by Allah than the good deed which turns you arrogant. And what are we so arrogant about when our origin is a sperm, our end is a carcass and in between we are a vessel for excrement.”- Imam Al

Why a fellow centric code?

Our REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship mission: Encouraging social justice. To demand justice we must prepare ourselves as this road is not an easy one. First and foremost we must ourselves be in a position of superior moral rectitude than those who we speak against. And relative moral rectitude is never the one that accords that position. Integrity less than hundred percent is not integrity.

Our REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship vision: The creation of an egalitarian, just, humane and responsible society, nation and world.

The vision is not the one to be read as one skims a newspaper article. To understand this profound vision, one has to sit and read it again and again, contemplate backward and forward to fully fathom what responsibility it puts on those who share it. To make this a reality we have to upset the status quo laid by the machinery running against it, fight mindsets and thoughts that strike at the very heart of man – his selfishness.

By understanding the challenges before us, it is clear that our fellowship has to be that of warriors: warriors who fight for the weak, warriors who take on the arrogant mighty and warriors who form the human shield that protects the values that give us hope.

“Soora So Pehchaniye Jo Lare Deen Ke Het, Purja Purja Kat Mare, Kabh Hu Na Chhade Khet”-Guru Gobind Singh

Translated : us know the mark of the brave, one who fights for the rights of the weak, severed limb by limb, he stands ground.

Finally we need to ask ourselves what is the root of the problem, why are there problems? After deep contemplation it becomes clear that the problems do not stem from people, institutions etc. They are just a manifestation of the symptoms. The problem comes from deep seated indifference, apathy and selfshness that by some delusional irrationality are passed on as realistic traits today. Hence it’s important to weed these out by having a value centric code focussed on the individual.

“Treat a man as if he were what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Bushido – The way of the warrior

  1. Rectitude – Just actions, integrity, equity and sincerity.
  2. Courage – To never submit to intimidation, to confront pain, danger and uncertainty with resolute fearlessness, bravery, perseverance and zest.
  3. Benevolence – Voluntary giving of help to the needy, proactively seeking one’s position where she/he can be of most service.
  4. Respect – Positive feeling of esteem and deference towards Indian constitution and REX Karmaveer Global Fellows. All actions and conduct with regard to that esteem.
  5. Honesty – Truthfulness and straightforwardness with conviction.
  6. Honour – To keep one’s word, own one’s responsibilities and fulfill one’s mission.
  7. Loyalty – Faithfulness to the Constitution of India and precepts of the fellowships.
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Fa’aaloalo – Respect Fa’asamoa (the samoan way)

Fa’aaloalo is a principle that governs every Samoan’s behaviour in the culture. It is a code of conduct that dictates what you are supposed to do in terms of relationships with other people. It is showing respect to others, but respect alone does not define its profoundness. Fa’aaloalo is best described through examples of its practice. Fa’aaloalo does not imply any hierarchy in the fellowship, since as fellows we are all equal but it emphasises the fact that mutual respect for each other’s concerns, responsibilities, thoughts, actions and ideas is paramount.

Prajna – The Bodhisattva Ideal

In this ever deceptive world, it is now extremely important to cultivate wisdom to ensure the vitality of our mind and body because it’s more important to know the right action in order to Right every Wrong. As REX Karmaveer Global Fellows, we must vow to cultivate wisdom and love of learning, so that we can differentiate between Tatamae (facade) and Honne (real nature of things).

Three rules of thumb for Integrity

  1. Does this action attempt to deceive anyone or allow anyone to be deceived?
  2. Would this action allow the gain of privilege to someone who would not otherwise be entitled for it?
  3. Would I be dissatisfied by the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action? Youxia – Wandering Force

the Youxia were a type of Chinese heroes who were celebrated in classical Chinese poetry. ey were wandering forces that travelled to ‘Right the Wrongs’ done to the common people and the governing institutions. It was a person’s temperament and need for freedom, and not their social status that caused them to roam the land and help those in need. “If one man conquers in battle a thousand times thousand men, and if another conquer himself, he is the greatest of conquerors.”- Gautam Buddha

Karmaveer’s Code of Honour (Parallel to French Lgionnaire code d’honneur)

  1. Karmaveer, you are a volunteer for serving your people with honour and idelity.
  2. Other Karmaveer fellows are your brothers and sisters irrespective of their race or religion. You show them the same close solidarity that links the members of the same family.
  3. Respect for traditions, devotion to your leaders, discipline and comradeship are your strengths, courage and loyalty.
  4. Proud of your status as Karmaveer, you display this in your impeccable conduct, your always dignified but modest behaviour.
  5. An elite soldier, you train rigorously, you maintain your mind as your most precious possession, and you take constant care of your physical form.
  6. The mission is sacred, you carry it out until the end and no matter how daunting the circumstances, never give up. Never Never Never!
  7. In your fight for justice, you act without hate, you respect defeated enemies, and you never abandon your fellows who need your help.

Karmaveer SOS – “A m la Fellows”

In the Spanish Legion’s Credo Legionario, there is an inspiring provision – Whenever a legionnaire finds himself in deadly danger and shouts “A m la legin” (Legion come to me!), all surrounding legionnaires will run to his help, regardless of orders, strategy, or conditions.Thus, when a Karmaveer fellow is in the direst need of help and needs immediate assitance on his task, this call for help can be made. Note: this call is not to be misused for trivial issues. To illustrate with an example, if you have been arrested for a peaceful march or protest or you’re heading an important movement that has gained momentum and needs immediate assistance, then one can make this call.

“Do not just follow others, awaken your own mind, amass your own experience,and decide for yourself your own path.”- The Atharva Veda

Selection and Nomination:

It is therefore our responsibility and duty to carefully choose who we nominate for the fellowship. The one who wishes to bear the mark must display serious intent towards the cause and should have taken some steps towards it. Merely wanting or wishing to start an action in the future is not enough.

It is hereby the duty of every year’s new fellow to have at least one other person selected for the next ceremony. In each city the fellows can form a panel to review each other’s selected nominees with integrity. It is vital to note that the nominee should display courage, conviction and proactiveness. We need brave, actuated fellows.

Shared Responsibility:

Each common mission that the fellowship undertakes will be subdivided into tasks for teams and the fellows proifcient in their respective fields will thus proactively take on these responsibilities. Each team will have an in charge and each fellow will be assigned a task and it is the duty of each fellow to coordinate with others and update the in charge. This way each person will be independently doing their task while simultaneously reporting their progress to the in charge. These roles are not fixed and will keep rotating on different targets.


The fellowship will set the paraphernalia needs in order to mobilise quickly for unforeseen and immediate issues that may sprout up. For e.g. when the news of the gang rape came out we should have had the resources in order to print posters and be out at the India gate in a coordinated way.

This Virtue and Value (VAV) code is a supplement to the wholesome code of “Just another Volunteer” code and should not be seen as separate.

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It has always amazed us about how ‘we the people’ of India and the world, value knowledge and learning the least, even though we live in the knowledge age and slowly but surely moving into the WISDOM AGE. Being a big follower of the Socratic learning method, our founder Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida has always believed that learning is not the filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame. This inspired him to create India’s first large knowledge forum, the REX CONCLiVE (which was earlier called the RIGHT every WRONG conclave since its inception in 2006) in partnership with several organizations and media houses to create awareness about social issues that are plaguing our world. We think the only cure for several social ills that plague our society and world, is to enhance learning and create more awareness amongst people, to encourage citizen action for social impact and justice. The idea is not just to help people be more aware about social issues but to involve them in the process of change, but also to make them think through reflective insights by thought leaders. Over the years, the wisdom created through knowledge sharing at the REX CONCLiVE has created huge social impact for addressing several issues like climate change, corruption, electoral reforms, communalism and citizen volunteering. In November 2012, REX also witnessed the pre-launch of the ‘One Billion Rising Movement’ and in 2014 we triggered the Swachch Bharat Mission.

REX is king-size thought leadership and WISDOM for change and also the celebration of learning & knowledge sharing. Knowledge is power and by sharing knowledge we can create a balance of power. We always feel that the best gift, which one can give his children, siblings and friends, is the gift of insight and wisdom through shared learning and reading. This led us to conceive and institute the REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIPS (RKGF). The program enables each one of us to share wisdom and the gift of learning with global citizens who have the integrity and intent to be the change that we want to see in our world. When leaders speak to people, they become a part of their group and don’t act superior to them. Socrates believed that people are already born with knowledge within them, and it is the duty of the leaders to bring the truths out of others for the betterment of self & society. Through the REX fellowships program, we aim to bring people from several age groups (7 to 70+ years) and from across the world together to learn from each other and mentor each other as a peer group without any notion of being superior to any other human being.

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We need to be humble and kind with each other and realize that each of us is fighting a hard battle with our ideas for action. Unlike some other fellowships around the world, we at REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships are very conscientious about the organizations we partner with and we take no sponsorships, money or gifts in kind. We also do not permit any kind of influence or lobbying or nepotism in the fellowship process. To be a REX Karmaveer Global Fellow, the only thing one requires is self belief and adherence to our vision of creating a just, humane, egalitarian, responsible society with human values.

Our focus is towards building an ecosystem and fellowship that promotes the real wealth which is learning, wisdom and mentorship from the Eastern ethos and also adopts best practices of Western philosophy. Today after 9 years of REX and 3 cadres of fellowships, the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships is become the most respected and coveted fellowship. The fellowship is open to all from age groups of 7 to 70+. You can become our ‘honoured fellow’ in the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships simply with your humble ideas for action to make a difference in our world. Once nominated and chosen you shall become a vital member of the core group of people and fellows, who besides having the integrity and intent to be the change and learn from you, will also support you and have huge character and capabilities to share their network, learning and wisdom with you to support your ideas. Thus fellows shall get to meet kindred spirits who are eager and enthused for partnering with them to support/mentor the fellows so that fellows become more effective in achieving success with their ideas for action.

As a leadership coach, a trainer and a fan of the Socratic learning method (where everyone gains from each other’s experiences and thought leadership), our founder Jerry believes that everyone has a hero, a champion of change, a teacher and a leader within us, while simultaneously within us also resides a wanderer who is searching for the meaning of life. Jerry believes that leadership and learning are indispensable and that everyone has the capacity to teach and learn. Hence, through REX – Ideas for Action platform,  all our REX Karmaveer Global Fellows have a big lifetime opportunity to share the indigenous wisdom for continuous learning and improvement in order to create greatness within the self, while helping others to create greatness within them. Remember true leaders never need followers, because real great leaders create more great leaders. We must realize that to move the world, we must first move ourselves and also keep an open mind to learning because all change starts with you and your ability to learn more, dream more, become more, do more and lead more for the greater common good.

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Thus, REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship as a forum offers people an opportunity to employ their time in improving themselves with other people’s learning and thoughts and gaining knowledge from the experience that others have labored hard for.

Several of our Karmaveer Award recipients and REX Karmaveer Global Fellows have progressed and received many more global accolades, awards and fellowships. Some of them have become UN volunteers and ambassadors for several international organizations, members of the Planning Commission and National Advisory Council etc. We sincerely hope and pray that each one of you who becomes REX Karmaveer Global Fellow achieves many more accolades, recognitions and glory for all your noble work. In the near future, within the REX and Karmaveer ecosystem itself, we may at our discretion, honour you with the silver and gold ‘Karmaveer Chakra’. 

This decision would be based purely on the merit of your work and the social impact it creates. Someday soon, we may also award you the highly coveted ‘Karmaveer Puraskaar – Global award for social justice & citizen action’. Once you are chosen for the Karmaveer Puraskaar, then every year you may also choose to apply for the annual honour of the Karmaveer Puraskaar – JYOTI (Golden Candle Award) , which is given for sustained superior work done by our Karmaveer award recipients annually. We have named this award ‘JYOTI’ as a mark of respect and tribute to honour the memory of all victims of crimes against women and Ms. Jyoti Singh Pandey, the victim of the brutal rape and murder case in December, 2012.

Each and Every person nominated and chosen by the REX Karmaveer Global Fellows team will also be awarded the Karmaveer Chakra- Medal of Honour that was instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the UN. Besides the recognition and awards, we shall also always endorse all of our chosen fellows for any other ambassadorships, trusteeships, fellowships and awards that you may choose to apply for because ‘Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG’.

Every year all 2 of our chosen fellows will be chosen for the exclusive “Dr. Verghese Kurien- REX ONE Vision and Action to make a difference in our world Karmaveer Puraskaar”. This award is given to the fellows from the current year only (one award each in the male and female category), in the subsequent year after we monitor the progress being made by all the fellows’ for taking their ideas to action. From the first cadre of the Rex Karmaveer Global fellows, Ms. Nisha Kunju and Mr. Kaizaad Kotwal were chosen for the first ever “Dr. Verghese Kurien REX ONE Vision and Action to make a difference in our world Karmaveer Puraskaar” in 2014.  In 2015 we chose Ms. Sashi Priyadrashini and Mr. Madhavan for the “Dr. Verghese Kurien – REX ONE Vision and Action to make a difference in our world Karmaveer Puraskaar”. 


REX Giffft

REX Karmaveer GIFFFT – “Gift it Forward Future Fellowship Tree” – Endowment Program
[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_tabs interval=”0″][vc_tab title=”REX GIFFFT” tab_id=”93758241-e67f-9″][vc_column_text]

If you do not feel grateful for what you have got, you may never enjoy the gratification of doing good nor experience the real joy of giving ~ Karma Kurry Book series.

Let’s together start a great GIFFFT endowment mission to create a long and lasting legacy of social impact for today and ever, even after we are gone. The JOY OF GIVING will now get better and bigger with all your collective spirit!

When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart that is consciousness. ~ Bhagvad Gita

Rex Karmaveer GIFFFT is the ONE and ONLY Fellowship gratitude and future fellow’s legacy endowment program in the world. This is a unique idea designed by our ‘Chosen Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows’ , enabling each and all of our fellows to make a contribution and leave behind a lasting legacy of wisdom transfer to benefit future generations. Thus a unique “Perpetual Philanthropy for social justice model” nurturing Global Individual Social Responsibility has been created and nurtured by the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows with courage of conviction and compassion, for inspiring others towards making a difference in our world. REX Karmaveer GIFFFT is based on the centuries old wisdom of PAYING IT FORWARD. Read more about the Gift it Forward concept and how it has nurtured humanity over the years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay_it_forward

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far ~ Swami Vivekananda

GIFT IT FORWARD is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed, who repays the good deed to others instead of to the original benefactor. To paraphrase the wise philosopher, poet and lecturer Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson who was the first to promote the PAYING IT FORWARD idea “In the order of nature we cannot render benefits to those from whom we receive them. But the benefit we receive must be rendered again, line for line, deed for deed, cent for cent, to some more people as we go forward in our life”.

Essentially, the aim of the fellowship and Rex Karmaveer GIFFFT is to enable “chosen fellows” to feel and experience the joy of giving and sponsor their friends , family members and associates for  bringing together likeminded, ethical and socially conscious people from several sectors and from around the world..
Respect and honour all human beings irrespective of their religion, color, race, sex,language, status, property, birth and profession/job –Holy Koran

With each contribution of INR 9,000 you as a fellow shall be responsible for the nomination and sponsorship of new Fellows in the following year. This shall be a continuous fellowship participatory phenomenon every year, adding more and more fellows to your REX Tree of Fellowship and Wisdom sharing in subsequent years.Thus, you as a fellow shall have nurtured, impacted and made a difference in the lives of over 1.5 million people in 12-13 years and your tree continues growing forever.

Please note that GIFFFT contributions can only be made by chosen and confirmed fellows and this privilege is not extended to people who are not chosen fellows. The GIFFFT contributions are a VOLUNTARY CHOICE for our fellows to exercise and not essential or mandatory.

Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent
will and creative imagination. These give us the power to discern, to choose, to respond and to change. ~ Dr. Stephen R. Covey

If you choose to make a REX Karmaveer GIFFFT contribution you shall have several other additional benefits, some of which are  as given below. 

  • Only fellows who contribute to REX Karmaveer GIFFFT can create, nurture and grow their Rex Tree of Fellowship and Wisdom.
  • You shall be given a specially autographed collector’s edition copy of the bestselling boos Karma Kurry which is given selectively by the author and is a priceless copy.
  • You shall be entitled to bring in one companion / friend for the REX CONCLiVE and awards program. Now the REX CONCLiVE participation is by invitation only and was priced for 2,75,000 last year and thus you get a huge benefit for your companion.
  • You are also entitled to extend an invitation to 2 more of your friends who can attend the REX CONCLiVE for just Rs. 10,000 each.
  • You shall be given the first preference and right to organise an iREX

Compassionate words are a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path ~ Holy Bible

Top FAQ’s

What is the GIFT IT FORWARD?
What is the REX GIFFFT Tree concept?
How and why the REX Karmaveer GIFFFT idea was developed and created for the Mission?
What is the Aim of such program?
How much do I need to contribute to GIFFFT?
Can anyone contribute to GIFFFT?
Who can be nominated under GIFFFT?
How the idea works?
What are the additional benefits of making a contribution towards GIFFFT program?
Is there any other award linked to the Fellowship?
Will my name be published on REX website if I make a contribution to GIFFFT?
Do you have any testimonials to share?
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Meet Our Fellows

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Download (PDF, 1.88MB)

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Cadre 2 (2013-14)” tab_id=”379f719b-41e7-6″][vc_column_text]

With her versatile achievements and contributions, Anjalee Singh needs no introduction. She always found herself strongly connected and inclined to the deprived ones. The call of philanthropy kept her going on the path of passive social service. Thus, Life’s Worth Foundation ,came into existence10 years back..Till date thousands of students have been taught by her foundation by organizing classes in the slum areas. Her belief that education can work wonders and will never go waste, together at Life’s worth Foundation they strive to make everyone’s life worth

She has identified several gaps in the society that discourages women to continue their profession. A wide range of services designed to promote & celebrate women empowerment. Her organization provides facilities like, client acquisition, career path analysis, grooming, corporate/café talks, extra income generation opportunities, funding assistance, single woman travel assistance etc. They intend to become a ‘companion’ to all working women whom they can refer for any of their working or other needs at any stage. They cover women entrepreneurs who have their own business or could be women professionals who have their own freelance practice or could be someone who is at workplace on a job or even students who have career focus and use their spare time for freelance work opportunities

An award winning filmmaker, university lecturer, communications designer, and storyteller. She has many hats in Media & Entertainment. Her films have won international acclaim and have screened in over 30 countries/45 cities globally. As a teacher & mentor she encourages young minds to bridge the traditional with the quirky. Nominated among the top 6 teachers in Delhi by a leading daily, her experiences and enthusiasm for films has inspired many. Her passion for making the world a better and more interesting place has led her to work for UNICEF & GOI in developing campaigns on health care & child rights. Her work on Community Radio projects and over 11 years in communications training are a testimony to her versatility. Anandana, has a keen eye, and passion for portraying the interesting, and entertaining in what we disregard as our daily lives. Besides working on ideas for her label Cinemad Productions, books, travelling, and intelligent debate keep her inspired!

Dreams! They form the mission of Anurag’s life journey and he encourages every individual to find and follow their own dreams. He is an engineer by education; a teacher, an educationist and a trainer by profession; a dreamer and a traveler by passion; and committed. His immense belief in children’s potential to lead the change in society led him to create wonders in the classroom during his Teach for India fellowship. His deep passion for volunteering, social change and experiential learning made him the youngest Indian teacher to set foot on Antarctica with Sir Robert Swan and 2041. He has an incredible potential to inspire people, transform ideas and lead the change. Holding an extremely hopeful and positive attitude towards life. He strongly believes that leadership comes from within through personal change. “Be a Volunteer, Leader and a Change-maker!”, it forms the motto of his work and life.

Founder & Chief Executive Blue Dot Transform Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Post Graduate in Leadership Development from Sadhana Centre for Management & Leadership He is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Program trainer, Law of Attraction trainer, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advance Pranic Healer, Psychotherapist and a student of mantra and mind sciences. A proud and failed student. He failed in so many things in life, but one day all these failures got changed in timeless learning and wisdom for him. He is an inspiring individual who aspires to change the way one looks and derive positive meaning out of situations, circumstances & problems in life. His passion & purpose is – To use his never giving up, persuading & convincing ability to inspire, motivate & impel people to do transforming things for them to live life of absolute abundance, of greatest joy & deep felt satisfaction.

A former Advisor to the Governor of Mizoram he is now dedicating his quality time as a CULINARY HISTORIAN/FOOD CRITIC/TRAVEL WRITER/PHOTOGRAPHER. Consulting Director with the H.H.R Group of Hotels running Heritage properties in Madhya Pradesh, India. He has worked in the field of Environment, social development, culture and cuisine especially in the North East India for over a decade now. His latest book being “A Travel Guide to North East India”. He is also the author of NE Belly-A book on the cuisines of the eight North Eastern states. He calls North East India as his obsession which has taught and given him much. He is now documenting the traditional tribal foods of India TRIBAL CUISINES OF INDIA and one on STREET FOODS OF INDIA. He used tribal art to design his humble abode. It is his endeavor to promote the rich culture and tradition of North East India.

He is an MBA (in Finance) with over 8 years of working experience in finance service industry. Currently, he is working for British Council and his previous employers were Accenture and Genpact. He loves spending time with family and friends, listening to music and has a great interest in technology. Healways looks up to his father and his way of living life with truth and selfishness. When he 1st heard about Hridaya Foundation, he spontaneously committed to their efforts. Hridaya Foundation is a platform where he contributes freely for the upliftment of our society and country.

First woman motivational speaker of international acclaim, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. An expert at Leadership, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Abha is also the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympic Athletes. After making a significant impact in different parts of Asia, she launched SUCCESS INDIA. The ‘vision and mission’ of this company is to lead a ‘Mental Freedom Movement’ in our country. SUCCESS INDIA aims at building people by imparting ‘Leadership, Personal development and Success education. SUCCESS INDIA teaches ‘personal efficiency and constant improvement’ as a way of life, through multiple mediums in the simplest and most entertaining ways as possible.

A Chartered Accountant with 11 years of experience in companies such as American Express, Google, HSBC and British Council. His passion to do my bit for our society propelled me to create Hridaya Foundation in 2012. Hridaya Foundation helps to channelize energies of India’s youth for an inclusive, sustainable, respectful, harmonious and progressive society.

He is an educationist and believes that the demographical advantage of India needs to be nurtured with quality education especially for children who are not so privileged. He heads the education initiative of Hridaya Foundation which has a 1 point agenda – “Padaoge India ko, Tabhi to Badaoge India Ko”.

A completely blind person who lost eyesight at the age of sixteen. Never the less, did primary and secondary education in the United States. He became the first visually impaired person to graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta in commerce. Works with the help of talking software install on to my laptop and cellphone which converts visual display into audio output. Was instrumental in initiating reservation quota for disabled across IIM, IITs and government aided educational institutions. He led initiative of establishing first computer centre for blind at Kolkata in 2000 under support and guidance of national association of the Blind, West Bengal. He isactively associated with Welfare society for the Blind (WSB) as Vice President which is dedicated to rehabilitate blind/ visually impaired to productive citizen of this country. for six blind/ visually impaired trainees.

An Indian entrepreneur who quit his 7 yearlong association with Microsoft Corporation India to co-found iForIndia.org, a social organization which enables citizens to rate their elected representatives on various performance metrics. He is also a Partner/Producer at Luv Films working on a couple of Bollywood film projects and an advisor to various medium sized technology companies. Interested in Governance, Politics, Technology and Bollywood he holds views on various aspects of these areas and is often invited as a speaker/panelist to various events and discussions. Ankur belongs to Ghaziabad and is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and University of Pune.

Amarjeet is a management and leadership consultant in the field of Organisation Development with an experience of 21 years. He started his career with the Oberoi Hotels and then went on to work with the British Government as Head of Learning and Development for nine countries in South Asia. He has traveled the world extensively and trained people from over 60 nationalities and ethnicities. He is a certified MBTI practioner and a Business Coach.

He currently freelances as a management consultant for various companies and is the Chief Host at the multi-award winning Eco home-stay (www.lavillabethany.com) along with his wife Sunita in Landour, Mussoorie

Anisha is working at the Draupadi Trust where she co-ordinates all projects, is also part of the team that sets up funding, designs their graphics and website content. This NGO is about women empowerment, reviving heritage, education and health care. She’s a graduate in Statistics and an All India Topper in her Actuarial papers. For the past 6 years she worked successfully in the financial world as an actuarial consultant (pensions and health care) before finally following her passion of working for cause of women and youth. She enjoys reading, dabbles in writing short stories and plays, and graphic designing.”

Currently running an initiative on Mangrove conservation that is incorporated with an eco-social entrepreneurship and eco-tourism helping more than 1000 villagers directly in Sri Lanka. Policy making, social entrepreneur, promoting entrepreneurial education, protection of Environment, presentations, networking, mediation, diplomatic negotiator and team player. Regional Ambassador to Sri Lanka – UNEP Tunza Eco-Generation. Sri Lankan Youth Ambassador to the World Congress on Post-Secondary Education 2013 by the European Access Network. Commonwealth Youth Award 2012 – for Excellence in Development Work. 3rd on the 2012 List of the 25 Most Influential and Powerful Young Persons by Huffington Post and Youth Service America. Peer Facilitator and Motivational speaker – British Council Active Citizens programme.

Anupam is the CEO / Director of ‘Elephant SoundSense’ and one of the pioneers of ‘Passion Practice and Application of Music and Sound for People and Brand Development in Organizations’ in India and Asia Pacific.

‘Elephant SoundSense’ is a collaboration with India’s largest design strategy and innovation consulting company, Elephant Design, offering excellence for the past 25 years; operating out of New Delhi, Pune and Singapore.

Anupam is an accomplished blues guitar player in India and has been playing since 1980. He has married his in-depth understanding of genesis of music and sound with his close understanding of corporate needs to offer path breaking modules for people development in organizations, aural branding and designing projects / community development for business networking.

He started his entrepreneurial career right after school and has built and run businesses across a vast number of domains raging from technological to soft products, services and Knowledge based businesses. Runs the Indian Arm of a Global Angel Investment Firm and also partners a clutch of International and Indian companies in the Pharmaceutical and Public Relations space. He is also engaged with promoting Art and Culture and upcoming events in this realm. In addition to his commitment to a life of learning, Arun considers himself very fortunate to have benefitted from the influence inspiring and exceptional individuals and thought leadersin various areas of business and life.

A development practitioner with 10+ years of experience in working with voluntary organizations from India and Nepal. Key areas of operation include program planning, partner assessment, monitoring of development projects including financial monitoring. Working in Manav Seva Sansthan “SEVA”Gorakhpur.

Born in Bhopal in the home of well-known writer late Shree Sharad Joshi. She got merit scholarship for National School of Drama and completed three year diploma in theatre.She started a school up to class 4 along with interested villagers. Seeing high rate of suicides in nearby villages, she tried to understand the reason and along with her husband, worked towards creating an alternative, a place to fall back upon for women. The first was a pickle unit which was started with a family called Kakal. She gave inspiration and know how lijjat papad worked and after finding them very competent to run the unit on their own, she worked towards reviving an existing weaving center and to start a stitching unit connected to a shop in Bangalore. She also worked with the Banjara women of Alvar dist and develop 50 products to sale in the urban market using their traditional stitches.

A learner in life, educated from St. Xavier’s Jaipur, Symbiosis, Pune and SCMLD , Pune respectively. Has been actively involved in theatre, sports and cultural activities. It was SCMLD which gave him a better idea about himself. Interested in working with people, for the people and their development. Has started working in this direction by joining a program known as the “Gandhi Fellowship” which works in the Education sector primarily in rural India. It’s been totally a life changing experience to live in a village and work for the people. It has been challenging yet very satisfying and thus seems to be my area of work in future with a very active role of youth for the same.

He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a diploma in IFRSwith 8 years of experience in companies such as Evalueserve, Infosys, CSC and British Council. His interests include reading finance literature, electronic gadgets and watching movies. He co-founded Hridaya Foundation due to his passion to work at the grass root level with our country’s youth and make a positive impact to the lives of a few people. He is a firm believer in Hridaya’s Mission Statement – Spreading Smile, Every Mile and wish to create a self-sustainable social enterprise in the near future.

Working for the betterment of society, meeting new people, joining groups of likeminded people. Joined Goans for giving. It’s a new front to empower the people at grass root level about their basic rights and inculcate good values with the youth in our so called democratic system. Corruption and delayed law enforcement. By trying to enlighten the people to make the government invest more in judicial courts of law. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

An architect and urban planner who did not take up scholarships in the USA due to her burning desire to serve the Nation, is the CEO of the Peoples Institute for Development and Training, a non-profitorganization which serves as the IAVE India National Volunteer Center. She is on the honorary Asia Pacific Director of the International Association for Volunteer Effort and has been the Asia Coordinator of the Global Youth Service Day of Youth Service America. She has extensive experience at the grassroots with poor communities, women and children motivating them to Volunteer and change their livelihood opportunities and education. She has organized numerous youth dialogues in Asia and also Peace conferences at the Global level.

He became a social leader from a very young age. He rose to the present position of high social repute simply by virtue of his committed and sustained efforts to mobilize common man especially youth to make them aware about the greater national challenges and lead them to achieve the higher goal of social transformation in rural India.

Doctorate on the “Role of Gram Panchayat in Development and Changing of Attitude and Behaviour of Youths”. Founded Rashtriya Yuva Parishad, a National Organization of 1500 Youth Organizations spread across the country. National level innovative programmes mainly Youth Goal-2000-Sabko Siksha Sabko Swasthya ,Youth Parliament (2004), Gram Swarajya Abhiyan (2005), Panchayat Yuva Shakti Abhiyan (2006-08), YAAPTA Project (2006), Jange Azadi (2007), Red Ribbon Express (2008), Voters Awareness Campaign (2009 to 2012), My Earth My Duty (2010 to 2012), and all Hum Bharat Ke Log :

Over 25 years of experience having worked on major national and international brands Set up the Diamond Marketing Group in India for the Diamond Trading Company in 1995. Winner of Grand Prix and Integrated/Titanium Cannes Lion for The Times of India – Lead India program. Also Grand Prix at The Jay Chiat Planning Awards 2008 for DeBeers Marketing Group case study ‘Diamond Bride’.Joined Everest as President in December 2010. Lead the team to a complete Revitalization of Brand Everest. Added over ‘Half an Agency’ in Revenue terms with no additional costs. At the same time Adjudged the ‘Happiest Agency in India’ by the AFAQS Agency Happiness Report 2013 independently conducted by IPSOS.

OFounder of an NGO with 150 members from all over India. At the age of 16 he has decided to be the change. Humans forget that animals too have a share in this planet. Sexual abuse for him is like a disease which needs an urgent cure. They educate small groups of people belonging to poor families about the need to raise their voices against sexual abuse. He is confident that one day they will reach the masses and we will conquer the issue. An international issue which bothers him is the legalization of gruesome and cruel sexual torture of animals by humans that is – animal brothels. Education, women rights, rape, religious and caste related disparity. “Change” is required and he feels it will come.

Born and brought up in a rural background of Tamilnadu, India. Graduated with Bsc, M.A, and MBA wears multiple hats including innovator, youth activist, social entrepreneur, policy maker, educationalist, film maker, sportsman etc. His policy making and youth development efforts leads to work with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, United Nations High Level Meeting on Youth, UNESCAP, Commonwealth Students Association-Asia, RGNIYD, Nehru Yuva Kendra. Embracing Commonwealth values the list is unbounded. His interest on global and sustainable development issues printed his presence in Global Citizens Youth Assembly, South Asian Peace youth Camp, Srilanka, SAARC youth Camp, etc.

He is working as Additional Chief-cum CIO&Head of Information & Communication Technology in the Economic Research unit of Ministry of Steel. Main work area relates to using IT in the steel industry and setting up broad policy related matters pertaining to the steel industry. A Ph.D. in Management information Systems from USA. Business Management. (MBA) (spl. In Inf. Systems),Professional Diploma in Inf. Systems Management, Mathematical Statistics with O.R. & Computer systems from D.U. Infrastructure, ICT, Telecom and knowledge committee of industry chambers like ASSOCHAM, CII, FICCI, ICC, etc. Actively associated with numerous IT, Telecom, and Management forums and societies like NASSCOM, CSI, IIM, and numerous national & international CXO forums/associations.

She is an MBA in finance with 4 years of experience of working with shared service centres. Movies, music and cooking are her hobbies. Colours bring smile and creativity nurtures positivity. Her association with Hridaya Foundation is since inception for their initiatives relating to children and environment. Hridaya provided her a platform to teach, play, love the not so privileged children and unleash their creativity and through various events and activities. She organises creative and fun events for children to celebrate festivals and other occasions. We firmly believe in our Mission statement of “Spreading Smile, Every Mile”.

She is an independent filmmaker. Her first film was the award winning short fiction ‘Good Night’ (2008). Subsequently, she has edited and directed several documentaries that have been recognized nationally as well as internationally. She has collaborated with organizations like Centre for Science and Environment, World Wide Fund, and German Development Cooperation, among others. Her latest documentary ‘Much Ado About Knotting’ is about matchmaking – India’s favorite pastime that borders on a national obsession! The film is currently enjoying a successful run at film festivals worldwide. Her next venture is a documentary about cross-border marriages between Indians and Pakistanis.

India is a country where atrocities on animals in the name of religion and superstitions are amongst the highest. A society which does not respect other living beings cannot claim itself to be developed. Her association with Hridaya Foundation is due to an initiative for animals “Silent Whispers”.She loves animals and encourages people to empathise with these creatures who in return give selfless love and compassion to us. She is a MBA in finance and holds a diploma in Aviation and Hospitality industry. Shehave 3 years of flying experience with Indigo and currently work in a captive centre of a MNC bank.

First generation Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO & MD of ITCONS e-Solutions Private Limited; A companyinto Recruitment Software Solutions/ IT Consultancy & staffing solutions and is funded by AII (Amity University), MSME (Ministry of Small and Medium size Enterprises) and TDB (Technology Development Board).
Gauravv Mittal is Masters in Finance with International Marketing from NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management) and Bachelor in Electricals from KNIT, Sultanpur (UP-REC).
Gauravv Mittal has activated 6th Sense and God gifted power to heal. His is self- made Astro-Numerologist. His advices/suggestions have helped numerous people; be it Aam Admi/ CXOs or Actor to prosper in their lives.

Gaurish is from Mala, Panaji, Goa. MA Psychology from St Xavier’s College. Mapusa,Goa AGraduate in Economics from Dhempe College Of Arts & Science. Panaji, Goa. He is working in an NGO called SANGATH as trainee Health Counselor. They are helping the youth from depression and alcohol problems. The project is associated with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine trust, UK. He also writes articles for various newspapers in Goa. Has written a book in Marathi named Shabd Yug (words age) which was published recently. He has participated in many State level and national Seminars. He likes writing, exploring ideas, interacting with people.

She has more than 6 years of experience in Treasury & Banking and is currently working with British Council. Her previous employer was American Express. She completed her Bachelors of Commerce and is an MBA in Finance & IT.She is an avid animal lover and actively engages in community service. She is a believer that if the youth of India join hands to make world a better place to live in then no dream is hard to achieve and joined Hridaya Foundation to do her bit to change the society. Her hobbies include singing, listening to music, traveling and watching movies.

Living Positively with HIV on second line treatment, has managed through awareness and enthusiasm backed by a supportive family and facilities provided by the Indian government for PLHIV. He has been in the forefront for issues relating to PLHIVs through multiple platforms. Pursuing a more proactive role, he had engaged myself in strong advocacy in making the living, a dignified existence for the many directionless PLHIV like me, while improving the quality of life. He has seen the Indian government National AIDS Control Programme evolve, treatment regimens mature and stigma and discrimination come down, thanks to enhanced awareness and advocacy. The unrelenting perusal of enforcing rights for PLHIV through staging sit-in’s, rallies, hunger strikes has resulted in providing free access to medical facilities, participation, concessions, financial benefits etc at the national level.

A self employed professional, with over twenty five years of training experience. Founded Hariharan’s School of Success Education in 2009. As

Zonal Training Head for Max New York Life Insurance, managing a team of over 100 trainers. A Post Graduate in Politics from Mumbai University and an ex journalist he is a par excellence motivational speaker and corporate trainer. He has travelled extensively and conducted training sessions in over 50 cities in India and also in Dubai and Nepal. Hariharan’s interests range from training to writing to the practice and teaching of the spiritual healing science Reiki. He is a Reiki Grandmaster, and has been practicing the healing science since 1993. His unique strength lies in taking a consultative approach to the training process. He has been involved as a consultant with organizations like Unique Mercantile and ITM Group of Institutions.

A young man with experience in the field of education and is working to bring about positive changes in society. As Life coach, has founded TVAM with a vision to empower the citizens of the country. Worked with Ramkrishna Mission to impart life skill/value education to various schools in Uttrakhand.

People Management Strategist, Soft Skills Trainer, Coach for Personal and Professional Excellence, Mentor for life challenges, Motivational Speaker, Creative Communicator. Passionate Human Resources Professional with 4 decades of experience in Frontline Sales, First Line Management, Human Resources, Training & Development. Extensive experience of Training, Mentoring and Coaching Managers in India, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Phillipines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Beirut and other countries. Trainees are spread across the Globe. Common thread through all efforts is to promote a more humane world view, with a concern for the underprivileged and the underdog.

He is passionate about Goa has worked for River Navigation deptt of Goa. Work involved in Training Omani Nationals to obtain the required skills in wood occupations, as per the requirements of National Vocational Qualifications(NVQ- UK). Opened a busness enterprise called ‘Goa Crafts” to promote the sale of Goan Handicrafts. He also runs an enterprise called Hammocks Goa, and an NGO “Goans for Goa” with the aim to nurture the multifaceted ethos of Goa.

Kannagi Shekhar, a fellow earth-dweller and a blessed soul with a “Sound Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial health” and hence her quest for life is to help those who are deprived of any of the above. Unlike charity, this quest begins with self and goes to every living form (especially humans). She was always conscious of her duties as a world citizen and that was well reflected in her painting where she had put striking questions on environmental concerns and hazards. This was acknowledged and awarded by the then Governor of Bihar in a Painting Competition organized by Bihar State Pollution Control Board. And then It Never STOPPED! She wish to ensure the basics of life to every human – which would also mean creating opportunities for a sustainable dignified life-style through actualization of individual and collective potential.

Has worked with various Civil Society Organizations from different domains and media houses on senior positions and has always proved his competencies and the results were always visible. Change is not only life’s sole certainty but also life’s most challenging decision. His decision to change from his profession (Journalism) to his passion (Social Development) was Kumar’s game-changer. Kumar works towards helping others help themselves and based on this principles he started his career as a Journalist at the age of Seventeen even while persuing his academic needs and had the good fortune of interacting with all layers of society. Management & Public Relations, Policy Advocacy & Social Accounting, Auditing & Reporting; his performance has always been appreciated.He has carried out target oriented social development activities & assignments with a 10+ year accomplished career track known within the industry for social development, CSR, Media, Advocacy & communicationsand project management.

He is an investment research professional at S&P Capital IQ focusing on global private equity industry. My areas of interest include investments, research, and analytics. At Hridaya Foundation, he is involved in corporate communications, volunteer engagements, and event planning. He has been networking to raise funds and run strategic initiatives for the foundation. He aspires to start a social enterprise of his own. Through Hridaya Foundation, he aims to bring together young dynamic people who believe in acting towards positive change in society and channelize their efforts. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science and a MBA Finance.

Kailash was born and brought up in a farming family in rural Rajasthan. A travel enthusiast and agri-graduate. He been part of Jagriti Yatra and Himalyan Yuva Prerna Yatra to understand India better. He went to Israel to study sustainable agriculture in arid regions. Now pursuing his PGDM (ABM) from MANAGE, a premier Agribusiness Management Institute of India, Kailash is in pursuit of his dream to make last person in the social line financially literate. As a Reserve Bank of India Young Scholar and Young India Fellow, Kailash strongly believes that involving youth is critical to bring change in society.

He is currently working as Executive Director of Youth for Human Rights India and a member of CYP. He was elected as chairperson of committee of youth working under Commonwealth Youth Program (CYP) during the summit of last year. He is also working as president of a NGO “Jyoti Foundation” working to empower and educate young people towards betterment of the society. He has represented India as delegate at YHRI International summit in past couple of years in Belgium and Taiwan. He has a good experience to mobilize youth for the betterment of the society through education. He has launched a campaign “Be The Change” in last year and uniting and educating youth on human rights. He has also launched a “Peer Educator Program” to enhance leadership qualities in youth.

A business analyst having 13 years work experience with renowned Corporates like Overnite Express , Bharti Telecom, Pepsi Foods , Mega Excellence, Magus Customer Dialog, EXL, ULFS Ltd, Moksh, Wings, ANN, PAMM, M’Zeal Events & Darwin Intl. Working in the areas of operations are Business Planning & Development , Marketing & Communications, Events & Activations & Strategic Alliances. Schooling from Air Force Bal Bharti School, Lodi Road , New Delhi.
Her most important years of education have been brilliant amongst students with diverse cultural backgrounds and have also excelled in that exposure. Her objective in life is to explore in totality and reach her maximum potential.

He has 15 years of experience in the corporate world followed by over 4 years as a practicing professional have helped him in honing his skills to a nicety.

After a successful phase in the Paints industry, Mohan moved over to the Life Insurance industry in the wake of privatization. He served as the Vice –President and Head of Channel Development for Agency in his last innings with the organization. Mohan has been into management consulting as well as training and executive coaching practice. IMohan is a certified Coach on the Level 1 accreditation pathway of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Mohan is certified for Metaphor and Gestalt. He is also into Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and uses various meditation techniques.


Working as a single member team on two of UNODC’s anti-corruption projects supported by theSiemens Integrity Initiative, a. Incentives to corporate Integrity and b. Probity in public procurement specifically Public private partnership projects. Has led a team to conduct and develop a study on compliance of Indian laws pertaining to corporate integrity and public procurement with the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).In association with the Representative, UNODC Regional Office for South Asia to developed a pictorial guide on the UNCAC. Classical dancer and Theatre playwright- Started a theatre company, ‘Garam Chai Productions. Scripted,directed and received critical acclaim for numerous plays

A double masters degree holder in English literature and Business administration from JBIMS,Mumbai and currently in pursuit of his PhD, Nolan is an avid photographer who uses the power of his lens to convey document and express moments as a vessel to raise money for causes close to his heart. An advocate of his causes his philosophy revolves around his three pronged approach – Humanity, Environment and Animal Welfare. He devotes equal amounts of time and his projects involve Education of Underprivileged Children, Providing safe and clean drinking water right unto championing the cause for Saving the Tiger and Stray dogs welfare and environment protection no project is too big or small. He believes that even the smallest stone causes ripples which can be felt far and wide. Having worked for Corporate India for over 9 years he decided to take the path less traveled and took life in his own hands to start his own consultancy business for the sole purpose of devoting more time to various social causes.

Naeem Khan gave 45 years of his life for social work. His life then became the voice of all those who have nobody. B Com graduate from Aligarh Muslim University . He went to Mumbai for business however could not sustain and returned back to his village. Today he is helping in his individual capacity in getting the cremation of the unclaimed corpses/ bodies according to the religious rituals. He then started sharing books to prisoners, to inspire them, so that they improve. With his efforts he started the women’s cell ,family Counseling Center was formed and added some people from the city . He counsel’s the Husband and wife who wish to divorce. He organizes blood donation camps in his area and is respected person in the village.

A development professional and has over a decade’s experience of working in the development sector. His areas of specialization are programme management, inclusion and advocacy. He has engaged with civil society organizations, corporate and government agencies in enabling them to promote inclusion and diversity in their working approach to reach out to all marginalized groups particularly persons with disabilities. He has facilitated the formation of networks of persons with disabilities in rural India in the states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha with the philosophy of self advocacy and has been supporting them as an advisor. Praveen is passionate about development and works for the upliftment of dalit and tribal communities. He currently heads VSO India as the country lead and is working to promote the spirit of volunteerism and active citizenship to support the marginalised groups. A Chevening gurukul scholar from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Praveen has contributed many articles and research work on development to magazines and government agencies, he loves travelling and has travelled widely within and around the world carrying the message of inclusion.

Pravin is 25 years old and working with ‘Tarang’ at Kapashera New Delhi as a project associate for its creative part. His parents were migrant factory workers though they have settled down at their home town. He has been working as an anchor for community radio show. He is now developing skills of marginalized community workers and their kids through creative arts such as photography, voiceover and film making. He has been focused on gender equality and always wishes to create a safe, zero discrimination and friendly environment for the girls in society. All his aspirations are to empower youth for a better future.

‘Inspired Indian’ ‘Extraordinary citizen of the city’ ‘Kiran Achiever for National Excellence, ‘Bharatakala Shrestha, Nartana Nipuna and Singara Mani’ are some of the titles and awards bestowed upon this noted danseuse, teacher, writer, research scholar and social worker. Disciple of the eminent Guru Kalyanasundaram, great-granddaughter of the legendary Kalamandalam Maddalam Vengichaswamy and daughter of the renowned Chakyar Rajan, Dr. Padmaja has consistently been involved in multiple facets focusing upon dance as a holistic and harmonizing medium with elevated spiritual goals.

Having brought Bharatnatyam close to the lesser privileged in rural areas around the country, Padmaja was honoured by the ex-President, Dr. Abdul Kalam Her maiden book based on her doctorate, ‘ Tantra-The science and Natya-the art’ has received wide acclaim for its esoteric and philosophical study of dance. As the Director of Aatmalaya, Dr.Padmaja imparts training to selected students.

A consultant by profession developing Internship Program, recruitment, appraisal etc. A key member of the energy team in TERI. Has worked for regulatory laws and governance in developing countries. Being endowed with a conscience our primary effort must be to respect one another’s basic human rights and then work towards prevention and curing further degradation of these rights in society.

Founder member of Voluntary Service Association (VSA). VSA’s vision is a world free from hunger, gender discrimination and other forms of exclusion, in which all women, children, youth and People with Disability advocate for equal participation in development and promotes respect for their inherent dignity. He is passionate about excellence of vulnerable women & children .I work for the protection and promotion of human rights through restoring and empowering the vulnerable and neglected sections in the society such as women, children and other disadvantaged groups.

Ranjit is primarily a law-abiding citizen of India, an ideator and a crusader against road rage and anything bothering humans. Besides being a social entrepreneur, thought leader, blogger, Wikipedian and a voice artiste, professionally, he is an editorial and content specialist in publishing and digital media with 11 years of experience. As the founder and Chief Evangelist of the Zero Tolerance to Road Rage community, he is carrying forward the body’s mission and vision of making the roads of the world free from all forms of violence, using peace as a tool. By training, he is an engineer; by passion, a writer.

He is an MBA in Finance and International Business with more than 7 years of experience in service industry. Presently he is working with Global Shared Services Centre of British Council(Finance Support).My previous employers include HCL Technologies Ltd. and Saffron Global Ltd.

He is an avid animal lover and wants to contribute my efforts for the betterment of our society. Hridaya Foundation was set up in June 2012 to undertake activities in 6 different areas and based on their dedication for the betterment of our society, he was motivated to work with them.

A voluntary sector professional, opted out as a journalist in the mainstream media to live a greater dream. While he used to engage in teaching language, science and mathematics to young, underprivileged children in his college years, he always wanted to do something which would have a greater, rippling effect. Cherished the opportunities to work with some really interesting organizations. They have given him diverse experiences, insights and perspectives on how change happens and why is it important and worthwhile to understand different approaches. In addition, the value added by seasoned and fresh colleagues, interns and volunteers has further enriched the way he had thought about change over the years. Currently with Centre for Civil Society (CCS) (looking after the Right to Education Platform, advocacy and online engagement); previously served Tech Mahindra Foundation Magic Bus India Foundation, Educational Initiatives (EI), Hemophilia Federation (India) and Deepalaya.

Student of class 11 of The Shri Ram School. He is also the world’s youngest author of a book on Android titled Pro Android Augmented Reality published by Apress New York. His 2nd book is due soon. Raghav is the Founder/CEO of Appaholics LLC and knows 16 programming languages. He was featured in the CNBC’s Tech Guru program – Computer Wizkid Story. He also won the Blackberry Hackathon in January 2012. He is a State Science Talent Scholar. His academic and non-academic interests include Physics, Math and Robotics. He is a bibliophage with an interest in fiction and non-fiction works alike. He has represented his school in National level Inter School Robotics competitions. Raghav was invited by Google to participate in Google I/O 2013 and was a member of the Keynote address team at AWE 2013 in San Jose. AWE is the world’s largest Augmented Reality Conference.

Rajiv has lived in the United States Of America for 12 years before returning back to India to begin ‘The National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS)’ in April of 2004. NOSTOPS was formed with a need for like-minded individuals to come together, with a common goal – to change the perception of the working class citizens from India working in foreign nations. The idea was to initiate a change, and to be heard! Not come together and fight, but to be a part of a common pool of the working class seeking Equal Employment Opportunity and justice against wage discrimination in the workplace.

Author of two books – “American Work Permit – Official Rules & Regulations of American Work Visa” and “Green Carrot – America’s Work Visa Crisis”, He has also testified against the work visa program abuse, resulting in the drafting of the ‘Visa Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act of 2007’ -. Rajiv’s writes regularly for the Time Of India and the Economic Times.

He is passionate about being the change, a law abiding citizen. He does not believe in giving any bribes to any officials. He believes that slowly but surely there will be change in the society. He is involved with Action Aid from 2002. He believes that people should pay attention to their responsibility to society. He believes in standing against the wrong being done in the society. He believes in “Do unto others, what you would want them to do unto you.” ” Do not Magnify others Issues or Problems by Diminishing your Own”.

Graduate from IIT, Madras. Worked for ONGC to earn and set up his own farm for demonstrating the productive agriculture. Trained on Regenerative Agriculture at International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Silang, Philippines and presented a paper on rural prosperity. His passion towards farming pulled to start own farming activities near Chengelpet, Tamil Nadu. His mission is trying to adapt simple technologies to Indian condition, interns of water and other agri inputs utilization. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, visited his farm for witness the high productivity corn crop in June 2001, under the project of National Agro Foundation demo farm. In this context they demonstrated 250 % improvement in productivity of crop. Working in six states (TamilNadu, Kerala, Kartanataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh) conducting training and demonstration on improving productivity and quality of produces. Feels that the gap between developed nation and developing nations in crop productivity per acre needs to be narrowed.

Riddhima is a young climate activist who first started working for environmental issues when she was 10 years old and created a youth task force when she was 13. A Lead Earth Fellow and winner of several national essay competitions, she was the only Indian student to be selected to attend the National Geographic Student Expedition to Costa Rica for Conservation. She has spoken about environmental issues at various forums like the UNEP Tunza Asia Pacific Conference 2012, Asia Youth Leader’s Summit 2013 and TEDxYouth@Chennai 2013. Her projects and initiatives are aimed at including young people in decision making processes and she liked to address issues such as Education, Women’s empowerment and Sustainability.

Vice President, at ICHR (Indian Council of Human Relations),ICUNR ( Indian Council of UN Relations )and Executive President Kashmiriyat Preservation Foundation. General Secretary for Shanti Sahyog (Registered not-for-profit organization) Hony Secretary (Jammu & Kashmir) AASHIANA [ Regd NGO] Advisor – Delhi Literature Festival , New Delhi. Awarded Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation founded in 1999 by Rev Dr & Mrs Sun Myung Moon in 2006 (award presented by Eduardo Faleiro, External Affairs Minister, GOI, New Delhi). Awarded Outstanding Woman Social Activist by Russian Centre of Science & Culture in 2005. Awarded Outstanding delegate at Regional Conference of UNA in Asia & Pacific Dec 1986 by IFUNA under auspices of WFUNA among others.

An IIT computer science professor, took up the fight for transparency in selection process of admissions in prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Armed with the Right to Information (RTI) Act and a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), Rajeev Kumar has over the years forced IITs to gradually disclose their closely-guarded secret of selection procedure and also started a country-wide debate on how to improve the system.Kumar’s role is lauded by two different Supreme Court benches for bringing transparency and accuracy; Supreme Court termed him as “one of the many unsung heroes who helped in improving the system.”

BBA graduate from S. S. Dempo College of Commerce and Economics. Currently handles marketing and operations for a Portuguese firm in Goa that manufactures swimming pools and related products. Is also the content and marketing manager for the website www.themangoinformant.com, a world news website which also gives readers an opportunity to put up their opinions on issues of importance. Participated in the 7th National Business Plan competition organised by I-Create (India) in January 2013 and stood 3rd. Co-Organised the 1st All Goa Bowling Tournament in December 2012. This included Marketing the event and garnering Corporate Sponsorship for the same.

Shenazz Nadirshah – (spiritual name being Roshani), is the founder of Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing & Meher Roshani Foundation in Mumbai. She’s a Holistic Healer, a Wholeistic Living Spiritual Coach and an upcoming author, who blends spiritual guidance, healing, counseling and coaching with not just Spiritual Intellect, but with great love, compassion and an inner drive to abide by her calling to transform as many lives as possible and ultimately make them ‘Spiritually Independent’ by taking them through the journey of recognizing their own Divinity and that of others, and the whole of Creation. Her workshops revolve around several themes, such as getting connected to the Inner Mind for peace, love & abundance, relationship workshops, Anger & Stress Management Workshops, Corporate Work Life Balance Workshops, and individual counseling & mentoring sessions endeavored, for making a difference to the Society in their overall empowerment, healing & moving towards a better life, with positive developments and transformations in their life and that of others. Her Foundation caters to serving Teachers and underprivileged Children to build a healthy, harmonious learning, sharing and growing platform where Teaching is for passion and not just a bread and butter job. The Foundation serves for medicals and education for the Teachers and underprivileged children.

He is in the field of communication and communicates on one hand, on behalf of existing clients and on the other as a votary for election reforms. To communicate on behalf of his clients, he runs run a maven PR consultancy built on the foundation of truth and trust. He leads a team who looks after an industry association that believes in spreading ethical use of internet for betterment of convenience, learning and creating an ecosystem of internet entrepreneurs. Add to it, a football organisation that believes in grassroots development. Sayantan DOES NOT communicate or take accounts that has malicious intentions or in ‘cover-up” business. As an entrepreneur, he feels he has the right to choose who he wants to work with instead of working for. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, he and the agency are not driven by diktats. Ethical communication is what they thrive upon.

She is an IT professional with 15 years of work experience. An ex IBMer and NIITian, has mostly worked for international banks. Besides she has a very creative mind which allows her the ability from baking cakes to making candles. She runs hobby classes for cookery, handicrafts & yoga on a regular basis and teaches French as well. She loves to go for long drives with family and friends and never forgetsher camera. She joined Hridaya to help children by giving them vocational training on culinary skill development and handicrafts.

“She heads the United Way of Chennai affiliated to United Way Worldwide the largest philanthropic organization in the world. Tireless and still going strong at her fifties, an accomplished experimenter having a spectrum of rich experiences on the psycho social impact of people living with paraplegia, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and HIV/AIDS. Scholar of extraordinary insight and a pioneer to work with the psychological implications of women in sex work and trafficked women. Tireless advocate, master and guide of development who holds well established teaching skills with hundreds of students from Professional Social Work over the years. First woman to create an insight and public exposure to the pathetic conditions of cabaret dancers in Pondicherry with sting operations held with a leading media house.”

Studied Hotel Management from HIM , Switzerland . The need to see positive change in the lives of the less privileged led her to join the development sector 15 years ago. She worked at Nanvati Hospital to set up Health Check and MediClub. Then joined CRY for Resources Mobilization. For the past 10 years, as CEO of Women’s India Trust, Mumbai , she working at empowering less privileged women through Education, Vocational Skills Training and Livelihood programmes. She is also the Governing Board Member of PN Agricultural Science Foundation. In 2009 she was featured on ‘Smart Business Women’ on CNBC Awaaz .

Chairman of The Red Rose Group of Schools and Colleges, Bhopal. He has been into an active interface with education since 1989. He believes that education is all about sensitizing the children and not converting them into indifferent robots. It is only by sensitizing a human being that the ultimate goal of education can be achieved – creation of a wholesome society. As a Nation, he feels, India needs people who can create employment and thereby, wealth thus bringing about a balance in the society that stands divided between a small portion of HAVEs and a huge chunk of HAVE-NOTs. This is possible only if educators start focusing on entrepreneurship.

He works as a Manager in Brand & Communications for Deloitte in India. He has worked with The Times of India Group, Genesis Colors Private Limited, Concept Public Relations, Times Foundation on developing communications, public relations and brand building strategies. He has written for Life Positive magazine, He has worked with the United Nations Development Programme, and was one of the panel judges for a literary contest organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation. He has earned a MBA in International Business from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, and a post-graduate diploma in Journalism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Admundo is a Digital Agency that looks at the Digital lens through the eyes of social media, creativity and storytelling. Admundo see itself being in the unique position to bridge digital creative and digital media strategy having strengths in both and believe that the combined sum of them is greater than its parts. Believes in the principle of “Act local, Go Global”. Member of Rayons-Enlightening Humanity (NGO working for society in the fields of education, health, environment protection and women empowerment in Tier II city of State Uttar Pradesh. Local Campaign Co-coordinator for Occupy Polling Booths- Meerut (Electoral awareness campaign for a stronger Democracy ahead of General Elections in 2014 )Raised more than $ 2000 US with teammates under Operation Humanity to save Master Kshitij ,a rickshaw-puller’s son suffering from Cancer

A Chartered Accountant involved in the Voluntary & Development Sector of India and South Asia. He is currently the Executive Director of the Financial Management Services Foundation (FMSF). He is engaged in major research, trainings and has also authored number of books specializing in the areas of Financial Management, Governance and Legal aspects of the Voluntary Sector. A recognized social activist and writer, he has been a member of a number of committees of the Government of India and several national and international nonprofit groups working on civil society issues. He is a visiting Professor at Birla Institute of Management & Technology (BIMTECH) and also part of faculty of the ‘Diploma in Financial Management & Accountability’, a joint initiative of Tata Institute of Management Studies (TISS) and Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF) and the ‘NPO Governance’

A Post Graduate in Rural Management over 13 years of rich experience in Program Management in the development sector/ corporate sector at various levels from program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization, training of organization personnel to assisting in devising management strategies and systems. Have gained considerable experience and confidence in the fields of rural development, rural livelihoods, education, networking and partnership building, capacity building of communities and NGO leaders at state level/ National level. Handled projects on Child Protection and Child Participation, advocacy related and participatory based and has gained significant experience in Planning and Budgeting for Projects; developing Dissemination Plans; Data Management. The practice of child and forced labour in any business goes against the corporate policy. Manager is also responsible for development, implementation, monitoring and measurement of a comprehensive sustainability program that incorporates sustainability into all aspects of seed production operations.

Son of famous Ventriloquist and Puppeteer Ramdas Phadhye,Satyajit is the Gen Next Ventriloquist and Puppeteer. A Chartered Accountant by education. He started as an assistant puppeteer in a play directed by Bharat Dabolkar. Inspired by his father he is assisting him on all ventures. Appeared in Kaun Banega Carore Pati, and has done some Ad film also.

A self motivated Facilities Management technocrat of 20+ years who gave up his positions as Director on board with reputed pan India Corporates which he had led from scratch; with an aim to prudently juggle his passion for Social good, and, so as to lead the change globally. An avid Rotarian with the RI District 3010 Team, he advocates Fellowships and Networking for win-win social good and Sustainability in his models e.g. initiating the World of Arts into win-win collaborative models for social good, or, modeling out Media to publicize good work done by the Individual and Corporate Social Responsibility sectors. For leading the change and for his humanitarian activities, he has been globally recognized which includes the Rotary International President’s significant achievement award for projects during his Club Presidency. He is the Chairman, Board of Trustees PRESDA Foundation of Japan; also led as Life Member on Council with the Cancer Foundation at AIIMS; Member on Board with MWEHS City Hospital at Nuh; Founder Vice Chairman of the Jaiswal Foundation; Founder of the Sayantan Sinha’s Art World; Founder of Maadhyyam; etc. He has globally networked for collaborative Community projects.

Barely fourteen when he challenged the status quo of government schools in the state and eventually, received support from over nine media houses, UNICEF, and the deputy chief minister of the state. At sixteen, he founded a social enterprise to provide a support system for high school students that would enable them to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers; a support system that I, myself, never had.He is most passionate for the education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship of young people. Founder and CEO of Dexterity Global, an internationally acclaimed social enterprise dedicated to bringing education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship to youth

A social activist from Jharkhand, working on anti-trafficking, child-rights, tribal-rights and RTI through a network of youth activists and lawyers. I studied Child Rights from Jamia Millia Islamia and Gender & Society from Delhi University. I worked with organizations like Pragya, Bhachpan Bachao Andolan, Antarashtriya Manavadhikar Sangathan, Jharkhand State Child Protection Society and Human Rights Law Network for last five years and have been a volunteer with many organizations including Amnesty International, Special Olympics and iCONGO. In future, I want to add more youth activists with our network who will lead for a social change.

A Journalist with exposure to IT industry, Health, Education and Government Sector. Expertise in launch of media products, including mainline, magazine and news portals. Spent considerable time comprehending the Government space and how technologies enable a transparent and expeditious delivery of public goods. Designed and executed programmes that focused on credible linkage with Government including the eGov Champion Award, eGov 2.0 Awards, eGov Project Awards and several government sector capacity building conferences and workshop. Conceptualised and designed evaluation process for several development sector awards including the online process for Manthan, eGov Awards, and Gov 2.0 Award. Engaged some of the state governments for consulting projects and impact assessment of eGovernance implementations.

Soumen is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Varanasi. He has worked with top organizations in India, holding senior level positions. He has managed diverse roles such as sales, marketing, business development, service delivery, customer service operations and program management. In his current role as the Global Leader for HCL L&D he is responsible for behavioral training and leadership development to fuel HCL’s future growth. He brings with him deep knowledge of the subject being a certified Franklin Covey trainer, a certified Ken Blanchard facilitator and Certified Professional Consultant. Erstwhile facilitator for IBM CRM University, he is connected with top global training organizations in the world and is a sought after speaker. He has attended numerous management programs including the coveted Harvard Advanced Management Program and MDPs at INSEAD, ISB and IIM Lucknow.

An electronics and communication engineer from the institute of engineers (India) ,Syamala had been into teaching ,training and counseling since 1987.She handles students with absolutely no motivation to achieve either academically or otherwise. She builds up core qualities like discipline, hardwork,regularity in both parents and students which further help them to do well in life. Though she initiates the process, she ensures theirparticipation in the development .Working with the age group of 12 and upwards,she follows self –designed, tailor –made , innovative methods from her own experiments and experiences. Her passion is same as her profession to achieve seemingly impossible results in transforming non- performers into successful individuals .

A 30 year young, motivated ,enthusiastic & creative engineering graduate who reengineers lives by spreading awareness on social responsibilities. With a desire not just to live for herself but to make it a better place to be for everybody in the society With a want for others to see what she has seen and feel what she has felt, she has taken a long lasting quest with a purpose without selfishness and a motive without money!!! Driven with strong ethics she believes that with passion in whatever we do we are sure to reach where we intend to. All this is just not a talk because she has already given in written that she will live after she dies!!!

She’s a post graduate in Hospitality Management along with a MBA in Marketing having a total work experience of 18 years. Having started her career with ITDC, she has been fortunate to serve three Indian Prime Ministers and two Royals and world leaders as their personal valet. She then moved on to ITC Hotels Ltd and worked in various crucial departments like Food & Beverage, Front Office and Sales and Marketing. For the last three years she has become a social entrepreneur and runs her own multi-award winning Eco home-stay along with her husband Amarjeet in Landour, Mussoorie.

He is a global executive with a career spanning 25 years across India, Europe and North America. Commencing his journey as a teenager working in Sales with Eureka Forbes in Hyderabad, Sunil worked in Engineering sales, moved to Advertising and finally settled in Corporate Communications. He worked on some of India’s biggest brand names like Acer, i-flex-Oracle, and now he heads the marketing role in TCS based in NY/NJ area. His interests include Public Speaking, Writing and working with Young people. His mission is to change the world through his Communications skills. He has two Master’s degrees – An MBA and Communications &Journalism. In 2006, he was awarded the prestigious Stevie award – for best corporate communications professional in NYC. His debut book, a rags to riches genre memoir- ” I will Survive” – was a bestseller and was endorsed by global business leaders like Joe Kennedy II, Ratan Tata, S Ramadorai, et al. His second book ” Bound to Rise” will hit the stands in Nov 2013.

Partner in Yogi Raj Gupta & Co, an FCA has extensive experience, spanning over 12 years, working across industries including Banking and Financial services, NGOs, etc. She has done her Articleship from S.R. Batliboi & Co. (Ernst & Young India) and also has experience working with Price Waterhouse Coopers prior to joining the firm. Her areas of expertise include Stock Audit, Internal Audit of Private Limited Companies, Audit of Suppliers/ Vendors, Operations Audit, Tally Accounts of Private Limited companies and NGOs, and Social Audit. Over the years, she has worked closely with organizations like CRY and Oxfam and is also associated to Social Audit Network India as a Social Accountant/ Auditor. As a Trainer, she is actively involved into grooming the young management on ‘Soft Skills’ and specific diagnostic trainings like ‘Finance for Non-Finance Managers’.

Sudha Murgai has been an active and ardent social worker for the past 33 years. She made her mark in the fields of education, animal welfare and was a prolific wildlife television producer. Since1980, Sudha has led the charge against Cancer through her work in Awareness, Early Detection, Patient Care, Counseling and fund raising for economically deprived patients for medicines, food and care. Her work includes community awareness, training programs, emotional support programs, forums and research programs on different forms of cancer. Her concentration on oral cancer and her work with school children is part of her dream to have a tobacco free and healthy new generation.

Shubha Vilas, a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker, holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses. He addresses their crucial needs through thought- provoking seminars on themes such as ‘Secrets of Lasting Relationships’, ‘Soul Curry to Stop Worry’ and ‘Work–Life Balance’ to name a few. He believes that a good teacher, no matter how knowledgeable, always sees the process of learning and teaching simultaneously as an inherent aspect of personal and spiritual growth. Shubha Vilas periodically interacts with the youth in premier institutes across the country, inspiring them to live a life based on deeper human values. Close to his heart is his role as a guide and teacher to school children, teaching foundational values through masterful storytelling. He also helps individuals apply the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and other dharmic traditions in dealing with modern- day life situations.

A student of class 11 from Shri Ram School. He felt inspired to follow up on an idea of “news-source” that focused less on crime, corruption, sensationalism and actually helped one stay upto date about important happenings -relevant to youngsters . He strongly feels the current ‘news updates’ were making our generation disillusioned and also desensitized. He thus began “INFORMission Weekly” a non-commercial, free, weekly news source that focuses on keeping youngsters informed and updated on important events of the week,from around India and around the World. The emphasis is on keeping it short, simple yet serious…..as the mission is to INFORM and help youngsters stay up to date In just four months since its inception, with 16 issues brought out till date, INFORMission Weekly as a concept and a product has been well received and appreciated. It was even featured in the Wharton Business School newsletter for High School students “Knowledge@Wharton High School”

Dr. Subash Mohapatra, journalist turned human rights and peace activist, continues to champion the cause of human rights in the remotest part of India. For last 15 years, he has been instrumental in bringing to justice many perpetrators of gross human rights violations, medical negligence, nepotism and corruption. He was instrumental to bring anti-child marriage law in India in the year 2006.
Based in Odisha, Subash focuses on human rights interventions, litigations and awareness. He believes in non-violence and justice with compassion. He works within the constitutional framework and activates democratic machinery to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and the victims or their families are compensated.
Presently, he works with Global Human Rights Communications which silently speaks human rights and nurture human rights culture amongst rural – tribal youth.

Chairman of Center for Empowerment of Backward Region, a NGO set up to work in the most backward regions of India. Working in the Andhra –Odisha border areas, which is regarded as one of the most backward region .where basic education, health facility and amenities are a distant dream. 4 years back to give proper direction to our work started an organization by the name Center for Empowerment of Backward Region with a vision to create sustainable livelihood for the people of that region. The whole idea is to create sustainable livelihood for them through the existing resources in those local areas.Education, basic medical facilities and impact of direct schemes from govt.for them were the secondary area of focus.

Co founder of ‘iForIndia.org”, he was a senior business analyst. Worked as a technology start up in California. He has interest in renewable energy, technology for change and finance. He is passionate about film screenplay writing and director at LUV Films

Abortion?…”No!” Adoption?…”Yes!”, cried my biological mother, courageously deciding not to murder me. Because of her and my adoptive parents, for 19 years I have creatively lived that change. Pro-life. Pro-girl child. Pro-women. As a ‘homskooler’ her parents allowed her to educate herself. The stimulating syllabus she chose?…consumer, children’s and women’s rights; wildlife and snake rescue; working with Special Needs and Deafblind children; waste management and environment; martial arts; trekking and cycling in the Himalayas, to a Limca Record!

In this exciting curriculum, she, a student-volunteer, giving back to the universe, the gift of life and to society, the many gifts she receive everyday.

Umi has worked as National Service Volunteer under the Government of India dept of Youth and sports. As part of his volunteer ship he has worked closely with rural youth and organized them. Got the national award as the best National Service Volunteer in 1989. After his two years work with Nehru Yuva Kendra. Joined Action Aid in its field operation and moved to Balangir district of Odisha which was reeling under severe draught. Worked with local organisation to strengthen peoples planning (Loka yojana) to mitigate the impact of drought, hunger and migration.

His efforts have continued, and the movement and policy influencing to ensure fair and better treatment for migrant workers in cities has yielded fantastic results. Education for the migrant children at worksite was initiated in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Tamilnadu

A doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi on theme ‘Impact of Proactive Policing Approach on Attitude of Adolescent Students in Metropolitan Cities’ Well decorated police officer, including ‘President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services’ ‘Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust’, a National Level NGO, in memory of only son died at an age of 20/21 yrs. in a road accident, for development and empowerment of Young Adults; strongly believes India should find ways and means to transform her ‘Burden of Population’ into ‘ An Asset of Human Resources’. One of the projects launched by the Trust, ‘Shakti: Personality Development’ was taken as basis by UN Inter Agencies Group on Population & Development (UN IAWG) for their Modules on ‘Life Skills for Health Promotion in out-of-school adolescents’ in 2002.

Prof. Arya is a first class graduate from IIT Delhi (1976-81 batch) and post-graduate from IIM Ahmedabad (1981-83 batch). Director, Aravali Institute of Management, Jodhpur

He worked for 16 years in senior positions with the leading companies like Indian Rayon, Reliance and American multinational DuPont. After having established and successfully run Aravali Institute of Management for 13 years, he is now associated with his dream project of establishing and shaping up a top quality educational complex Aravali Gurukul Ashram including a university, envisioned to be a model of no compromise blending the best of traditions with the latest in modernity, at Jodhpur in his home state of Rajasthan.

He has more than 7 years of experience in Treasury & Banking Operations and relationship management with bankers and is currently working with British Council. American Express was his previous employer. He completed his Post-Graduation in Financial Management, certification in PRINCE 2 &IFRS.

With a strong will to extend helping hands to the needy and make a difference in the society, Vivek came out as one of the trustees in forming Hridaya Foundation. He actively engages in Hridaya’s events for elderly and children. His hobbies include traveling, watching movies and actively engaging in community service.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat, 45 is a well known human rights activist working with the most marginalized communities in Uttar Pradesh. For him the idea of India is where each citizen of the country actually develop constitutional morality. Once this is done, the Khap Panchayats and religious hate mongers will become outdated. VB is a regular blogger and has written numerous articles on important issues. He has also made about 15 documentary films and an equal numbers of books on the subject. In 1998, he founded Social Development Foundation through which he has been working with various marginalised communities like mushahars and balmikis.VB has now focused on a campaign called ‘ Humanise India’ or Insaan Bano and seek your support to build an enlightened and compassionate society.

Vilas Nayak, currently the leading speed painting artist in Asia is a gifted artist. He started to create art works at the age of 3. Though a rank holder in academics and a top performing HR professional at an MNC in Bangalore he quit his lucrative career to pursue his passion for art. He was a finalist of India’s Got Talent season 3 reality show on Colors TV and the winner of Best Innovative act in India 2012 award by EventFAQ. His unique talent to create huge art works at lightning speed to the influence of music has taken him places and he inspires people to follow their heart and dream big. He also supports various causes and often auctions his art works at events to raise funds for charity.

He is a commerce graduate from Delhi University and an Intermediate from ICWAI. He has a total experience of approximately 15 years in various capacities in finance and accounting functions with different companies. His interests include teaching, Hindi literature, reading and preparing my own database of Hindi film music. He got associated with Hridaya Foundation because some of the genuine likeminded professionals wanted to contribute towards betterment of society to the best of their abilities and capacities by creating synergies and empowering the destitute through Education.

As a filmmaker, Vishy draws his diverse experience from a combination of pursuits – documenting and working directly with the communities. After working as a Producer for a news channel, he worked with International donor agencies such as Action Aid India and Aide et Action, South Asia, where he filmed the woes of the fishing communities, persons with disabilities, HIV/AIDS positive people, unorganized labourers and Dalits. Vishy’s videos have promoted public debates on various issues such as food security, displacement, disasters, human and child rights. His films, ‘Fishing in Troubled Waters’ and ‘Suffering in Silence’ (voices of HIV/AIDS persons) are placed by the Australian government on National Archives as work on third world development. Vishy’s videos have worked on MINDSET CHANGE in providing deeper insight into poverty.

Most passionate about the protection of surroundings, neighborhood and the environment at large. Always looking for opportunities to do better for the environment.Impart knowledge both theoretical and practical about the environment to others who also have a desire to protect the environment. 20 villages have benefited from this campaign. Cleaner beaches, plastic sent for recycling, life of villagers have been improved through cleaner neighborhoods. Mission Statement: To Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic in Goa

Together with like minded individuals he can contribute more towards making the world a better place.Experience on beach cleaning and plastic collection. New idea of breeding frogs for the benefits they offer to the environment.

Wyne is working as PR and Office Manager at Financial Sector Development project of GIZ in Yangon, Myanmar. In 2005, together with online friends, she for media civil society named Online Donation Group (ODG) which has the purpose to focus on civic and culture awareness in Young Myanmar communities. She stopped her Master Degree from University of Wales after Myanmar got Democracy and she returned back her country to shape a simple program structure that aim to bring together young people for discussing various issues and organize the helping-path for underprivileged or orphanage children as well as elderly people.

As a youth activist, she has been volunteering in different projects organized among the Myanmar Youth Networks through her one of network called Voluntary Internship Programme (VIP), to facilitate and encourage youth to participate in socio-education development and transformation to a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Cadre 3 (2014-15)” tab_id=”1444380252654-2-5″][vc_column_text]


“Your little initiative can make a big difference!” Amit Bimrot a Film and Television Institute of India alumni actor, film maker believes in changes, believes that dreams are real if you have courage to fight for your dream. He made few short films to inspire people towards real heroism. There are many real heroes in our society but people hardly know them. All of his films are highly appreciated by people on social media worldwide. He is right now working on more film projects related with social changes, communal harmony and real heroes. Amit’s never give up and stay positive behaviour inspire his team to work hard on the projects.

Her philosophy of life is the deepest commitment to whatever endeavours to do and to try to leave no stone unturned in accomplishing her duties, tasks and responsibilities. To bring about social transformation through the medium of her work. She has been teaching since 1981. She teaches International Organisations and Regional cooperation and Urban Development. She strongly believes both these courses designed by her gives an opportunity for capacity building of students as change agents in a global and national perspective. Director of SSE she designed the curriculum, which will place the right kind of stress and insights resulting in the creation of a distinct class of students and faculty who will be able to leave a distinct mark in society. She is also the Dean of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Symbiosis International University where her objective is to build a class of social scientists. With a powerful temperament, as well as the bent of mind to contribute to the above cause with their research.

Joyanto Mukherjee is a media graduate and holds a Masters in International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory from the University of Westminster, London. He is the country’s youngest Dean at the age of 29 and heads Harkisan Mehta Foundation Institute, the institute which was recently awarded the Top 10 innovative media school in Asia. He has been responsible in introducing state of the art media courses and the institute is now offering a media course for every age. He is a Pakistan expert and has worked closely with allied wings of defense and security. He has previously worked for the Times of India, Hindustan Times and the Daily Mail. He has also acted as a media consultant to all leading media houses in the country. He also gives guest lectures at leading educational institutes including IIM, IIT, JNU, XLRI, NMIMS amongst others. Apart from that he is an entrepreneur and owns various successful ventures like an event management company named Just Another Show, a children’s newspaper named Learniverse, an online news website coined Newzmonger, a football club named Super Mumbai, an NGO named the Doers and a rural marketing and training agency named Parivartan. All of these ventures are under his flagship company named Assuri pvt ltd.

Subbu has spent over 21 years exploring advertising along with other creative pursuits like script writing, lyric writing, Photography, Poetry, etc. He has had the privilege to work on some of the biggest global & national brands .He has authored many books. His first book of poems was titled “Khayalat” . Shri. Anup Jalota wrote the foreword. He second book of Urdu poetry is titled “Kuch Main Bhi kahoon”. Shri. Amitabh Bachchan wrote the foreword for it. He has also written & published articles in English including stories for “Chicken soup for Soul”. He has won over 15 awards in advertising. He has won many awards for poetry including the Poets International Organization gold award. He is regularly seen in Kavi Samelan and mushairas. He was adjudged the second best photographer in Asia Pacific at Hong Kong by Canon & Campaign Asia. He has directed many ad films, documentaries and music video for UN. He has written a special song for Mumbai Police for the 26/11 victims composed by noted singer Sonu Nigaam and sung by Late Jagjit Singh, Shankar Mahadevan, Sonu Nigam, Sunnadhi Chuhan, KK, Kunal Ganjawala, Kailash Kher, Hariharan, Shaan Alka Yagnik, and Talat Aziz etc. He has also written for many albums & a film sung by singers like Udit Narayan, SP Balasubramanyam, Anup Jalota, Roop Kumar Rathod, Mahalakshmi Iyer, and Menaz etc.

A software professional who in now into writing and editing. She has authored five books primarily for children and for people who are young at heart. Two books of hers have been published by Rupa, One and The Magic Liquid. She has compiled and interpreted Teaching Stories and More Teaching Stories, and written Elixir for Zylake for Life Positive. She writes regularly for Life Positive and other publications. She has also been published in Chicken Soup, Times of India and Hindustan Times in the area of personal growth and spirituality. She is the mother of two children and believes in changing the world through writing. She is passionate about conveying positive values, positive thought and stories of positive action through her writing. Her primary mission is life today is to educate people and never make them trapped in communal harmony.

Ms.Sridevi works for the welfare of orphans and underprivileged children using innovative social methods,She connects school and college students to the nearby orphanages to provide sustained and continuous support to orphanages in terms of FACES(FOOD, AID, CLOTHING, EDUCATION , SHELTER) She has adopted two orphanages with a capacity of 1000 orphans wherein she provides support through FACES Food support working to Rs.2laks per month is generated by Sridevi regularly with the help of schools and college students. She uses the sale proceeds of the innovative Music chakra designed by her husband Mr.L.S.Ramesh to support FACES. Her goal is to connect at least two schools and colleges every week to the nearby orphanages in their locality. She was also awarded MAHILA OF THE YEAR AWARD 2015 from ASAN group of Institutions on women’s day.

He completed his Bachelors in Sociology from Ranchi University and Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from Xavier’s Institute of Social Service Ranchi, 1991 – 93 Batch. He started his career with Bata and then went on to work with Bosch, General Motors and Textron. Since July 2011 he is at Airbus India as their Head of HR – India and is also the National Representative for the Airbus Corporate Foundation. In 2013 he was conferred with the HR Leadership Award by Asia Pacific HRM Congress for his contribution in the area of Human Resources. Suraj has an overall experience of 21 years and lists his hobbies as continental cooking.

Geeta Shankar is most passionate about the most neglected category of causes – Old Age Care. Passion to serve the society was encouraged by Shri. Mohan Pai who fathered Omashram Trust (2001) and called Ms. Shankar the Mother of neglected elders. She is dedicated to the cause of Elderly that Omashram supports simply to make sure that all their elders enjoy a peaceful sunset during the evening of their lives. Omashram is a charitable trust founded in 2001 with the objective of providing care and succour to the old. At Omashram Old Age Homes, there are 60 old, neglected souls being cared for, the total capacity now being 75.

Violinist Sunita Bhuyan has been trained under her mother Minoti Khaund and maestro Pt. V.G.Jog. She is a master of music as well an MBA in HR. Sunita uses music as a tool for wellness, leadership development and teamwork for executives and social groups. She is the recipient of the Indira Gandh Priyadarshini award for excellence in music amongst many others and has covered almost 10,000 less privileged children and cancer patients through her music therapy workshops. Sunita performs across genres of classical , jazz and fusion and her album “Bihu Strings” is the first album of “folk on the violin” in India . Her recent project has been the music for ” Save the rhino” on CNBC for Yes Bank. Currently she is on a collaboration project with Culture 2014, the Commonwealth music series and has done talks and presentations on the benefits of music at the Glasgow festival, Beyond boundaries, London, and the prestigious Edinburgh festival.

A Hyderabad-based journalist and feature writer/editor with over 17 years of mainstream media experience. An incorrigible optimist and a practical thinker, she believes everyone can make a difference to the world. She has always tried to use her thoughts and writings to highlight the achievements of women, children, the specially-abled etc instead of focussing on the negatives. She is proud to be someone who proactively seeks solutions for problems around her and has always loved playing the Agony Akka (column for a newspaper), the mentor, the consultant for those around – personally and professionally. Her idea – the Rice Bucket Challenge – she thinks is definitely among India’s best known ‘co-operative movement’s and crowd-sourced initiatives. An avid traveller, voracious leader, hyper planner and a vague dreamer, she believes in destiny and doing good karma

Silver Chakra

Regional Manager for Startup Weekend and UP Global (South and Central Asia) in New Delhi. He works as an entrepreneurial evangelist and as the global facilitator with all of our community leaders and Startup Weekend organizers to empower entrepreneurs and their communities around India, Asia and the world. UP Global believes that entrepreneurs are the leading drivers of prosperity, jobs, and innovation. Without entrepreneurship, communities would cease to move forward within their local economies and in the world. With this belief at the core of our organization, UP Global strive to support entrepreneurs and the communities that allow them to thrive in any way we can. UP Global is a volunteer-powered organization where local volunteers and community leaders manage all on-the-ground aspects of putting together the event and organize each Startup Weekend event. Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. We’re a non-profit on a mission to come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups. Startup Weekend has hosted events in 130+ ​countries all over the world.

His struggle involved regular visits to the remote villages. Motivating villagers to speak up against the system that was exploiting them. However through sustained efforts they were successfully able to provide villagers with a motorized trolley which is one of its kind in the entire Uttarakhand region. As these four villages got a mode of conveyance their confidence to avail justice from the present system has gone high and I have been successful in winning their trust and loyalty. They have formed a group inside the village to help villagers get an environment wherein they can live with dignity and respect. An old woman has donated her four room house to them for making working office inside the villages. There  next goal is to help these villages get a primary health care centre as soon as possible. His long term goal for this village is to help it become an inspiring village which is a model of sustainable development wherein everyone lives with dignity and respect. On the other hand he continues to impart life skills education in schools and colleges in different schools in Dehradun and Uttarkashi. This year he was also called by the organizers of ASEAN Disability Forum as a resource person.

Since being awarded the fellowship last year she is engaged in conducting as many training programs as possible. She continues to be committed to spreading the Reiki energy. So as to reach out to the masses he has designed a program titled the 3M – Money, Meditation and Motivation –  SUCCESS WORKSHOP. He is also working towards being able to contribute to the lives of under graduates and graduates in terms of imparting employability skills training. He has  also written a new book Dear Diksha – A father’s letter to his teenage daughter.

” One should be secretive about Prayer & Charity.” Actively involved in Fund raising for various NGO’s  via my venture ” Gerald Cares”. Launched the concept of “Rs.1 per day = Rs.365”. Which meant anybody who wanted to donate money or help the needy would take out Rs.1 per day for one year and donate it directly to the NGO ( in multiples of Rs.365).

In spite of being an Entrepreneur, as and when required, she helps Cancer patients in getting a bed at AIIMS, Organize ‘Langars’ , distribute water bottles in summers on the streets to the poor, help in child adoption, visit NGO’s to teach women cooking and educating them with regards to their rights , act as a mediator for foreign help to NGO’s in India & work as a Convener for the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship.

Vishy has been relentlessly working towards bringing social change through communication. A film maker to drive the change at grassroots level. Vishy has been continuously striving to open up space for the grass roots work with campaign groups and organizations and advocate the need for an alternate platform in the light of mainstream media becoming an extension of corporate interests in India. His biggest achievement is in connecting the younger generation get connected and understand the issues affecting the poor and marginalized. He started as a producer for a news channel is today working  with International organizations. His films, ‘Fishing in Troubled Waters’ and ‘Suffering in Silence’ (voices of HIV/AIDS persons) are placed by the Australian government on National Archives. Vishy’s videos have worked on MINDSET CHANGE in providing deeper insight into poverty.

Bronze Chakra

Founder & Director of ‘Guria’— began fighting sex-trafficking at age 17 by adopting three  children from the Red Light Area, and even today, Ajeet lives with  Bedia community involved in family-based prostitution as an innovative strategy. Social ostracism has shaken him much beyond the attacks he currently faces due to his anti-slavery crusade.  Ajeet is personally complainant/witness in many of Guria’s cases against 966 traffickers and has filed several Public Interest Litigations on behalf of Guria. His approach—focusing on minimizing second-generation prostitution, ending child prostitution, and preventing trafficking & re-victimisation of women & children—has succeeded in creating and sustaining in Varanasi one of the first Child Prostitution-Free Red-Light Areas

An accomplished publishing professional with a career spanning over 17 years experience in both local and international markets, possesses comprehensive knowledge on requisites of Book Industry. Anil was one of the founding directors that launched globally acclaimed literary journal, Asia Literary Review. Based in Hong Kong, he was Publishing Director to handle publishing functions at Asia Literary Review. He has completed “The Publishers Training Programme” at The Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. He was on the board of SOPA (Society of Publishers inAsia), a not-for-profit organization where he headed the Sub- Committee of Events and Professional Development as it’s Chairman for the year 2010-2011.He was founder member  Bangalore Literature Festival and has recently Founded Writers and Readers Festival, Goa. Anil currently runs the companies The Book Court and Literary Speaking.

Sheer example of Innovation, Determination, hard work and passion is what defines Anisha Bhardwaj, a Training Professional with more than 14 years of Corporate Training Experience who has extended her work portfolio and is today the founder of VPersonalise, a venture catering to the widest spectrum of Personalised products for kids. She’s been active in conceptualizing the idea of Story books for kids with caricatures and has also recorded the First Ever Personalized Audio Books in India.  Currently, her venture offers more than 200 products that can be personalized for kids which makes it a HUB for all personalized gifts. Her strength lies in her positive attitude bundled with immense passion. She is an inspiration for all women who dare to chase their dreams. A mother of 2 kids aged 7 and 2, she is working full time in night shifts as the Training Lead in a reputed BPO along with managing her venture during the Day. She strongly believes that the biggest block in chasing your dreams is your own attitude. She has networked with women entrepreneurs spread across the country to offer a common platform to clients across the country.

She is one of the leading exponent of Odissi dance with almost 3 decades of training and performance under Padmashree Late Guru Gangadhar Pradhan at Orissa Dance Academy, Bhubaneswar. Based in Delhi where she is successfully running a dance school called ODISSI NATYA SALA imparting training to young deserving classical dancers in Odissi for over 15 years. She believes in getting the basics right always and for practicing and teaching the purest of Odissi dance. Apart from propagating Odissi through her dance and teachings, she intends to take steps to make Odissi and other classical dance forms more acceptable to the general public to demystify classical dance. With the blessings of Lord Jagannath, her Guru, well wishers, patrons and sponsors Anita is determined to scale greater heights as a dancer and also make Odissi Natya Sala a premier institute for learning Odissi dance in India.

Anshuman Bhagwat was born in a small city of UP Jhansi but lived most part of his life in Gwalior (MP). Belonging to richly cultured and well educated family, emphasis was always on humanity. His childhood left such an impact on him that writing and reading became his passion. He practices humanity and tries to motivate others to practice the same. Anshuman is an experienced professional, currently working as Operations Head in an MNC. He is a qualified Percussionist and poet from the age of 10, his recent writings have been majorly focused on Social Reforms. His blog writing has been highly appreciated. His writing reflects his attitude towards practicing humanity and elderly. He believes in positive change and tries to bring them primarily into himself in order to set an example for his near and dear ones. He believes that he can bring a change in the society by changing human behaviour through his motivational writing.

Student, Co-Founder of Nuked Studios. Very practical. A Doer. Handles promotion, marketing, programming and designing of the website development company and creative studio, while engaging with clients and giving them full support whenever needed. Loves to engage in a conversation related to upcoming design related to technology. Involved as a Head of design and development at an upcoming firm for empowerment solutions, ie. Yatharth Empowerment Solutions. Loves watching movies and is interested in application of design in relation to communication media. Future lies somewhere ahead on the same path.

A commerce student at the H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai.  He did his schooling in Mumbai and Delhi and graduated from St. Xavier’s School Jaipur. Anjaneya is a voracious reader and loves to participate in debates. He is also an avid sportsman, having played international level squash for several years. He loves surfing, travelling, adventure sports and meeting new people. He currently lives in Mumbai with his mother, brother and a dog named Taurus

An internationally acclaimed Indian Classical Kathak dancer. Her technique and unique style is a combination of “tradition and modernity”. She has carved a niche for herself as a choreographer. She is a ubiquitous name in the world of North Indian Classical Kathak Dance.  She has learnt the art of Kalaripayattu, a South Indian Martial Arts.  Recipient of many national and international awards. As a social activist, she has been whole heartedly connecting dance with burning social issues. She created a dance production titled “A Letter to the Mother from the Womb” which carried a powerful message against female feticide. She is working as a as a Cultural Ambassador for the needy, the unreached and the uncared for and has been connecting with several NGO’s caring for mentally retarded children, trafficked girls, Cancer survivors imparting dance therapy training to the beneficiaries with the mission of changing their minds and lives.

A passionate eco-entrepreneur who wants to change the way people consume products by making it sustainable ecologically and socially. She believes that every product tells a story and by choosing products that tell a Green and Good story we can create a future that is Green and Good for all of us. In 2009, Aparna started GreenNGood.com where such environmentally and socially responsible products are bought and sold. From organic food to accessories made using sustainable materials, GreenNGood.com houses products that help you live healthier and more sustainably while contributing to social causes.

He is the Chief of Bureau at The Hindu, Andhra Pradesh with 15 years experience as journalist. Has worked in CNBC TV18, The Economic Times and The New Indian Express with core reporting  on socio-economic and political issues. A graduate in English Literature, PG in Political Science, from Hyderabad Central University, LLB from Osmania, (M.Phil) in JNU, New Delhi and had a brief stint at Marquette University, USA.  He has taken part in the Edward Murrow Fellowship for journalists in the US in 2009. Was Students’ Union President in HCU, participated in Republic Day Parade (NCC) in 1994 during graduation.

Associate Professor at Department of Social Work, University of Delhi. She has wide experience in gerontological social work. She has many books and research articles in journals of national, international repute to her credit. Her other interest areas are development administration, HIV/AIDS, empowerment, counseling. She is master trainer in HIV counseling with NACO-GFATM. She has done many research studies with Planning Commission, various Ministries and other institutions. She has participated as an expert in many television shows like Satymev Jayate, Asmita in Lok Sabha, etc, trying to raise conscience of the citizens on socially relevant issues.

A qualified Psychotherapist & Counsellor who believes in integrating all her skills and experience to support her clients to achieve mental and physical well-being and balance. Her special interest lies in the area of working therapeutically with children, young people and parents.  She has also conducted workshops in stress management, grief and pain management, women empowerment, parenting and personality development.  Audrey is particularly passionate about working with marginalized children in the belief that early intervention and appropriate emotional resilience can go a long way in preventing mental health issues in such children.  Previously, Audrey worked with a top management consulting firm in their HR function for well over 15 years.

He has worked in the final frontiers of Deep Water Oil exploration, 9000 feet water depth reaching objectives of 35,000 feet. For 23 years, Aubrey worked with international teams engaged in multi-disciplinary functions to achieve the challenges of conquering mother earth in a safe and efficient manner. This industry offered Aubrey the opportunity to travel, tuning his cultural sensitivities, broadening his perspective on humanity and most importantly, understanding his purpose in life. Aubrey now follows his passion for music as a performing artiste, producer and arranger since the last one year. Besides, Aubrey is devoted to giving back to society by doing community service and social work as an independent volunteer. Using music as a platform, he dreams of exploiting this synergy and expand this community initiative.

An engineering graduate from Lancaster University, England. While studying there he found massive difference in the life style of rural people over there and in India. At the age of 23, he came back to India, designed a strategy and started working for the rural youths. He is both politically and socially active. He became the national president of Youth Democratic Front, a registered political party for youths. He was part of Campaign Management Team of Shri Narendra Modi. In India, around 70 percent of youths belongs to rural India and are mostly engaged in agriculture or they migrate from one place to another in search of jobs.  Either they want it or not but they have to go for the same because they don’t have any other options. Due to the lack of options and platforms youths are not able to utilize their energy in a positive direction. As unskilled laborers are mostly over worked and under paid. Lack of knowledge and proper information about the new place push them into the web of exploitation.

A  Ph.D and M.Sc. (Counselling and Psychotherapy} and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Dr. C. A. Crasto has 30 years experience re-creating departments, industry and markets. He worked as a Chairperson in a 20,000 people organization and was also a joint founder of an ESP organization with 5000 members. He travelled to 35 countries and to every state and union territory in India. His hobbies are dancing and meditation and his passion is “In the Service of the More”. Dr. C.A. Crasto has authored a book titled “The Best is the Enemy of the Good”.

A Spanish theatre director, producer and actor as well as an active socio-cultural artist from Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain.

He started his theatre career in 1994. He graduated in BA(Hons.Theatre Studies Degree from Middlesex University, London. He obtained an Erasmus Grant to study at RESAD(Royal Superior School of Dramatic Arts), Madrid. He also became eligible for an intercultural exchange with USA to study at Baruch College,CUNY (City University of New York).

He has a Masters in TV Production by El Mundo TV – Unidad Editorial, Madrid.

Devender is a Kargil war veteran was injured badly in war to the tune of being declared dead, he survived to shine as India’s only amputee marathon runner, famous as India’s Blade runner. He has successfully completed 12 half marathons. A double Limca record holder, honoured by Canadian Government, first Indian to start running on artificial limb inspite of so many disabilities. Once fought to save the motherland from enemy he now aspires to not only win laurels for India in sports at personal level but also motivate other physically challenged ( whom he calls The Challengers) to change their attitude from feeling helpless to fight out and shine in sports and adventure fields. He aims to train more challengers towards sports and bring medals in Paralympics for India. He has started a support group on Face Book by the name of “The Challenging ones” and also registered a non profit organisation by the same name. He is an avid speaker on motivation and has been admired by many companies.

Hailing from an average educated Indian woman strives to uphold and prioritize the family and community values. She got involved in NGO world thirty years ago. She has had a rewarding and learning experience providing me much satisfaction. She was happy to find her niche and have stayed firmly rooted to it for all these years. What has been the driving force has been the crying need to improve the lives of women and children, whether it is their financial needs, healthcare, education,  social status or dignity.  More so, the need to give back to society in even a small way.  Many desire to do so, but few find the ideal opportunity.

A fashion designer by profession and a poet by heart, soul and passion. She strive to  manage both with equal fervor and sincerity. As a creative person, she tries  to do equal justice to both fashion designing and poetry but she you will always find her inclination towards poetry which resides in her soul. She  wants  to bring a change in  the world, to the status of women and to the condition of under privileged  children. She hopes that she is able to do this through the power of poetry.

He possess work experience of 22 years+, and his professional expertise spans general management functions & leadership roles in large scale organizations at national/international level. He is also proficient in spearheading start-up’s & scale-up of low performing organizations, with strategic focus on improving organizational productivity, enhancing consumer focus, realigning human resources, creating service excellence benchmarks, driving market/revenue growth & profitability. He is adept in conceptualizing, strategizing, executing & leading key organization functions & has worked in heterogeneous business environment across India & South Asian countries – in MNC Banks, Telecom, Insurance, Consumer Products, Media (print & electronic) & Education. He has also managed quantum scale-up & expansion of business operations for ING Life Insurance, Macmillan Education & CIMA India. On an honorary basis, Debasish is involved as Mentor, Coach, Trainer, Visiting Faculty & Advisory Board Member with reputed corporate houses, industry bodies, non-profit organizations & academic conglomerates – where he periodically contributes strategic inputs for furthering the cause of education, healthcare, commerce & entrepreneurial initiatives. He is also a Certified Leadership Coach & Master Life Coach, as well as Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional from ASQ-FICCI.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj is a Journalist and a documentary filmmaker. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from IIJNM Bangalore and is a Thomson Foundation, UK Alumni. She has made several short documentaries on social issues. Her documentary ‘Gramin Dak Sevak’ was student film winner of Jeevika Asia Livelihood Film Festival 2009. She is currently making her first Independent documentary feature “Martyrs of Marriage” on misuse of dowry and domestic violence laws in India.

He is a Human Resources Development (HRD) consultant based in Hyderabad. This 42-year-old engineering graduate has worked in many vibrant areas such as power and telecom sector, technical training, KT (knowledge transfer) before finding his calling in identifying the right person for the right job and training them to optimize talent. He is passionate about organization development, policy matters and social initiatives. He believes in simple living and high thinking, encouraging a sustainable and down-to- earth lifestyle. He loves to ‘be local and buy local’. He hopes to use his skills, energy and time for individual and corporate social responsibility projects.  He is currently actively involved in working towards Rice Bucket Challenge and 100 Charity Causes both online and offline.

With an extensive background in mainstream banking and the development sector, Dhruvi translates her skills into creating and developing projects dealing with economic inclusion and empowerment.  She is a firm believer in social justice and that everyone can make a  difference.  She guides the RBS Foundation India team on new projects addressing the intersection of poverty and critical eco-systems or those that help build sustainable communities by enabling economic and financial inclusion for women. Dhruvi has successfully designed, implemented and been part of working groups and committees promoting diversity, women empowerment and value based volunteering.   She has been an advisor to many NGO’s that work in the space of livelihoods, environment, education and women empowerment.

She was influenced by Gandhi and nation building in her young days. As early as in her first year college she was chosen to represent India in The International Youth Conference as part as International Year of Youth.  She worked with industry to find the best talent and covered over 300 companies from all segments through her firm Approach International. Her professionalism, service attitude and ethical standards has made her well known among many industry leaders and earned great deal of goodwill. Many also benefitted from her career advice and coaching. She participated as fund raiser for large campaigns like Meri Dilli  Meri  Yamuna and Clean Delhi Drive. She also launched a citizens platform to work on Governance issues with local administration called Gurgaon  Action Plan: An Initiative in Governance. She has led campaigns on women and child safety, managing waste and governance.

Once a successful interior designer turned completely neck downwards paralysed due to a cervical spinal cord injury in an unforeseen accident. What looked like a loss was subsequently gave him the wonderful opportunity to change the future, not only for himself but for millions across the globe. An opportunity to create a life filled with Passion, Inspiration and Purpose by choosing the career of Motivational/ Inspirational Speaking. Not being able to move an inch by himself, Girish survived the last 14 years as a quadriplegic/tetraplegic. He believes that ‘The Human Spirit is Stronger than Anything that can Happen to it’. He now guides audiences uphill and empowers them to take responsibility for life’s inevitable challenges and to embrace the power of taking charge. Today, as an Inspirational Speaker, he captivates and stuns audiences with his story and then calmly empowers them to accept challenges, embrace change and take action – not only at work but in everyday life. The Positive Man makes sure that he inspires the corporate workforce and students to do their work and education with greater dedication and create positive attitude. The Positive Man’s life experiences, instils “I can do attitude”, which when put into practice, will create massive and permanent change in the lives of the company’s employees, students & the underprivileged.

Harish is an equal rights activist from India promoting the cause of various socio-environmental issues. Named one of the most influential gay men in the world by The Guardian in 2013,  Harish is both an openly homosexual man and a child sexual abuse survivor and is the only homosexual male survivor in India who decided to ‘speak up’ on his abuse. In the slow and painful process of turning deep personal trauma into a source of inspiration for others, Iyer today has taken on a multitude of causes: child sexual abuse, LGBT rights, women’s safety, environmental concerns, and the rehabilitation of survivors from the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai. He is associated with no NGO or Government bodies but still is part of any initiative represented by whosoever that demands his involvement. His life and work have been the inspiration for two films- national award winning Onir’s I Am and short film Amen along with a book in the making.

Hansa Makhijani is a lifestyle journalist and writes about fashion, beauty, luxury, health and wellness. She has been associated with prestigious fashion, luxury and lifestyle magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Prevention, Harper’s Bazaar Bride and more. She is passionate about social media and the digital platform, which has her hooked at the moment. There are a couple of causes she feels strongly about. These include environmental issues, children’s education, care for the elderly, women’s issues and more.

A multifaceted person with great knowledge of International trade, International packaging. A person with versatile specialities. He has been awarded the  National Youth Award by Govt. of India, National Integration & Universal Brotherhood Award by  Govt. of Maharashtra. Distt. Youth Award by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanghatan, Felicitation by Pune Municipal Corporation. ISKCON, Mention in Limca Book of Records. Member of All India National Youth Awardees’ Federation. Managing Trustee – Somani Pratishthan Executive President – Maharashtra  RajyaYouth Welfare Association. International collectors society for Rare items

Ishita, all of 9 years , at such a tender age, she has leveraged her learning’s to take care of her less privileged friends. Encouraged by her mother, she participates in weekly sessions at Balewadi Community to conduct mini workshops with everyday material.As a student, her belief in spreading the word got her to apply for a TEDx independently organized event in her school. She is now the youngest license holder for a TEDxYouth event. Her February 2015 TEDx Youth@Balewadi event featured 3 very nice speaker talks around making things easier for people through use of technology. At age 8, she wrote a book titled – ‘Simran’s Diary’ which is available and doing pretty well for digital viewers through Amazon.com. Ishita has demonstrated that given a chance and freedom to do things, kids learn best when they see and believe in the things. It’s not her passion but her will to find extraordinary happiness that has made her achieve success at such a young age.

He is a serial & social entrepreneur having unique thought process of ‘PURPOSE-Process-DEEP Impact’ with “System Thinking + Design Mindset”. After completing his studies he did public sector corporate planning. He is Managing Director of WE Group working into Business & Start-up consulting, trainings, empowerment, education, rural development. Launching global humanitarian magazine, incubation centre & co-working space. He is CoFounder of Parinday & Alumni achievers + CoLead, GrowR + youth advisor of Challenge Future & GBG Rajkot. He represented India multiple times & has received many awards.

She is popularly known as ‘Garbage girl’. Born in 1976 in Great Yarmouth, England. She spent the majority of her twenties travelling the world and came to India in December 2008. As a tourist and to volunteer at the Tibetan Children’s Village in McLeod Ganj, Horrified by the extent of India’s garbage crisis she started organizing mass clean up’s in April 2009. She is now the CEO and Co-Founder of Waste Warriors, an NGO working hard to tackling India’s garbage problem by creating models that can be replicated across India. Waste Warriors currently has projects in Dehradun, Dharamsala and around Corbett Tiger Reserve but their mission is to reach out across the entire country. Jodie’s challenging work has resulted in support from a number of celebrities including Anand Mahindra, Adam Gilchrist, Piyush Chawla and Dr K Chiranjeevi (Actor/Minister of State). She has received a number of awards including Times Now ‘Amazing Indians’, Assocham Ladies League ‘Grassroots Women of the Decade’ and Rotary Club Mumbai ‘Service Before Self’.

A HIV Positive since 2005 . An Independent working woman. She is into HIV Activism since 2011. Love life, friendly, free-spirited. Proactive in adventure outings and physical activities to keep body endurance level and stamina toned. Dancing/Music is her passion, she loves travelling as a great stress-buster. She is a complete foodie. Her role model is Mother Teresa who taught how to love unconditionally and Princess Diana who taught how to give selflessly. Upon her death, she wants her  epitaph to read “ Here lie a woman who lived life in such a way that she didn’t die in vain”!

One of India’s fastest growing online publications, This Week Group, was started as a neighborhood tabloid by Kishore Joseph with no office, no grand plans, an empty purse and solely on a can-do attitude and two mentors (Murli & Sairam). Today, it has winged ahead with seven multi-city online editions, to especially serve India’s cosmopolitan digital natives.  Namely thisweekdelhi.com/ thisweekbangalore.com/ thisweekhyderabad.com/ thisweekguwahati.com/ thisweekchennai.com & mumbaithisweek.com. Equally active on the NGO front, Kishore who recently piloted the T20 world cup for the blind says he owes everything to his father who is in his heart and destiny above. Making people happy, be believes, is his life’s purpose.

A social entrepreneur, columnist, writer, lecturer, speaker and trainer. She started Idobro as an Eco-system model for inclusion and sustainability. As MD she has committed to take Action that enables Women, Social and Green enterprises to access markets, build capacity, create linkages and deliver solutions through the Idobro Circle of Impact.  She believes that each one of us at home or in office.  Karon’s personal story has been covered by the iconic series – Chicken Soup for the Indian Women Soul and was invited to speak at the worldwide launch of the Mentoring Women in Business programme by the Cherie Blair Foundation in New York. She started the “Impact Shopping” page for the Afternoon Dispatch & Courier that included her column “An EmpAowered World”.  She is a Green Belt in Six Sigma methodologies.  She has undergone the Swedish Institute Management program in CSR & Sustainability. A passionate speaker on social development and enterprise, Karon has been on the boards and advisory committees of social enterprises.

He is very passionate about being a social entrepreneur and bringing about a change in our society. He has launched a project called Komal-stop child sexual abuse and constituted a team of facilitators and volunteers with the help of Young Indians organisations and child line India foundation. With Dr.Bhooshan Shukla had designed the child sexual abuse workshop. He has formulated a team of facilitators and visited the schools to sensitize the students, teachers and parents alike. Also formed a cultural team to enact skit to the students as well as parents. They flagged off 150 buses carrying the posters on child sexual abuse in Tamil language to reach out to others districts as well. The best way to stop child sexual abuse is to talk about it. He hopes we will be able to shatter that silence and make students safeguard themselves from the molesters. Recently they sensitised blind students by distributing Braille materials. That moment he was really proud of because the blind students are more vulnerable to child sexual abuse.

Be a volunteer and leader! This is what the aim of Lakhshit’s life. He believes in power of dreams and inspires people to follow their dreams. He is having strong knowledge of Technical experience in Software as working in Oracle Tech. A professional by education and a traveller by passion; and a committed earth volunteer by responsibility. He strongly believes that leadership comes from within through personal change. Lakhshit has been an active participant in team trainings, debates as well as organized technical and cultural activities. He enjoys working within a team environment and on individual tasks too. He continuously learns from others too and believes learning never ends.

She runs India’s first award-winning Indian online talk show called ‘Chai with Lakshmi’, is the founder of Red Bangle – a film production house in Bangalore, and is the maker of the You tube series, ‘India Ahead’. Whilst ‘Chai with Lakshmi’ features people positively shaping India for the future and has had a viewership of nearly 3 million, India Ahead is a short documentary series launched this year that gives progressive Indians a platform that will celebrate their efforts. Lakshmi’s business, Red Bangle, has till date made over 250 films. Lakshmi comes from a social research, marketing and documentary film making background.

Following the herd, he became an Engineer; Following the Heart, he became an author & Following the need, he became an Educator. Lewitt is an unreasonable science enthusiast with a dream of transforming educational landscape in the country by innovating teaching – learning methodologies – one classroom at a time. Founded Life-lab in 2012 – Lewitt & his team is scribbling & scripting the would-be story of transformation – day-in & day-out by working along with the most important stakeholder of education system in the country -the teachers – to create India’s best, open-source & most affordable activity based STEM program that can be implemented at scale.

Director of Centre for Social Initiative and Management Chennai. She is a Management Graduate with over 20 years of development work experience. She has worked for national as well as international developmental organizations— Danida, Action Aid and Oxfam International. A Social Auditor trained by Social Audit Network, UK, she is also a trainer in Fundraising, Media, Communication, Advocacy, Social Entrepreneurship, Management, and Social Audit. She is the Chief Editor of a monthly tabloid—Conversations Today—that focuses exclusively on social issues. She authors several articles for this publication that focuses exclusively on social issues and interviews celebrities in social work.

A freelance artist, born & brought up in a cultural environment in the city of joy. Studied BVA from Rabindra Bharati University. Tagore songs are my obsession. For more than 25 years she is in this creative field by passion & profession. Participated in many national & international exhibitions & bestowed with couple of prestigious awards. For her art & life are alike,  both are simple yet both are complicated.  Her conscious & subconscious mind reflects in my works. Being a creative person she has  got very deep & keen interests to work with children, specially the deprived ones. She has been working with some NGO’s like Literacy India, Casp Plan, Empowerment India etc. as a creative partner for the last 15 years. Art for her is the manifestation of our society, its reality, culture, diversity. Her art will contribute in bringing about a positive change in society-a change in the way people view art, a change in people’s attitude towards social responsibility & a change in the block of our future- “India’s children” because she think art has the power to move people profoundly, to empower our society.

She is a bilateral amputee, bomb blast survivor, Global Shaper, Motivational Speaker & Trainer, Emcee, Social Worker, model for accessible clothing, Ph.D. scholar and a Junior Research Fellow at Madras School of Social Work working to spread awareness on disability and an inclusive society.She is a recipient of ‘Outstanding Model Student’ from Wisdom International Magazine, ‘Rolling Cup’ for Best M. Phil. Thesis. She has been honoured by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and several other eminent personalities. She was a speaker at CIVICUS World Assembly- South Africa. She hosted the India Inclusion Summit and the 1st National Wheelchair Basketball Championship India. She has been featured in ‘GIFTED’, a national bestseller on inspiring stories of people with disabilities and various national, local newspapers, magazines and media channels for her academic excellence and her brave and dignified fight with disability. She is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College and Delhi School of Social Work.

A dreamer who wants to discover real India. He always wanted to see  Principle of morality and ethics in every individual . He believes in concept of ” justice through love ” He has just started creating that in village area  After  Spending four years in different cities he got to take another step toward the native village for building school ,home and hostel for disable and street children where dreamers get under one roof. He left his commerce carrier in middle and just enrolled in BA program in village college “Lord Krishna degree collage attached to Deen Dayal Upadhaya University, Gorakhpur  “
The place where he grew thin from dreaming. He loves most in the world is the hearts and minds of people who have given him love and affection for the better part of his life.

Mukund B.S – an Electronics Engineer from REC Surat and a Post-Graduate in Management studies from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM–C). Having graduated from the top 5% of the batch, Mukund co-founded ReNew IT in 2009 with a “Mission to make computers affordable to everyone”. ReNew IT has so far sold over 10,000 computers and has won the “FKCCI Innovation Excellence Award” in 2014. ReNew IT has been featured on many leading newspapers like DNA, Deccan Chronicle, Sakshi, Rajasthan Patrika and shows like NDTV Profit, India Ahead etc. Mukund has been nominated for CNBC Awaaz Masterpreneur.

Director and Principal of Presidency College, has been honored with MTC GLOBAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE 2013 in ‘INNOVATION IN TEACHING PEDOGAGY’, NESA Fellowship award 2012, Prize of Leadership and Responsibility award on Teacher’s Day, 2012 by Presidency Group of Institutions, Life Time Education Achievement Award 2010. He has accumulated over Two Decades of valuable experience in the field of Education, training, planning, management and consultancy, specializing in the arena of Managing People at both tertiary of Education and corporate levels. Dr.  Vinay had Converted College to Private University and established two International business schools and one Engineering college and designed various programs  aimed at improving effectiveness of learning teaching/training based on various State of art technologies as per the latest corporate environment and also associated & conducted 15 Survey research projects sponsored by National and International organizations.

A Lead Image Consultant, Storyteller and the Founder of ThePerfectYou.  Her passion for making a positive difference in the world has led her to start her own project in the underprivileged community where she works closely with the children to help the children make a positive impact in their lives through life skills sessions. Their community project is called Buniyaad. She has  been awarded for her work towards society at large. She is also an Image and Performance Director at TEDxPune. She has helped hundreds of high powered executives, celebrities and people from all walks of life to maximize success in professional and personal lives. Nancy enjoys making people look good, feel good about themselves through her customized learning programs/workshops. She is one amongst the 14 Indians listed on the International Storytelling network and is also a regular featured Image Consultant/Soft Skills Coach in leading newspapers and magazines. She strongly believes that if each one us can spare some time to help the underprivileged people, it can make a lot of positive difference in the society.

A social entrepreneur and a social doer who is passionate about empowering the rural communities, particularly the women through creativity , art and innovation. After working for ten years  of learning and practical experience which gave her an understanding and insight into her field , and her strong desire to contribute meaningfully  to this sector , she plunged  doing something independently  and  fuel her own sense of entrepreneurship. She runs an organization called “Action Center For Transformation”( ACT) which emphasizes on building sustainable initiatives. She has been continuously working on developing a chain of rural women recyclers who recycles / upcycles materials and generates a livelihood and develops a voice of their own. This initiative also supports in building an environment conscious society. She has developed and implemented several projects and headed campaigns’ across urban and rural India.

Nikita is a postgraduate student in international business from London, UK. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading varied authors ranging from Adam’s smith to Cecilia Ahern .She enjoys travelling to new cities, meeting new people from different walks of life and cultures but also enjoys solitude. She is very compassionate about the rights of the deprived and soon looks forward to start her own organization tackling the exploitation of children. The main idea of the organization would be to identify the difference between the exploited children and child labour and provide credible hope to these mistreated, poverty stricken children.

She has more than a decade of collective experience in journalism and corporate communications. It all began with a brief foray into the world of online and electronic journalism before embarking on a stint in developing and managing communications for national and international organisations. After servicing other organisations over a period of time, she has finally found a niche to set up an advisory and consulting firm that currently keeps her active. Neha has studied Majors in Sociology, Mass Communication and Human Rights. She has been guiding youth in the integrated development of their personality, social etiquettes and finesse as an inspirational speaker and trainer. She is a known philanthropist and advocate in bringing about attitudinal transformation in diverse group of stakeholders. Neha has a deeply embedded interest in contributing to society by participating and promoting many social causes, and providing wholesome communication advisory and execution of plans and strategies to organisations. She is an active member and contributor to TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs, a global network of entrepreneurs), President of the ‘Youth Forum’ of International Association for Scientific Spiritualism (IASS) and sitting member on the boards of a few charitable organisations.

A senior management professional from India’s life insurance sector, he is the Group CEO of the Knowsys Group of Companies. A professional speaker and an eloquent writer. He covers areas like leadership & management, motivation & self-development, customer service & technology, sales & marketing, etc. He has represented at various Indian industry forums as well as addressed global conferences abroad. He was also the Chairman of ETFs Asia conferences at Hong Kong in 2012 and 2013. A Certified Corporate Director and an MBA (Marketing), a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. program in insurance regulations. Professionally, he is associated with some of the leading research organizations across the world. He is passionate about his work and believes in making a positive difference in the lives of people around him.

Being a film lover and growing up with a social activist father inculcated in me the same passion as his and I ended up merging these two passions of mine. With over 7 years experience in creative media based community-issue based movements, I was exposed to a treasure of knowledge these children had to offer and their hidden talents in Media. Knowing how expensive the education of films and photography is, I decided to run a school that spotted such talents and nurture it, giving them an equal chance of creative expression and independence, by mixing their passion and profession.

Preeti Monga’s blindness was discovered when she was 6, was thrown out of school at 13, possesses only a class 10 certificate, failed at her attempt of becoming a musician, faced 11 years of an abusive marriage, single mother of 2, no one wanted to hire her, planned suicide, was cheated out of money and partnership in business and, a whole lot more! Yet, today she is an Aerobic Instructor, a social entrepreneur, a Trauma Counsellor, Motivation Speaker, a Corporate Trainer, a Personal Development Coach, an Author, a Communications Expert, a powerful kleader and a Wellness Coach!

President of Yash Pal Center for Science & Technology, an Agra based science popularization organization established by him, which is spread all over the city. He is  final year engineering student at Anand Engineering College, Agra. He has always distinguished himself as different from others, percolating to the leadership position in most situations. He is also a voracious reader with an ability to appreciate literature and philosophy.  He is a writer, poet, physicist, thinker, scholar, actor, dramatist and a painter. He has enthusiastically served in many scientific, social, literary and philanthropic organization to help support the communities for a radical ideological change.

Founder of RAYONS  an NGO dealing with problem and issues of society like environment protection, women empowerment, education, rural development, cultural heritage, health and anti-corruption. The work in enhancing human thinking and helping people understanding their real goal towards society and nature. Enlightening humanity is a mission through which they want to create a world where all are unified with everyone and everything, and loving. He has organized Blood donation Camp, discussions, Quiz,Educational Camps in villages, celebrating Deepawali in orphanage and many more events. He was member of Divine India (DIYA), Imparted free computer training and planted over 5000 trees in Bareilly Region

A computer engineer by profession, have worked in an investment bank for 3 years after which she realized her  true calling. “I believe, therefore I am!”, her life has been shaped up by her beliefs and her choices in life, she is teaching a group of 45 amazing kids in a low income government school as a  Fellow in Teach for India. She believes in the cause of education and also that everyone is special in their own way. She loves music, dance, drama and the integration of art in any form in day-to-day life. A traveler, a painter, a poet at times and she can’t stop dancing her feet off on the tunes of salsa and kathak.

Like any other girl, she has a dream .A dream to touch up few unknown lives to give enough light and strength to have the courage to be out casted for ‘Change’ and thus witness ‘MAGIC’. She believes that ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without hate, anger and being selfish’. Ordinary just like many but she is willing to use her intellect to be extraordinary in deeds. She has been associated with social initiatives: CRY , Stryker’s CSR and Samarpan. She is very passionate about issues pertaining to women and children. She is an electronics graduate from prestigious Thapar University and is currently working as a Design Engineer at Stryker, a leading USA medical equipment manufacturing company. She’s a budding entrepreneur and has founded Pink Marbles, a one stop for finding safe accommodation solutions for women and won competitions such as Startup Weekend Women Edition , DRDO’s National Golden Jubilee Autonomous Robot Contest. She has been chosen among selected few for Lockheed Martin Young Engineers’ Visitation Program.

An MBA in the field of finance, and is credited with over 17 years of rich work experience in leadership positions. She is the Director of Sai Amartya Tourism (P) Ltd., a company incorporated to promote religious tourism in India. She has a passion in religion and has an ambition to help pilgrims in their faith based cruise. Prior to this, Rachna Gulati was heading All India finance function in one of the multinational advertising agency. She has led transformational transactions for the company in India and has successfully demonstrated her financial acumen by leading the department.

She left her job to do something great and started her own financial consultancy firm named Analityk Finansowy. This did not give her satisfaction as she was still not doing what she was passionate about. The only thing she was passionate about was God and religion. That’s how she decided to launch this project.

“If the inner-calling, mind & body are aligned, you are unstoppable”, believes Rajendra Pratap Gupta. He was amongst the fastest to rise in the corporate world by becoming a COO in the 7th year of his career, but he committed himself to his inner calling of contributing to the betterment of the society. Towards this, he quit his high-flying corporate job and moved to public policy formulation as the means to bring about the change on a wider canvas. Mentored by the finest statesman & scholar, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, he drafted the National Election Manifesto of the BJP at the young age of 37 in 2009 and then again in 2014, and is revered as one of the most influential and sought after public policy experts in the country. His versatile genius is reflected in his work across sectors and forums, for which he has received global recognition. Rajendra continues to serve on advisory boards & boards of some of the largest global organizations across the continuum of care. He has contributed to the society globally through his association with organizations like the UN, WHO, and WEF. Rajendra is sought after for his innovative thinking and delivers lectures across the globe, besides writing for leading publications.

Founder and Chairman of the International Youth Society Of Eco Friendly And Renewable Technology (IYSERT).[1]One of the Strongest Youth Personality in India with his dynamics ideas and Vision to change India.He started his movement across the world for Waste-Management, Renewable technology and makes New innovative solutions that can be self –sustained. He has  represented India in Many International summits. On Oct 17 ,2014 he has been Appointed as Indian Ambassador for Youth Time International Movement in Ambassador Meet at Bordeaux, France. Winner of Rhodes Youth Forum 2012, Greece by International Youth Time Movement and received SAM GLOBAL YOUTH AWARD 2014.

A dynamic motivational Life coach, Mr. Sundher is an NGO Management Consultant and a trainer in Human Behavior. Ram is not just an educator, he is an entertainer and his enthusiastic and powerful approach takes you on the journey of happiness. He is the recipient of National Award and many appreciation awards for public speaking and communication skills. Having conducted training programs on Humour in Life, he has addressed over 1,00,000 people from all walks of life. Known as the master motivator, his one-man show has snowballed into a Bangalore based foundation. His training programs have benefited thousands of people to better their studies, career, marriage and life itself from birth to death.

Rahul Prasad is a 23 year old student of R.V.College of Engineering, Mysore Road, Bengaluru. His native is New Delhi. He founded Juvenile Care in June 2010. He started Juvenile Care as a platform for himself and other college students to come forward and work for child rights and child abuse eradication. From past 5 years, he has not only given a platform to over 10,000 volunteers across country to work for child welfare but has also evolved himself to be a motivational speaker and an inspirational leader. Presently Juvenile care operates in Bangalore, VIT University, Jaipur, New Delhi and Pune. Juvenile Care undertake social activities such as Educational workshops in slums and villages, medical and sanitation awareness workshops in slums, Awareness drives in urban areas and delivering free education to rescued child labourers. His motto of doing justice to society has been-“Whenever you see a child begging for money, put your hands in your pocket and take out a pen instead of a coin”.

Rafique aspires to be part of an endeavor to provide and promote social quality. By engaging himself in this social development process, he wishes to contribute to the progress of society. In doing so, he hopes to incorporate all the knowledge and skills that he has acquired through his work experience and sound academic background. Rafique is the founder of RAHEE FOUNDATION which is a registered education charitable trust and he has engaged more than 1250 children & youth of low income communities to take football sessions in order to develop and create a change. Rafique is a role model for his community and he created many role models like him.

A passionate leader who loves inspiring teams to do their best work and keep things moving at the workplace. Fond of high-energy environments, Rohini has rallied teams to work together towards a shared vision to achieve business objectives at work and at home plays the role of a friend to her seven year old daughter, Rishika. Rohini is quite at home driving marketing strategies for clients and her organization as she is painting along with Rishika on weekends. Rohini seeks out new opportunities to grow her experiences and does not shy away from making choices that lead her onto entirely different paths and demand a lot of change. But therein lies the adventure!

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

Born and brought up at Sonepat (Haryana), Dr. Ritu Gupta is an Associate Professor at National Law University Delhi, Dwarka, New Delhi. Prior to joining here, she has taught at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), New Delhi and practiced in Courts for a while. She has authored two books ‘Sexual Harassment at Work Place’ and ‘Law of Contract and Specific Relief’, both published by Lexis Nexis. She was selected for the award of doctoral fellowship by ICSSR, New Delhi and had been declared ‘Ms. Super Brain Super Personality’, by Competition Success Review in 1998. She has presented papers in various National/International Conferences/Seminars and contributed articles in various journals and conducted sensitization programs on women issues and ‘Sexual Harassment at Workplace’.

Dr. (Capt.) Ritu Biyani is a cancer survivor and only person in India  who travels from tribals  to urban setups, border towns,, high altitudes, socially unrest and hard to reach areas, taking  cancer awareness and motivational campaigns at the doorsteps of myriad communities. On these ongoing Highways, she has driven lakhs {1.37Lakh} of kms, educated lakhs {2.40Lakh} of people with cancer awareness, navigated thousands of patients and caregivers and inspired many from all walks of life across the world.  In 2006, She and  her  daughter  Tista [14yrs] pioneered “Project Highways” blending cancer awareness mission with a record distinction of Solo driving 30,220kms to four tips of India in 177 days. Her organization “Highways Infinite” [Est. 2008] is a borderless drive to empower people and impact lives, before, through and beyond cancer.  Ritu is the first Maheshwari Marwari lady to join Indian army, First lady Paratrooper from Indian Army Dental Corps where she served for 10 years, a mountaineer, skydiver, has keen interest in environmental issues, rural culture, adventure activities. She is also working on her book and documentary

CEO of Technology & Corporate Development and a member of the Core Leadership Team at Eureka Forbes Limited.  As part of his role, he heads a strategic business unit, he also manages R&D, Water Labs and Corporate Development function, including M&A and joint ventures. He is the recipient of the prestigious American Hero of Chemistry award for an innovative drinking water treatment technology implemented across the USA.  He has authored 10 patents and has more than 30 articles and citations in peer-reviewed journals, international conferences and reputed magazines.  He is listed in the ‘Who’s Who in Science & Engineering’ and is a member of international honor societies.

He is a well known name in the field of Information Assurance and Cyber Security. He has touched lives of more than ten lakh children and counting with his awareness campaign ‘Safe Surfing’.  He is the Director of A&R Info Security Solutions Pvt Ltd and consultant at IAMAI.  He has been recognized for his work by UNDSS, European Union, UNWFP and numerous other associations. He is on the advisory committee for Haryana and Agra Police and has helped the Government solve numerous cyber crime cases. He is also a faculty at BPRD and other law enforcement agencies.

As a music director, he composed for the Marathi films “Hridayanath”, “Yeda”& recently “VittiDandu” which has been released worldwide & has won many awards. “Nostalgia”, a private album was produced and composed by him. As a background music composer he has done various movies like “Heartless”, “I am Kalam”, “Jalpari”, “Kabh”, “Hanuman”, “Ye fasle” and many more. Santosh has performed with Sonu Nigam in MTV Unplugged, & in Zee TV SA RE GA MA PA piano/fusion special episode. He has performed in a  Fusion Concert with great artists of Bollywood . As an arranger & programmer, Santosh has worked for famous Bollywood films like “Om Shanti Om”, Kaanchi”, “Raaz”, “Baghbaan”, “Paheli”, “Babul”, “Chalte chalte”, “Aankhein” & many more. He  even had a great privilege, playing in Rashtrapathi Bhavan, for the former presidents of India, Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

He is an independent musician and evolves from a creative school of thought. He has an extensive passion towards integrating variable sounds and has classified himself as an efficient sound engineer through services and learnings made available from his Studio. Stephen is an amazing vocalist, performer and communicator. He has designed his own concepts in delivering vocal and voice training workshops. He has capitalized on his musical skill sets in playing the piano, keyboard, guitar etc. and has pro-actively instituted, designed and delivered a Leadership Workshop in understanding the behavioral patterns of successful musicians in Bollywood through effective live testimonials and talks of eminent Bollywood musicians in his innovative program ‘Sound of Music’.  Stephen believes that musicological expertise is of great importance particularly when it comes to teaching music and training musicians and this methodology of learning by default is acknowledged in every individual.

“Convert your passion into your career and the outcome triples.” This is what 19 year old Sahil, who’s a filmmaker, public speaker and a YouTuber, focuses on. At just 19, Sahil has had the chance of sharing the panel with people like Kiran Bedi. He believes that dreaming is a very important aspect of our lives, but what’s even important is to work day in and day out to fulfil that. A vivid social worker, he’s managed to make 180 kids learned all by himself over the past few years. His experiment on women abuse garnered over 2.5 million views, which also made him the youngest YouTuber to reach 5 million hits in India. He strongly feels that the world is filled with two types of people, ordinary and extraordinary, but that extra in the word extraordinary takes years of dedication. He’s positive, creative and hardworking, which makes him a wonderful leader.

Saloni Mital is a features journalist working in Bengaluru. Writing is not just a career choice for her but a medium to tell stories about things that happen around us. She writes about everyday heroes. There are people amongst us who come from the most ordinary of circumstances but are doing something special that changes the way we perceive life and the way we live. Saloni spends time with them, seeing their remarkable days unfold, finding out how it began and the obstacles they crossed – all in a hope that these stories may inspire other people and report that societal responsibility spans a broad spectrum. Saloni also brings forward stories of injustices that are ignored in our daily rush. Sometimes, the government and people take notice and, bit by bit, these stories of extraordinary courage also lead to change.

A Serial Solopreneur  (the author of the bestselling book Million Dollar Solopreneur and a renowned professional speaker)—through an array of programs such as Life Without A Boss, Your First Million Dollars, Know the World in 24 Hours, B.O.L.D.–Beware Of Lady Dynamites, The Jet-Set Speaker, Your-First-Book, and Own The Stage—has helped more than 50,000 professionals live the life of their dreams. Thousands of his students have become Authors / Speakers, and have in turn, impacted thousands of other people. All his programs have a unique promise—more money, more time, and more impact.

Sandeep is a theatre artist and he has been trained by and worked with National school of drama almuni and faculty. He has worked with many students of delhi university colleges and give them theatre workshops. currently he has been working with booklings as a story telling expert exploring all other possibilities in the art of story telling. he is the founder/director of samarth theatre group that aims to provide platform to the visually challenged students for showcasing their capabilities through the medium of theatre.

An ex Indian Army officer was commissioned in the Army Ordnance Corps in 1993. Was the first women officer to be selected from her state and to command an Army Day Parade contingent. With an academic background of BA (Economics) and MA (Psychology) from Punjab University, she has undergone varied army and University courses in Computer Programming & System Designs, Materials Management, PRO/Journalism and Financial Management. She has been actively involved in issues related to the rights of women, the under privileged, the differently abled and the defence veterans. Her strengths are in issues related to Law, Public Affairs, Defence, Human Rights/relations and administration. Her service experience is of leading soldiers, logistics management, personnel and man management besides administration. She has experience in dealing with servicemen, central and locally employed staff, legal/govt officials and business/corporate entities. Besides social welfare and empowerment initiatives, she is also an animal rights activist.

Electronics and communication Engineer from Yamunanagar, Haryana. He is doing research on space debris mitigation. He has proposed some new techniques to mitigate debris from space i.e. use of nanotube mesh technique, energy production and recycling of debris and De-orbit kit technique using robotic arm. He is also the recipient of runner up “Jerome Pearson Award 2010 by ISEC(USA), Dr. Kalpana Chawala Young Scientist Award, Young Innovator Award and so on. His research papers got selected in more than 25 International and national conferences organized by NASA, ISRO,JAXA,IEEE,Microsoft and so on. His research work has been appreciated by the Vice President of India Sh. M.H.Ansari, Sir Ratan J. Tata, Padamshri Dr. V.Adhimurthy, Sir Donald Kessler and many others.

Shreena Thakore is the co-founder of No Country For Women – an organization dedicated to fighting systemic-gender based discrimination in India. While studying at Brown University, USA, she realized that there was a significant gap between the space of academia, where the sociocultural causes of gender-based discrimination are analyzed, and the space of activism, where social change is actually executed. Due to this disconnect, changemakers are not equipped with the appropriate analytical and introspective tools to effect lasting change. As a result, existing solutions and social activist movements tend to be ineffective or misguided. Shreena co-founded NCFW to bridge this gap. So far, NCFW workshops have reached 7000 students across 35 institutions in 17 cities. NCFW videos cumulatively have 1,500,000 views and NCFW digital campaigns cumulatively have 40,000 shares. Her work with NCFW has received national and international attention and has been featured on The Borgen Magazine, Policy Mic, DNA India, The Hindu, YourStory, Times of India, Bangalore Times, Bangalore Mirror, Delhi Times, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, India Times and Mail Today. She is a Projects For Peace Fellowship recipient and a fierce optimist.

Shadab Hassan is the Founder Director of H. H. High School, Brambe, a school that provides free education to orphan and underprivileged children. An MBA, this young social entrepreneur has not only motivated the youth to come forward and teach but has also given them a platform to perform. From a start with 80 kids, Shadab has helped more than 600 children reach school. Apart from being a TEDx speaker, he has delivered talks in the country’s most premier platforms such as CII, IIM, IIT, Rotary etc. He was also awarded with ‘Yuva Prabodhan-2012’ by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 2012.

Shabia Ravi Walia is a media professional for the past 21 years. Dabbling in production, creative direction and writing, she has equal experience in both genres of fiction and nonfiction. Over the years she has worked on various reputed nonfiction shows like Surabhi, The Good Food Guide Movers and Shakers, Siddhanth, Ek thi Rajkumari, Mile Jab Hum Tum and Saraswati Chandra. Currently Shabia does creative consultation for various media companies. Shabia has also recently started her own company ‘Tattva’ which makes organic and natural body products like scrubs, soaps, body lotions, face creams etc. The aim is to provide people quality products made with natural ingredients minus the harmful chemicals. The company though only a few months old has already found immense success and is growing by the day due to positive word of mouth publicity and social media. However her biggest achievement till date as considered by her is the birth of her baby Sia and penning down the experiences associated with it in the form of ‘Mamma Mania’. The book went onto be a bestseller and earned very positive reviews from readers and critics.

Dr. Shruti Kapoor is the founder of Sayfty, a global organization that helps women in India protects themselves against violence by equipping them with awareness, self-defense skills and safety products. She is a qualified Economist with several years of international development work experience at The World Bank. She is extremely passionate about topics related to women’s empowerment and human development.  She holds a PhD in Economics from University of CA, Riverside and has presented in various international conferences. She was recently presented with an award by the U.P. government in India for her work on girl’s education and safety. Dr. Kapoor currently lives in New York City with her husband Siddharth.

With almost 8 years of working within the deaf community as an Interpreter, Smriti Nagpal is the visionary and Founder behind Atulyakala who wishes to diminish the prevailing the gap between the deaf & the hearing communities & creating a platform for deaf artists to learn, interact & create with the mainstream design community & a live a life of dignity & pride.  She has been associated with the National Association for the Deaf since its inception & spends her mornings reading the Hearing Impaired Bulletin for the Doordarshan Network.

She is a counsellor, holistic healer and dailouge writer for Marathi TV serial. She has dedicated to resolving a myriad of issues as a marriage counseling, nurturing parent-child relationship, planning for unwed parenthood , home management, vocational and finacial. She was a teacher before the accident. A rekie therapist and well known Tarot cards reader. She ha acted in the International play NIRBHAYA directed by Yael Farber. She also works for some NGO and aims to own one herself. She wants to make her future beautiful. She has been awarded by 2012 salute the Mumbai woman power.

“If not me then who, if not now then when?”  Product of a philosophy that makes her a go-getter of sorts, Tavleen is evangelizing sustainability in bottom-up ways. Trained to be an automotive engineer, she felt the need to go beyond designing and simulating vehicles to inspire ecosystem changes. As she began to look at the bigger picture, she needed to pick up ropes and learn a lot along the way. Currently she engages with students across engineering colleges who like her are training to be engineers in their chosen field and inspires them to become ecosystem engineers and drive sustainable living through the applications and products they build. She’s designed modules with interviews with industry leaders, academicians, entrepreneurs working in the realm of smart cities for students and professionals to understand trends and megatrends shaping the future.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. A big fan of Apple founder Steve Jobs, 22 year Tejasvi Gulati is not your average CA aspirant. His interests go beyond numbers and figures. His passion for photography, visual design and filmmaking manifested itself as “The Free Spirit Project” through which he quenches his thirst for exploring new ways to give back something to society. A film production company,’ The Free Spirit Project’ was founded by Tejasvi Gulati with a few friends to make content-driven digital films that don’t just make noise but raise a voice. With nine films already under his belt, he has managed to talk about a wide variety of issues like the importance of keeping the country clean, organ donation, the power of voting and even women’s’ safety. Unlike many 22 year olds around him, Tejasvi Gulati possess unwavering determination and strongly believes in the transformative power of cinema. He wishes to use ‘The Free Spirit Project’ as a springboard to talk about world issues with hopes of making it a better place to live.

Tripti Aggarwal has been a volunteer in the community work space. She co-founded the Liter of Light Bangalore chapter in India and is voluntarily and actively involved in it. She dreams of a world where the need of community work would phase out and eventually the social issues would become non-issues. She is a full-time working ERP professional with an IT major and loves reading, writing and de-stressing over random long walks. When not volunteering, she can be found vociferously advocating the cause of gender equality and justice.

A Performing Artist, Currently pursuing Diploma in Mass Communication from Delhi University & Very much Passionate about Reinventing himself & Acting for Change. His strenuous efforts have got him recognitions at National & International Platforms like International Young People Award by DUKE of Edinburg & Award by CBSE Chairman among 15 Selected Students of India. He  has  been continuously Participating  in Countless activities like, Acting in Street Plays, Teaching Underprivileged, Creating Cognizance on Organ Donation, Women Rights etc . Critical Issues like Illiteracy, Sanitation, Population control, Sustainable Development have been my area of focus

“The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, positive storytellers and lovers of all kinds to leave a better place for our younger generation.” With this thought in mind Vimala Rajkumari, a media professional with almost 2 decades of experience producing award winning and ground breaking TV shows for channels like Star, Channel V, MTV to name a few started Vsual Brewery a video production house to create content that Brings Elevated Awareness. Vimala also a Goldman Sachs 10k Women Alumni wants to use the powerful medium of media to bring content that would educate audiences towards a Holistic Lifestyle, where we live in Harmony with Ourselves, our Surroundings and Nature. To begin with Vsual Brewery has launched a digital channel on Healthy and Positive Living, ‘Soul I M’ with experts and influencers from the fields of Health and Fitness, Spirituality, Environment, Parenting, Vaastu and Feng Shui to share Inspiring Stories, tips and guidelines to bring about Change.

A development professional promoting entrepreneurial solutions, building programs for women empowerment and anti-human trafficking. He has worked extensively with a

Broad spectrum of organizations grassroots to global and across cultures and environments. He likes developing strategic solutions and creating impactful programs targeted at the base of the

pyramid. He has worked and collaborated with organizations like Geneva Global, USAID–‐Sri Lanka, Ashoka–‐Innovators for the Public, Dasra, UNODC–ROSA, NASSCOM Foundation, and

Ennovent. He holds Master’s degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam with specialization in International Political Economy & Development; a degree in History & Law from University of

Delhi. Vineet is passionate about working in emerging market economies, traveling, culture,

And Geo–‐politics.

Vivek Satya Mitram is a well known young & dynamic TV journalist.  He is among India’s youngest Editors of TV News Industry in India. In a more than decade long journalism career Vivek has many achievements to showcase as he was youngest Channel Head in TV News Industry and he was instrumental in launching of 4 renowned News Channels but he used to think that he was not able to do justice with the passion which brought him in this profession. After 12 years remarkable association with reputed news organizations in 2014 he ventured in to Social Entrepreneurship by launching India’s first online advice website AdviceAdda.com to create a one stop solution for millions of Indian youth & teenagers. His brainchild AdviceAdda.com is completely new idea which is providing ‘Free Expert Advice’ to youth & teens on various verticals of life including Education, Career, Jobs, Relationships, Sexual Health, Beauty, Health, Fitness and much more. AdviceAdda.com is India’s first and only online platform which is completely non-commercial and working towards making youth’s life ‘Tension Free, Constructive and Beautiful’.

She has years of experience in Human Resource, Coaching and Counseling. She has taken a break from corporate world while she was V P HR to focus on Woman and Youth empowerment. Also highly instrumental in Business planning, Cost effective Strategies to market and brand a product/ SME. Her interest in coaching led her to train diverse cultural & age groups. She is highly involve in social welfare activities like inspiring woman and youth in rural, sponsoring fees to students of single parents or parentless children or whatever is possible.

Managing Trustee of LeadCap Trust, a non-profit organization which is striving to empower a millions of ambitious youth, so that they could realize their true potential through “LeadLab – an industry student skill development platform created using public-private partnership.” He established world’s first “Leadership Village” in Waynad district of Kerala along with partner Anne Frank Research – where he transformed a village inflicted with abysmally low opportunities for a person to live, grow and sustain into world first “Leadership Democracy”. Vidyadhar is also management consultant and engages with Governments from various nations in Africa and Asia, institutions like UN, World Bank, ADB, World Economic Forum and Fortune 500 corporations like Microsoft, Intel, Unilever and Coca Cola. He was among first 20 people from India to be nominated as Global Shaper by World Economic Forum.

He is an anchor, photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, volunteer, and motivator. His mission is to motivate, educate, and inspire everyone by using principles based upon his own life experience and studies. He wants to make world a better place to live. He wants to help people in knowing their talent and help them to get recognition because he believes if we have right vision at right stage we have long way to go.  He is  conducting lots of activities to promote entrepreneurship and to develop confidence , leadership and passion  among college students ,working with NGO’s and  founded a company UthTalkies.com  during his study time.

Student, Co-Founder of Nuked Studios. Handles marketing/programming and designing aspect of the website development company and creative studio, while handling and attending clients. Passionate about creativity related work. Involved in numerous non profit organisations and pro-bono work for women’s safety and empowerment, while playing basketball in his school. Ultimate goal is to make a difference. Loves watching and making films.z

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Humbled by the faith others have in you and your work…

Splendid three days of meeting some extraordinary people.

Listening to breakthrough ideas and seeing immense courage.

The REX KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD 2014 by iCONGO with United Nations!

REX CONCLiVE was simple yet effective gathering of like minded people who are trying to bring about a positive change to society. It was not a platform for celebrating success but drawing inspiration from people who started a journey of changing the society with a self belief that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

REX is a very good platform for speakers from different walks of life to share their simple ideas.It is a very esteemed platform wherein I on behalf of Hridaya Foundation not only got an opportunity to share my ideas with other people but also network with fellow awardees and

Karmaveer Puraskaar recipients to explore opportunities of working together to take the impact of change to the next level. The platform has further motivated us to continue our dedicated and committed efforts in the field of education and women empowerment.

I was moved by some of the speeches and wish to speak about my experience in the next year’s REX CONCLiVE. Though I was in and out of the 3 day event, I learnt a lot and will promise to spend full 3 days at the CONCLiVE next year.

Amit Kumar Sharma

The experience has been amazing so far. Met so many wonderful people and experienced people and experienced so many inspired stories. Lot of collaboration options have opened up and I am still synthesizing the connections and the possibilities. Made one real progress personally – pledged to NOT use my mobile after listening to Zoravar, the young leader. My process of being non-judgemental got strengthened and I find a bit wiser after this esteemed exposure to opportunity. “ Jabraastonkibaataayi, tohmeramushkilonpedhyaanthah….Kehtehainaasaaniyansafarkalutfcheenletihai.”

Ansari Anwar – Rahee Foundation

Being a youth. I was inspired a lot. The real heroes I met and it made me to contribute myself to develop my community. Met many people and got many ideas by experts.

Thank you for giving me the award and the fellowship. It was such a humbling experience. Despite ill health, I couldn’t manage to skip a single day as every speaker had so much to share. An eye opening experience. So much to do but so little done.

Well I must say  that I am hugely inspired hearing the great initiatives and innovative ideas, the enthusiasm and approaches to overcome all hurdles and move forward with strength, valour, spirit, emotions and passion. Its wonderful to meet such dynamic people who are making significant changes in the society for a cause that they truly believe and carry it in their minds, soul and spirit.

Ofcourse this movement that Rex initiated will create several opportunities of meaningful collaborations which will bring in further positive changes . The whole event is planned very well and it certainly manifests the ethos that the forum carries. Thank you so much for inviting me to the REX Conclive and honouring me with the Global Fellowship & Karmaveer Award.

Rex conclave is a wonderful programme I’ve ever seen or experienced so far.The way the programme was designed, organised and taken up was awesome.

Spotting the service oriented gems of the country, giving orientation and much needed boost through awards is like never before in India.Last but not least, Jerry’s talk on owning up and cleaning up the country, citizen’s responsibility and remembering forgotten hero’s is just amazing.

Frankly speaking, our country needs such a leader who could make a genuine sense. In fact, I discovered that for the first time I could see a person and an Indian as a real leader. This country is right now craving for leaders like Jerry. I thank Jeroninio and organisers of Rex conclave for such a great exposure to me and my family.

The initiative really gave a direction and network to my unorganized approach towards social initiatives.

Spoke on “Converting Perceived human disability into Infinite ability to create Infinitely Able world” Session in REX “Ideas for Action” CONCLiVE in New Delhi. Amazing gathering.

Receiving REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship award instituted in partnership with the United Nations. Probably the most respected fellowship award & the closest to my heart.

I am feeling humbled and a bit happy from inside. We need to do lot more to help inspire millions to reconnect their inner genius.

Its been a wonderful experience at REX Conclive 2014-2015. As I shared the work I do is not discussed usually, first and foremost thanks a ton or giving me a platform to talk about my work. These two days have been extraordinarily motivating for me.

Every person at Rex not just the speakers but also the audience are so enlightening and inspiring. I have met great people, heard about amazing work that’s benefitting millions out there and exchanged notes with many who would now be friends for life.

Thanks…It’s a privilege to be a REX Fellow. I’’m really happy that I’m a part of this family now.

The two-days spent at the ICongo were quite an eye-opener as we realised what a great deal of wonderful work was being done by so many from all corners of our vast country.

All of you, and both of you in particular, have worked tremendously hard to make the occasion a total success. You have worked with a great degree of dedication and commitment, and we do admire the effort put in by all of you.

Thanks for the Press Release and the photographs. We will use them in our next Newsletter to all our members, donors and well-wishers

It was a great experience to be with some fantastic people from all over the nation who are working tirelessly and selflessly towards nation building through exemplary social causes. It was an event to be cherished.


Rex Conclive is a great platform where I met various social leaders and had lot of inspiration and hope this helped a lot of people.

It was an honour for me to be a part of this prestigious group where the intellectual quotient of each speaker / attendee was just can’t be compared with anybody I know / met in my life. The vibes were all positive and I was just smiling in peace being amongst those change agents.

It was a hope of humanity that I have seen in the conclave and I have no words to describe the feeling.

I was representing Hridaya Foundation there and never in my life I thought that the good deeds will make me earn the company of this intellectual group. We have a long journey to go through and I will always cherish the gesture and opportunity Rex has given us.

It was indeed a pleasure to be at the event. Rarely does one see such a free forum that gives everyone an equal opportunity to put across their thoughts and ideas, especially when there is such a diverse gathering of people. It was heartening and very inspiring to know some of the experiences of others and about the good work that many continue to do to help shape a better society.

Some of the ideas expressed during the event were very refreshing, and since most have their basis set at the grassroots, they seem very promising as well. I am really looking forward to see some of the ideas take shape and would be happy to help in whatever capacity that I can.

The award has definztely put an onus on me to do something more substantial towards bringing positive change around me. Thank you for me making me a part of the cadre.

“This was a very special moment in my life. It came simply out of the blue. Receiving the Karmaveer Chakra Global Fellow Award”

“A Moment To Cherish – Sharing The Stage With Fellow Awardees Of The Karmaveer Chakra Global Fellow At ‘The REX – Ideas for Action’ CONCLiVE Held From February 26-28, 2014 At New Delhi. It Is An Extraordinary Feeling To Share Space With People Who Are India’s Unsung Heroes For Whom The Entire Gathering Rose As One To Salute Their Contribution To The Nation. Trulya humble feeling!”

“Key learnings from the REX – Ideas for Action CONCLiVE held in New Delhi from Feb 26-28, 2014:

1. Do what is right, not what is convenient. 2. It is not enough to do just charity, it is important to participate actively in the change process; Be the Change. 3. There are too many problems in this world. Embrace any one that moves you and dedicate your life to that. 4. To create change, you don’t need to do big things. You can make a difference through small acts of goodness.’

“The best part about receiving the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Award at the REX – Ideas for Action CONCLiVE last month was that none of us was competing with anyone for the award. Each one of us was recognized for our individual contribution in our own space to make this world a better place to live. There are times in life when you feel you put in your everything but you could not climb the stage because somebody else beat you to the post in a race.

By simply getting recognized for what you do and not for `doing better` than somebody, it just makes you want to do better. I thank iCONGO team for creating this wonderful concept and platform.” “A Very Special Day – My First Ever Public Recognition on Feb 28, 2014 will mark a very special day in my life as I was conferred the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow Award by iCONGO (International Confederation Of NGOs) at the Rex – Ideas For Action CONCLiVE in New Delhi.

The award is in recognition of making a difference to society through my work. This is my first ever public recognition and I feel very honored and humbled. God Bless The Day and thanks to all my friends on FB and all other well wishers for their blessings.”

Back home I need to find MAD change maker like us and its great to see that in REX concLive everyone around us are MAD change makers. Its great feel to be surrounded with people who are DOING beyond words.

I am proud to be REX Alumni now because ethos & principals they have within, it gives trust for others, now onwards. If I know that someone is REX Alumni, one thing I am sure about those people is that they are DOer and (ethically + fundamentally) strong.

Tons of respect for team of  iCONGO

It was wonderful attending the Conclave – Am honoured to be part of it. Could you share some photos and possible press coverage so that I could also try to publish the details of the event, which is bound to inspire many people.

Jitin Narang

I am attending the event first time . Before coming to the event, I had apprehensions about the content and format of the event….Is it for NGO’s, is it for people in the social sector, are these real heroes or just corporate lip service.

I am tell you that this is the only program which I have attended in my life of 39 years, that has inspired me to be myself, be with the truth and where truth alone and goodness alone is prime.

I am greatly honored at having been nominated to the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship. I was awed listening to all the real stories of real people. It was a humbling experience and made me aware of the tremendous potential each one of us carries within, to do good and do right. My efforts so far, pale in comparison to all the great achievers present.

My thanks for all the courtesies and special considerations shown and will always remain grateful for the recognition. After the inspirational CONCLIVE, I have every reason to have faith in myself and the work that awaits me in the future.

Had a good time at the Conclive. Good place to expose in different sec. I am sure if the effort move on, I would love to join again and again.

I feel happy to be one of the recipients of the Karmaveer Chakra Award (instituted with the UN) and the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship 2015.

It was a wonderful experience interacting with the fellows and meeting your team.

” I do not find sufficient words to express myself. It was such a rejoicing moment during those three days, good people doing so many great things; it has inspired me immensely for furthering my activities.”

It has given me a great source of strength to pursue the direction which I have opted for, with great determination.

I am so grateful to every single person of TEAM iCONGO for their kind hospitality while providing a great opportunity.

REX CONCLiVE and The Workshop has enhanced me as a human being. It was an excellent inside-out approach and a complete transformation of thought process.

The ease, comfort and depth of knowledge that everybody I heard, met and got to know was immense. It rekindled a spirit in me that was earlier dormant. I have explored new horizons within myself and have reinvented myself.

Those four days have been an eye-opener, a catalyst in changing my life and reinforcing my values and belief. Lots of revelations with loads to take away. A true revelation of self.A guiding light to my path of life. It was a great learning experience. It introduced me to myself and helped me unleash my potential. I feel like a new leaf.

Thanks to Jerry and all the wonderful Rex Karmaveer Global Fellows for providing or rather equipping me with the ways of living this one life beautifully.

Wordscan’t explain the gratitude I feel.

I am humbled and honored to be conferred a REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship award instituted by United Nations and International confederation of NGO (ICONGO) for being a community change champion.The award ceremony was in New Delhi held on February 28, 2014 and I was overwhelmed with their approach of humility to hold such a low profiled event.

There was no celebrity or popular personality giving this award but their tradition of egalitarian platform was certainly worth appreciating. Former CEO of a multi-billion dollar company was also getting an award by past awardee and I felt extremely humble when I was part of this traditional low profiled award ceremony. I felt proud to network with various community change champions who are ordinary citizens but doing extra-ordinary things within their community and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

I have received various awards in the past but am really honored with this award as it really reaffirms my belief that each one of us has potential ttransform the world. May I seek your blessing and well wishes to continue in my journey as an agent of change focusing on making a positive difference in people’s lives.

I am a student of Economics attending the REX talk for the first time . Before coming here I had researched a lot about the event and seen quite a few videos on youtube but still thought to keep my expectations to the minimum. I would like to mention that I was completely blown away by the passion and wisdom of the people in the room. No video or review can rightfully summarize the experience of being there.

To meet these real life heroes and hear their journey’s and to hear them speak, sparked something in me that I didn’t realize I had. I now take away fond memories and life lesson that I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of getting elsewhere. Thank you.

Thank you one and all for making this happen. It means a lot to me and more so for the people I have met during this amazing journey.

Pawan Verma

Attending the Rex Conclive 2015 has been a wonderful experience. I really feel inspired after witnessing so many heroes from our society making a difference to the society.

Today, I feel more committed to pursue the small initiatives that I have been carrying on to pay back my debt to the society. Good arrangements, wonderful hosting and above all, very warm people!

It was my pleasure to have attended this two day excellent live inspirational to me and it was a great learning to help fellow Indians.

Prakash Sharma – Rex Fellow

iCONGO – REX  is a very collaborative platform to recognize social leaders for their contributions to society. Have discussed with Bosco Fernandes  at Rex as to how to scale up the initiative overseas / link more asoociations , NGO’s to this network.

First and foremost many thanks to you and your team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. It was really great to be part of REX CONCLiVE. Being Karmaveer Chakra awardee and Rex Fellow gives an excellent, inspiring and motivational feel to work more actively in the society.

I really got an amazing experience during three days session where I could meet with real heroes of the society. Now I am feeling more motivated for shaping my ideas in reality and I am sure Karmaveer Chakra Award and Rex Fellowship is going to be boost for my efforts.

Pranav Arora

Working at the grass root level since I was 13 years of age. I made a bill on fast track courts. The bill was about fast solving of cases. To bring it into action I have worked with the govt of India. After that to empower youth, I founded and made the concept of “ District Child Assembly”. This concept is about empowering youth and giving them opportunities for indulging them into policy making process with the govt.

For this I have been working with the govt. and also fighting for child rights, working to stop child trafficking, working on child education, youth empowernment and empowernment of women.

I have been working with the govt. to execute the concept of district child assembly to empower youth. Its been 8 years working at the grass root level. I have one motive only in life, to serve the society- For the people, to the people , by the people.

I and  Ashwani wish to take this opportunity to thank you and Jerry and the entire team of  Rex for the great 4 day event! A ton of hard work and effort must have gone into the same.

It was so full of learning and transformation for both of us. We both are overly motivated and reassured that one of these days we too will be able to do something for our society!

Let me congratulate you on the grand success of the three days of the REX Conclive 2014-15. It speaks volumes of the planning and the hard work done by you and your team. It was quite an inspiring experience attending the three day sessions and I heartily thank you for this experience.


I would like to thank you all, for the fellowship and for that wonderful forum where I got to meet, to listen to and to watch so much talent come together.

I found this opportunity a very uniqueFellowship opportunity. I got a lot to inspire myself and meet other Fellows to share ideas and get suggestions. I found the real heroes here.

I am glad to get the Fellowship and it builds more confidence and strength to develop more and create more change in our society to develop India.

Amazing experience, honored, humble to be a part of it. Thanks to Sanjeev Dutta/Jerry for giving this opportunity. Overwhelmed to see so many great people working for the nation on such wonderful causes. Its personally motivated me to work for making my country more better and gave a great platform to network. Thanks from my heart for Rex Global Fellowship. Will keep up to the spirit of Rex.

Thank You would be a very small word for this one big great moment you gave me to be a REX Fellow and Be a part of such an amazing REXPERIENCE for the last 3 days. My MOJOSH is ON and Will remain ON, I promise. Sanjeevji the award and honor bestowed on me was just an small reason to be a part of this CONCLiVE but what I gained with the kind of REX FELLOWS I met and shared was AMAZING and will surely try my best to keep up the Honor of this Recognition.

Once Again I thank all of you to the Bottom of My heart and will continuing my Good Actions for the nation.

“THE H2 ALBUM – Humility in Humanity!

One of the Most Blessed, Loving, Energetic, Power Packed and Stupendousfantabulous, FOUR Days at the REX CONCLiVE & Karmaveer Puraskaar, Fellowship & Chakra Awards! An Exhilarating Divine Energy flow on all four days, which cannot be explained in words!

More Power, Grace, Love, Light, Blessings & Congratulations to ALL “

I wish to thank each one of you for the most amazing experience at the Rex KarmaveerCONCLiVE. It was something I had not experienced before.There was so much I took back with me. I am pleased to tell you that my ideology is so similar to Rex. What I appreciate is the fact that each person present however senior in rank, was a humble soul sans any pretenses.

For me it was the most humbling experience to be with persons so enlightened and such great achievers in their own right. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bestowing this honor on me and recognizing my work. I have been so busy working and have never thought of anything else other than what help I can render to the needy. I do not know any flowery language to write, but from the bottom of my heart I wish that Rex Karmaveer goes to greater heights and may God bless you all. My appreciations to each and every volunteer who took such good care of all our needs.

Having spoken at TEDx and now when I am here for the REX Conclive I realize how different the two are, which I presumed wasn’t before coming here. TEDx is more about DON’T’S.

REX Conclive instead gives you the freedom to speak your heart out to the crowd that completely resonates your ideologies. There is more of action than mere talks. Lucky to be here at the Conclive and proud to be a part of the REX family.

Thank you for inviting me to the REX Karmaveer conclive and giving me the honour of the fellowship.

I am proud and humbled, especially in the midst of so many deserving people.

It was a meaningful gathering of like minded people and am sure there have been a lot of synergies to celebrate “the joys of giving” and take it forward. Kudos to the entire team!

Amazing people, amazing ideas, amazing energy! Attending REX Karmaveer global fellowship and Chakra awards

Sourabh K

It’s a great opportunity for me to be the part of Rex Conclive. I really enjoyed two days and learnt a lot. I learnt new stuff specially in the field of Social Science as well as Human Rights.

In addition, I can implement these things in my life. But as my peace of feedback may I request to please invite some technical people during this Conclive from different section.

It had been a great experience to have witnessed the REXCONCLiVE ‘2014.To say in brief “it was a feast to the soul, a very enriching and humbling experience.”

People who finds good in others and honor others are the ones who are real diamonds.

Thank you sir for nominating and making REX Conclive 2014-15 a grand success.

Vandana Bharadwaj – My Helping Hands Acolaste Cosmetics

Real heroes exist and there are people who are making efforts to showcase the real heroes and encourage them. Very rare such efforts are done by any organization and I can confidently say that it is none other than REX. Outstanding, fantabulous experience. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating a platform for like minded people.

Vivek Sakpal

I am very very honored to be part of your loving family of Achievers and Does, who Right Every Wrong. I promise to stand by the honour of the fellowship to its values at core, and in principle.

This has recharged me to work with more vigor and spirit, I am stunned and speechless, hats off to you for bring such noble people, from all walks of life, from all corners of India.

I am not sure if this would help, but a small step from my side, what I can offer as of now is, I wish that all rex karmaveer fellows to post their work, and I shall publish on the portal peoplesvoice.in and promote it.

Compared to the work they doing, I feel like a pebble in front of a mountain. But i shall rise and stand to the dignity of the fellowship and do more work.

Vivek Satpal

Thanks REX, iCONGO & Jerry & The Team at large. These kind of events have helped me a lot to understand a few colors of the rainbow. I feel energetic, blessed and thankful for giving me the opportunity to be here. Honored to be here.

Viven Mohindra

I have really enjoyed the whole experience of REX Conclive 2014-15. I was exposed to influential and brilliant people from all walks of life and I hope to keen on connecting to these Fellows in the near future.

I see my own reflections in each individual here. The soul and spirit connect for greater cause, to accomplish the purpose – My spirit honors the spirit in everyone and I feel gratified for the connect.

Much love to the team / individuals who connected through by nominating in Rex. The “Real” work for sustainable Earth & “Humane + Unity” all these Heroes doing is incredible !! Very motivating & inspiring. Live Life with Strength & Passion.

I thank your for the warmth and support extended by your team during successful REX and Karmaveer award ceremony. I kindly request you to send me video links of our presentations if they are available on the net.

As I shared you before I have been nominated for CCSC award for the year 2014 by Queensland University Australia for documenting lives of the marginalized in India. They would like to see these speeches. Moreover, ‘The Hindu’ will include a short segment on Karmaveer award and iCONGO.

Rex has given me the ‘Incredible Feeling’ to be proud of being an Indian. I am feeling motivated, encouraged to do right every wrong and most importantly I take pledge to volunteer for further events by Rex. I am going to make a change in the society by your guidelines and blessings.

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Mr. KaizaadKotwal


KAIZAAD KOTWAL is an artist, educator and social justice activist, having spent 22 years in the U.S. before returning to India in 2009. Along with his mother Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, he set up ‘The Make-A-Difference Foundation’ which uses media to create awareness and raise funds towards ending violence against women and girls.

For the past 12 years, they have been working towards combating this national and global pandemic. Working closely with Eve Ensler (author and activist), Kaizaad worked towards creating the Indian arms of two large global movements – V-DAY and ONE BILLION RISING. Both these are social justice movements seeking to end violence against women and girls.

Kaizaad has partnered with a list of artists and activists towards increasing the visibility of these issues and towards raising funds to help those working towards ending this violence once and for all. Some of the people who have partnered in the V-DAY and ONE BILLION RISING movements include: Jane Fonda, Marissa Tomei, Imran Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Zoya Akhtar, LoveleenTandan, Longinus Fernandes, Chitrangada Singh, Manasi Scott, UshaUthup and Suchitra Pillai amongst many others.

He is an Emmy Award-winning art director from the U.S. Kaizaad is an actor, director, producer and designer with over 160 productions (stage, film, television) to his credit in India, the U.S. and elsewhere.

He has taught theatre, film and media studies in the U.S. for over 20 years at the middle-and high-school levels, but mainly at the university level with undergraduate and graduate students. In 2012 Kaizaad received the Karmaveer Chakra Award for this work.

Ms. Nisha Subramanian Kunju


An animal and environment activist from Mumbai working for the cause of animal welfare and environment protection since her childhood, Nisha was awarded REX fellowship in 2012. She started as a student member of Smt. Maneka Gandhi’s NGO ‘People for Animals”.

Later in 2002, she joined Plant & Animals Welfare Society – Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) an NGO founded by her elder brother Sunish, as a Student Member. At present she is Administrator- cum-PRO associated with Animal Welfare Board of India as Hoy. Animal Welfare Officer.

She is also the Founder Trustee of ‘Parivartan Pratishthan’. She is involved in activities like Wildlife rescue, bird rescuing from residential areas and releasing back into its natural habitat, inspecting Zoos & Circuses, giving First Aid &  taking care of injured birds, creating awareness about animal welfare, etc. Her main focus is to involve students and youth into animal welfare and environment protection movement.

For her noble work she has received several awards like AadhiAabadi Women Achievers Award 2013-14, Seemapuri Times’ Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award 2013-14, International Woman’s Day Achievers Award 2012 by Late Shri. Dina Bama PatilPratishthan, Hira Manek’s International Woman’s Day Achievers Award 2012.

 Mr R Madhavan


Hailing from a modest background he later graduated from IIT, Madras. Worked for ONGC to earn and set up my own farm for demonstrating the productive agriculture. He was selected under the FAO programme During September-1996 for participating on training cum workshop on Regenerative Agriculture at International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Silang, Philippines and presented a paper on rural prosperity.

Latter in the same year visited Israel to learn about their technology on water management. His passion towards farming pulled him out of ONGC and started his own farming activities near chengelpet, Tamil Nadu. His mission was to try and adapt simple technologies to Indian condition, interms of water and other agriculture inputs utilization.

He was fortunate enough to have met Dr C Lakshmanan, Director, California Agriculture Consulting Services and who taught him all the technical aspects of high productive farming. Dr Lakshmanan is a soil scientist from Ohio University and was consulting for more than dozen farmers in California for improving the quality and quantity of agri produce. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, visited his farm for witnessing the high productivity corn crop in June 2001, under the project of National Agro Foundation demo farm.

In this context he demonstrated 250 % improvement in productivity of corn in my field from the present level. He has developed lot of simple farmer friendly tools, which not only reduces the drudgery of farming activities but also improves the efficiency of farm labourers.

He conducts workshops for entrepreneurs to take up agriculture as a profession and elevating agriculture from lowly occupation to industrial activity, whereby we can generate rural employment opportunity which improves the rural prosperity.

Ms Sashi Priyadarshni


The altruistic contribution & continued selfless service in the last 8 years to reach out to our community in creating awareness on today’s most imperative cause across our globe – “Organ Donation”.

Been committed & instrumental in spreading the idea behind – “Donating Organs is Donating Lives” in our society & involved actively in igniting this thought in hundreds of our fellow beings who have joined hands together in serving for this noble cause.

She strongly feels that Contributing to the society is our prime Duty & with her lifetime ultimate vision being ‘Transforming Lives’ of people ,also believes that she alone cannot change the world, but can definitely cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples as long as she exists.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!

Let’s Be the Change, We want to see!


REX Fellowship Form

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If you have received your nomination form our former fellows and curators please ask them to  provide your customized LOGIN ID and Password.

Already have LOGIN ID and Password then click here to login

For instruction regarding filling form click here[/vc_message][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Program Outline” tab_id=”1443589371550-2-2″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner el_class=”” width=”1/1″][vc_column_text css_animation=””]

Program Outline

Th­e REX Karmaveer program has two main goals: 

1. To create a fraternity of like-minded, socially conscious and responsible peers.

2. To give public exposure to the REX Karmaveer across the globe through our 15 million plus subscriber base.

Combined, these goals work in concert to achieve our ultimate aim of accentuating the ability of the fellows to impact the society.

1. Community building

In most cases, REX Karmaveer offen do not have the nancial security or the social support network that comes with traditional jobs. They must independently seek out the development opportunities as they struggle with tackling all these responsibilities at a young age with little to zero prior experience.

Meeting like-minded, ethical, socially responsible peers and seniors provides an anchor of support. Fellows learn from their peers and seniors about successes as well as failures, which guides their future actions. The REX Karmaveer across the years can become lifelong friends. Being a member of that community gives the fellows the peer support they need to get great advice and feel personally con‑dent as they take their ideas to the next level.

2) Public Exposure

Most young champions of change have great ideas but lack the resources to develop an audience. Without public exposure, fellows miss out on potential customers, funding opportunities, public accolades and other support critical to their continued development and success. Moreover, public access is not guaranteed to lead to success. A great business idea ineectively communicated may never and supporters. Fellows need both the platform to reach the public and the tools to make people care about their ideas.

REX provides all the fellows with a coaching platform for public speaking, thereby enabling them to tell their story in public in an effective way. Fellows learn to give a ‘REX talk’, a 15-minute personal story about their life and their ideas that has the power to capture and hold the attention of a broad audience. Fellows are coached about every detail of their REX speech from the overarching content, to the layout of their slides, to their posture while speaking on stage in front of an audience. ­e ‑nal package is a succinct and compelling speech that eectively communicates the story and passion of the fellow to inspire public interest.

All fellows attend the annual REX Conference and some of them may be given the opportunity to present their ideas as part of the speaker program. REX reserves the sole discretion to determine which fellows will speak on the stage at the conference as these selected fellows present their ideas to the entire audience of India and the world’s leading entrepreneurs and business leaders. ­ese REX speeches may be subsequently edited into high-quality videos and posted online on the REX website, enabling them to reach our global digital audience of over 12 million supporters. (N.B. talks are posted online as per the schedule and discretion of REX. Not all REX speeches are necessarily published online.) All fellows, including those who do not speak onstage, attend the entire REX CONCLiVE. ­ey have the opportunity to meet and network with attendees, gain contacts and pitch their ideas to high-value individuals from India and abroad.

All fellows residing in India may be given the opportunity to present their REX speech at iREX (Independent REX Events) which are smaller events run by REX throughout the year at college campuses or for corporate communities. Every fellow who resides in India is guaranteed a speaking opportunity for at least one iREX event (and we may even organize one under our exclusive REX license), and these talks may also be recorded and edited to be posted on the REX website for our digital audience, as per the timing and discretion of REX. ­e videos of the best REX talks may, at our discretion, be posted on www.rexideas.com Fellows may gain additional online exposure by writing guest posts on the REX or iDishoom.com blog through the years. REX shall also regularly update their websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts about the accomplishments of the fellows. All REX Karmaveer may also post their progress updates on www.righteverywrong.com that reaches out to a large audience of over 12 million subscriber base across the globe.

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Terms & Conditions for Applicants

Due to the volume of applications, incomplete and late applications cannot be considered. Misrepresentation of information on the application will result in immediate disquali‑cation.

Privacy note: All application content will remain strictly con‑dential and will be used for internal review and communication purposes only; we will never share your information with a third party. References are also submitted in complete con‑dence.

Non-discrimination Policy

1) REX is committed to the principle of equal opportunity.

2) REX does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, veteran or refugee status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its fellowship opportunities.

During the Fellowship

1) All fellows must attend all pre-conference and conference events. Late arrival and early departure from the conference are grounds for dismissal.

2) Any behavior that could bring discredit to the REX Karmaveer program is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program, at the sole discretion of the REX leadership.

3) Conference attendance is non-transferable. If a fellow or senior fellow is unable to attend a conference, no one is allowed to attend in the fellow’s place.

4) All pre-conference and conference related events are intended for fellows and conference attendees only. We cannot accommodate spouses, children or friends for any functions with complimentary invitations.

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Application tips

Most of our fellows are chosen by the council of fellows. However several people also send in applications and then our council of fellows makes their choices for people who are worthy of the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Nominations.   Before filling out your REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship form, please browse through these tips. They’re designed to help you submit your best application possible.

Be succinct

Quality over quantity. We’re looking for qualitative information about you to understand you better in your own words. Please adhere to character limits, which include spaces.

Ideas for Action over Academics.

The REX Karmaveer Global fellowship is not an academic fellowship. Your class rank or your GMAT score holds little weight. We want to see you in full-force action — what you’ve done, what you’re currently working on and/or what you want to achieve or create in the future. A formal education is not necessary if you have done something remarkable. REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship is an inclusive forums that has everyone from a corporate captain, government official, journalists etc. to farmers, laborers, house –help etc.  and people who may have never stepped into school but are making a difference in our world with their extraordinary actions.

Be candid and talk straight

Even if you do not have many accomplishments it does not matter, just tell us about your future plans and how you plan to kick start your ideas for action.  We’re choosing from amongst several applicants so we encourage you to have courage of conviction and stand out from the crowd with your integrity. Do not write accomplishments just to impress us. If you have no big or small accomplishments but have a plan and are yet to start on your idea for action, tell us so candidly. That may impress us better than just being boastful about your accomplishments. Many of our chosen fellows are people who have not yet broken ground but have integrity and intent to begin and persevere. So share your plans to roll out your ideas for action (from new inventions and innovations, to ground-shaking research or path breaking social campaigns or activism.)

Who should apply?

You too can be nominated and chosen for the REX Karmaveer Global Fellows. You may be from any sector or any discipline. You may be a student, corporate executive, homemaker, entrepreneur, government official or a retired soldier. Simply put, anyone may apply. If you are doing something small yet significant to make a difference in our world or are doing something different or alternative that would help change mindsets for the betterment of society and humanity

In addition to your accomplishment or what you aspire to accomplish, fine character, inner-fire and a brave heart are few very important traits we look for in every potential REX Karmaveer Global Fellows. More than anything, this focus on character has defined the success of our Fellowship program.

Please check the About RKGF and FAQs section.

The application process

We welcome anyone from the age of 7 to 70+ to apply.

The selection process

Most of the REX Karmaveer Global Fellows are researched and nominated by our Council of Fellows. REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships is the only fellowship owned and managed by erstwhile fellows who choose future fellows with extensive reference checking and consultation with experts across all fields. Selections are made by the group as a whole, not by individuals. Most of the nominated future fellows are also sponsored by former fellows through the unique REX GIFFFT program.

There is no algorithm for how we select our Fellows. We select Fellows based on their accomplishments or their potential to accomplish in their respective or other fields, the potential impact of their work and also, most importantly, their character. The ideal applicant is multidisciplinary in her or his pursuits.

Selection Criteria

What we look for in prospective REX Karmaveer Global Fellows is simple human potential, that each of us is blessed with as human beings, to be the change with any or all of the following: 

1) Has or may have the seed of a simple, creative and yet significant idea for action and vision to make a difference in our world.

2) Someone who has taken some basic steps and relevant action to fulfill this vision. (You may be a veteran or a freshman champion of change. The founders of iCONGO shall choose you based on your integrity, intent, competency and desired results.) 

3) Demonstrated serious intent and/ or accomplishment at any age from 7 years upwards.

4) Has a compelling and inspiring story that motivates others to become the change.

5) Has a need for proactive support and mentoring from the REX community.

6) Has the intent to work hand-in-hand with other like-minded fellows to work towards a common goal.

7) Has the capacity and intent to actively support and enrich the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships

8) Has the ability to articulate and communicate succinctly and is a good listener to one’s own inner voice and to viewpoints of others.

9) Has a constant quest for learning more and believes in sharing learning.

10) Has the basic integrity and intent to learn more, be more, do more, share more, give more and push one’s limits, to lead self and others to be the change and make a difference.

Requirements to Apply

1) Rex Karmaveer Global Fellow’s nominees must be of age, 7 years onwards, from any region across the globe.

2) Chosen Fellows must attend and be present for the entire duration of REX CONCLiVE 2016 and arrive in New Delhi one day earlier.

3) Chosen Fellows should be in New Delhi for all the 3 days of the REX CONCLiVE and Karmaveer award proceedings.

4) Nominees may be ‘champions of change’ specializing in any field as shown in the basic introduction to the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowships. Everyone and Anyone from every field, is invited to apply. Please see our list of past fellows in this micro-site.

5) All candidates’ ideas for actions MUST speak louder than their words and their ideas must have a strong potential to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

6) Humility, integrity, courage of conviction and resourcefulness are most important values. Mediocrity and self-serving agendas will not be accepted.

7) Nominees may also be previous REX speakers and Karmaveer Chakra awardees. Nominees may also hold other fellowships like Lead Fellows, Aspen Fellows, REX Fellows, etc.

Apply at your earliest.

Applications are open through the year!

Websites, photos, articles, etc.

Links to what you’ve created and built, and of your accomplishments, help us get to know you better. That’s why, in the review process, we make sure to look at each one. Don’t forget to double-check that your links are all working.

Save an offline copy

We recommend you look at the application form first, and then spend time offline composing your answers in Google Docs, Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program. Please remember to keep an offline copy. We cannot be responsible for text that gets lost.

Before you apply, please read our RKGF terms and conditions and the About RKGF & FAQs to answer any questions you may have.

Lastly, if you have any questions or technical trouble, please contact the REX Fellows team immediately by emailing akriti@icongo.in

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